Happy eighth birthday to us!

Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun
23 April 2022
Event no 330

Run report by Erica Jones, photos by Richard Woodfield and Sophie Dennett

The sun came out to help us celebrate the eight anniversary of Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun, and was joined by 213 participants and 50 volunteers. Among that number were many friends old and new, our first ever event director (to be fair he's not really left) and our first Ukrainian refugee (welcome), not forgetting all the ducks and geese by the lake.

To mark the occasion, volunteer pacers completed the course at times ranging from 21-40 minutes
Coral and the pacers

A beautiful start

Welcome to Anastasiia, who joins us from Ukraine
Welcome to Anastasiia

We asked participants to attend wearing their milestone t-shirts, and gathered as many as possible together for a photo at the end
a DSC_0166 (2)

And now a random assortment from our birthday event
a_DSC0303 (2)

a_DSC0288 (2)

a_DSC0307 (2)

a_DSC0313 (2)

a_DSC0317 (2)

a_DSC0321 (2)

a_DSC0351 (2)

a_DSC0366 (2)

a_DSC0369 (2)

a_DSC0376 (2)

The event also saw 33 people achieve personal bests, and we welcomed 24 first-timers. You can see the full results here.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Omar ANWARI, Ryland ATWOOD, Kitt BAGULEY, Peter BALL, Dave BARR, Robin BARWICK, Ollie BOLGER, Marie BOLTON, Steve BOLTON, Martin BRICE, Imogen BURMAN-MITCHELL, Marianne CROKER, Monty CUNLIFFE, David CUNNINGHAM, Sophia DENNETT, Mark DENNISON, David EDWARDS, Felicity ELSDEN, Imogen ELSDEN, Benny FIDDIMORE, Rebecca FIDDIMORE, Ben FISHER, Benjamin FUSSELL, Alex GREEN, Judy GUEST, Liz HAWKER, Darren HENDLEY, Phoebe HILL, Megan HOUGHTON, Derek JEE, Erica JONES, Huw JONES, Juanita MCFARLIN, Chris METCALFE, Chris MULLALEY, Richard NASH, Maisie PARKER, Isobel ROBERTS, Coral SADLER, Rachel SADLER, Flora SAUNDERS, David SAWYER, Mark SCOTT, Hugh STEPHENSON, Chris STEWART, Tracey STEWART, Ariane STONESTREET, Daniel WITT, Quinton WOOD, Richard WOODFIELD