Roundshaw Downs parkrun is cancelled on 2021-05-22 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Merry Christmas

Just a shout out to you all to say Merry Christmas - sorry for the lack of reports, life got busy, then even worse - but today is Christmas and we wish you all well. I'm sure some of you have been out for a Christmas run today - maybe even on Roundshaw Downs - we miss you all, take care.

Also we don't know when, but remember - we will be back!


From the Roundshaw Downs Team


Not the Roundshaw Downs 9am parkrun episode #20

Well the news is back - after a bit of a break (sorry I was a tad busy), let's hope we see conditions right for parkrun back soon as well.

The Run Firector group recently had a bit of a catch up - without Tony Gallagher we are sad to say, who after much service is stepping down - thanks for all your hard work Tony, and the funniest briefings we have ever had.

We were all united on one thing, we miss you, and parkrun - IT'S THE 16TH BIRTHDAY of parkrun this month an amazing thing indeed, read more here;

We don't know when we will be back, but if you want to be getting ready please download the parkrun volunteer app - we will be using it when we come back as part of the risk management strategy parkun have in place.

I'll close this news with a few words from one of our RD's Sarah;

"I really missed our 9am gatherings at Roundshaw Downs for the first few months of lockdown, but after a while, and with no parkrun in sight due to Covid, I suppose a sort of resignation set in and I felt jaded. My default running day/time and route readjusted and 9am on Saturday mornings just came and went unmarked with no milestone runs, no PBs (in my dreams!) and no fellow parkrunners to chat to. Then last week on a whim I ran over to Roundshaw Downs for only the third time since March. It was a chilly but beautiful sunny morning and as I plodded along, I said good morning to Jack's bench and hello to a couple of dog walkers, but didn't see anyone I recognised. The man with his remote control glider was there but thankfully no motorbikes or quad bikes. As I ran home afterwards I started thinking about how much I've enjoyed running at Roundshaw over the past few years and about all the lovely people I've met through parkrun. It just made me feel really happy for the rest of the day. Now I can't wait for parkrun to restart - socially distanced and safely - so I can feel that happy every Saturday morning again!"

Best wishes,

Tim and the Roundshaw team


Not the Roundshaw Downs 9am parkrun episode #19

Hi All,

In local news this week we have heard from a couple of you;

Hi Tim and everyone else,

This week I spent my Saturday morning with Roundshaw friends Jack and Yasin but instead of being at Roundshaw downs we were in Beddington Park where we met Paul Booth who is a Roundshaw local too.

We spent two hours litter picking and enjoying some fresh air. I had the misfortune of discovering the lockdown alternative loo! but apart from that a good time was had by all. Mainly I think because we have had a couple of days rain the rubbish was not too bad, certainly by Roundshaw standards, and Sutton provided pickers and bin bags for us to use.
Whilst picking I also saw Roundshaw regulars Alex and Michael. We are all hoping to be back on the downs soon.


and also;

Debbie Goodier

Entertaining news: I ran a 10k PB this morning, sat on my front step to recover and got asked by a passing stranger if I had a cigarette


Not the Roundshaw Downs 9am parkrun episode #18

Dear All,

Hope you are well, a few bits for you this week, news and photos - then a break next week as we are away!

Just to let you know I've done the roundshaw parkrun for the last four Saturday mornings - a bit earlier than 9 - I was passed once but haven't seen any others there - I am trying to encourage my two daughters to join me soon - hope all's well with everyone - rgds Nick White

Proudly wearing my T-shirt for my non Parkrun run - hopefully can volunteer and see you all soon


Not parkrun at Roundshaw Downs

Having dropped Matthew off for a Collingwood kids training session with Tim I decided to do my Saturday parkrun equivalent on the lovely Roundshaw Downs. It felt strange to be joining the Downs at a different point, although I soon saw Chris Curtis who was walking the dog which gave it a more familiar Saturday morning feel.

Having initially joined the main path, it felt quite daring to then take a different route and head off towards the woods. Once you are looking it’s surprising how many established paths there are, and it was lovely to get into the shade. When I later re-joined the path near the dog leg, I saw a number of other runners and spotted at least one parkrun T shirt in the distance. Sticking to a variety of the lower paths also meant that I avoided the hill past the woods!

The Downs were looking gorgeous; the sky was clear, there were great views across the city and an array of lovely flowers. It was nice to take a moment to stop and enjoy. A good start to a Saturday before it got too hot. I felt slightly guilty wearing my Parkrun T-shirt on a parkrun course, in case anyone thought I was making a point, which I wasn’t, although I do miss you all and hope that we will be able to run again together soon! Sue Gray


Best wishes to you all,

Tim and the Roundshaw Team


Not the Roundshaw Downs 9am parkrun episode #17

Hello to you all - no news this week, except I saw Norm again, Oaks park, obviously having run hard - well done Norm.

So I'll remind you do email in, about your running, or whatever you like (within reason).

Meanwhile I'll shamelessy plug my fundraising at the end of the summer, a daunting challenge of at least 262 miles over 20 consecutive days, so support appreciated for the fabulous local charity Jigsaw4U who do lots of good works, including with bereaved children.

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