Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun
Event number 179
2nd December 2017

Run debrief by Joe Watts

Unfortunately, we did not have a volunteer to write a report for our event from 2nd December and so here is a quick debrief.

150 people completed this week's event thanks to the following volunteers:

Steve BARNFIELD, Robin BARWICK, Victoria CAGLAR, Mike CHAMPION, Tom CHANDLER, Annaelle DUFFIELD, Francis EAMES, Nick FITZGERALD, Louise FITZGERALD, Judy GUEST, Marian KEEP, Simon KEEP, Mark MORDAK, Mark SCOTT, Noeline SIMS, Isabella SOUTH, Joseph WATTS, Matilda WHITE, Richard WOODFIELD

In fact, this was our lowest total of finishers since 11th February of this year (121), which goes to show how the colder temperatures can have an effect on people's motivation!

We inducted the following people to the parkrun clubs this week: Henry Gatt to the Junior 10 club, Sheila Wilson to the 50 club and Marianne Croker to the 100 club.