Tunnel Vision

Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun
Run report 16 September 2017
Event # 168

Run report by Richard Woodfield. Pictures by Joe Watts (unless otherwise indicated)

It was a lovely early autumn morning for some brisk exercise, bright, with a little patchy cloud and not much wind. There was a definite nip in the air while we were assembling in the starting funnel - I was glad to be right in the middle of the throng of parkrunners for a bit of shelter from the cold. Yet by the time most runners were finishing the sun really had got to work and lifted the temperatures by several degrees.

Not so chilly... I'm sheltering in the middle of the crowd to listen to the pre run briefing (pic RW)

There was a bumper increase in the membership of the run clubs this week. Noeline - this week's Run Director - announced that Jonathan Bentley, Kitty Muysken and Millie Evans had joined the junior 10 club; David Edwards, Joanna Riolo and Nick Churcher had joined the 50 parkruns club; and Ross Marshall and Richard Woodfield were now members of the 100 parkruns club.

We were reminded that next week would see the Tunbridge Wells Harriers "takeover" event - when the local running club would be providing the volunteers.

Noeline also reminded us in a little detail about the importance of following the procedures for the end of parkrun in and around the finishing funnel. She reminded us that the correct times and placings could only be achieved if everyone followed the agreed rules. The key point being that if, you didn't follow the rules (for example, if you entered the finishing funnel and then ducked out of the funnel before taking a finishing token at the end) this would not only affect your result but - if not spotted and sorted out by the funnel team - it would also mess up everyone else' times and placings. After my run I was pleased to see the finishing funnel team looking considerably more relaxed than was the case last week - evidently we parkrunners had taken the message to heart!

266 parkrunners - our highest September total - setting out on their 5k run, jog, or walk

Volunteer roles - run report and photography

Last week there were no volunteers for writing the run report - and so Joe put together an abbreviated version the day before this week's run. (This was on top of everything else Joe does for parkrun!) So maybe a quick reminder would be helpful. It's always good when different people volunteer for this role - so we get different people's experiences of parkrun. We can make this role REALLY EASY! All you need to do is write a short piece - just a couple of paragraphs is fine - about your experience at that day's parkrun. Or you could say a bit about what parkrun means to you and your family - or how you first got started. If you are on the rota for run report all you need to do is email us your contribution. We are happy to add the bits about the day's statistics and who joined the run club, add some pictures, and load everything up. So it's hopefully a pain free exercise for you! And you get to do your 5k run/jog/walk as well. Why not volunteer to have a go!

Photography. Really all I wanted to say was - if you've ever thought about volunteering to take the parkrun photographs the time to do it is THE AUTUMN ... low sunlight and long shadows, the rich colours - bronze, copper - of the sweeping beech canopies near the final hill, the glistening dew, and often the silvery wisps of mist hanging low over the lake ... topped as ever by the brilliance of the multi coloured parkrunners' gear against the wide expanse of green. On parkrun photography duties you really are spoilt for choice at this time of year!


I love these next two pics of the light and shade contrast as runners enter and leave the "tunnels". There are lots more of Joe's tunnel pictures from this week - and every bit as good as these two - on our photos page of the website.



I enjoyed a steady run, as it was my first time out with a new pair of running shoes, starting from the back and then speeding up a bit once I decided all was well with the new kicks. I really appreciated how many people said well done on passing the 100 parkrun landmark.

The sun gets to work on the dew in the Events Field...


Only the first hints of autumn colour at the moment - but as we move into October and November positioning yourself near the path shown below is a great place (and barely more than 100 metres away from the finishing funnel) for the parkrun photographer to capture the full splendour of the Dunorlan Park autumn palette. (Two pics by RW)




At the event today we passed 5,000 personal bests achieved at our parkrun event - so that's a PB for every one of our 5,000 metres on the course!

This week there were:
266 parkrunners
32 first timers at our course, of whom 23 were taking part for in their first ever parkrun
52 personal bests achieved.

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Full results of this week's event and a complete event history from 2014 to date can be found on the Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun results page.

This week's 26 volunteers were:
Alice WESTHORP • Annaelle DUFFIELD • Croz CROSWELL • David HARMAN • Emily MULLETT • Isabel EDWARDS • John DYSON • Joseph WATTS • Judy GUEST • Lauren JACKSON • Marian KEEP • Mark SCOTT • Noeline SIMS • Rachel MCGEE • Richard WOODFIELD • Robert ARCHER • Ross MARSHALL • Simon JONES • Simon KEEP • Stephen ELSDEN • Steve BARNFIELD • Steve BOLTON • Tamara KING • Tom CHANDLER • Victoria MULLETT • Yolanda WITT