26 March 2022

Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun
26 March 2022
Event no 326

Run report by Erica Jones, photos by Richard Woodfield

The sun was shining, the mud had almost dried out. What a day for a parkrun!

The latest of our new intake of Run Directors had their debut today, well done Martin Brice!

Volunteers gather by the cafe before participants arrive

Martin gives his first pre-parkrun briefing

They're off!

One hundred and sixty-one people took part in this week's event

The downhill curve as we spread out at the start

A good effort up Heartbreak Hill

Our parkrun has a great mix of participants

Volunteers hand out finish tokens at the end of the funnel. This week we had 42 high vis heroes who all played their part to ensure our event ran smoothly

Smiling through a sprint finish

Our tailwalking trio complete the event

In total our participants achieved an incredible 40 PBs this week. We also celebrated Doug Morrow (50 club), Tracey Stewart (25 volunteer club) and Alison Beard (100 volunteer club). Well done all!

And a warm welcome to the 13 first timers, we hope to see you again.

See the full results here.

Finally, thank you to our volunteers:

Mark SCOTT • Jane FENTIMAN • Martin BRICE • Judy GUEST • Alison BEARD • Ryland ATWOOD • Steve BOLTON • Richard NASH • Iwan PEARCE • Richard WOODFIELD • Rachel SADLER • Sophie BARR • Monty CUNLIFFE • Huw JONES • Hugh STEPHENSON • Erica JONES • Nicola CHRISTIE • Marie BOLTON • Robin BARWICK • Amélie FORREST • Rose SAWYER • Tracey STEWART • David SAWYER • Liz HAWKER • Mark DENNISON • Julie ERXLEBEN • Jayne MEYERS • Emma ALLEN • Quinton WOOD • Benny FIDDIMORE • Peter BALL • Megan HOUGHTON • Rebecca FIDDIMORE • Imogen ELSDEN • Flora SAUNDERS • Isobel ROBERTS • Chris STEWART • Ben FISHER • Maisie PARKER • Omar ANWARI • Ollie BOLGER • Alex BROWN