Shades of Summer

30 July 2016: event no 115

Run report by Richard Woodfield. Pictures by Joe Watts and Richard Woodfield

Steve BARNFIELD, Run Director for event #115, welcomed the assembled throng of parkrunners on a pleasantly warm but rather cloudy morning. The 183 parkrunners - the same total as last week - included a good crowd of parkrun tourists hailing from various locations including Eastbourne, Cardiff, Reigate and High Wycombe. Steve welcomed Katia BOWLEY to the 50 Runs Club. He also reminded us that next week (6 August) we were aiming to create a carnival atmosphere to mark the start of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad- so we were invited to wear yellow and green to match the national colours of Brazil.

Steve introduced us to our eleven person pacer team. Then, after a round of applause for all 27 volunteers, we were on our way.

The Yellow Team - a formidable array of running talent!

Maybe it was the combination of factors - expert pacers, good ground conditions, and weather slightly cooler than in several recent weeks - but there was an excellent haul of 47 personal bests this week. That's around a quarter of all the parkrunners. What an amazing sense of personal achievement wafting in and around Tunbridge Wells this weekend!

Talking of achievements, a special mention to Matilda STOCK who, at six years old, became the youngest female finisher at Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun!

30 minutes pacer, Simon JONES, imparting some vital information. The question is what?

The worst of times.... the best of times....
I had mixed fortunes. I probably clocked up my worst time ever in actually getting to parkrun. A road closure in Bayhall Road thwarted my first attempt to reach the Halls Hole Car Park and we ended up taking a lengthy detour round the south west side of Tunbridge Wells. To be honest I was not in the best of humours doing my warm up routine. But there was ample compensation to come. I just about managed to keep the - at times - receding figure of 24 minutes pacer, Matthew NEWMAN, in my sights and so was eventually able to chop 11 seconds off my personal best. Thanks Matthew - and of course all the other pacers!

23 minutes Pacer, Chris MULLALEY, turns to start Lap 2

Entering the last 100 metres - parkrunners in good shape....
IMG_8772 IMG_8762
IMG_8746 IMG_8745

Our summer palette

The Red Team....

The Blue Team....

The Pink Team....

The Yellow Team again (well they are awesome!)....
IMG_8692 IMG_8684
IMG_8690 IMG_8697

This week's statistics
There were 27 first time parkrunners, of whom 16 were new to parkrun.

There were 47 personal bests, well spread across the age groups. Of these:

* 4 were achieved by runners age 60-64
* 3 were achieved by runners age 10 or younger

The highest age grade % results (how fast you have run for someone of your age) were also well spread across the age groups:

* Ryan HARRIS VM 40-44 (79:1%)
* Elizabeth MILLER JW 11-14 (77:7%)
* Sheila WILSON VW 60-64 (74.6%)

First male finisher was Ryan HARRIS, parkrun tourist from Reigate, in a time of 17:31.

First female finisher was Elizabeth MILLER, in a time of 19:50. This was the 6th time Elizabeth has been first female finisher.

There were 18 "unknown" runners (unregistered, or forgotten barcodes, or unaccompanied U11s)

This week's volunteers were:

Charlie ATWOOD • Chris ANDREW • Chris MULLALEY • David CUNNINGHAM • David EDWARDS • Gabrielle RICHARDS • Gloria RICHARDS • James WELBURY • John TIGHE • Joseph WATTS • Judy GUEST • Kelvin DESMOYERS-DAVIS • Louise FITZGERALD • Marian KEEP • Martin WATTS • Mary MARSHALL • Matthew NEWMAN • Nick FITZGERALD • Noeline SIMS • Richard WOODFIELD • Rob CAMPBELL • Roger MORSON • Ross MARSHALL • Ryland ATWOOD • Simon JONES • Simon KEEP • Steve BARNFIELD

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