Benny’s RD debut

Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun
Event no 296
21st August 2021

Run report and some pictures by Richard Woodfield. Other pictures by Marianne Taylor (MT)

A grey, overcast day marked Benny's debut as Run Director. 20210821_105010

Conditions were ideal for parkrunning - not too hot, and the going underfoot dry, but without the bone hard surface we can sometimes get towards the end of the summer. The event seemed to pass very smoothly and the results came out promptly - so it's a big well done to Benny!

Zena uses the new water tap while Benny briefs the team on the allocation of volunteer responsibilities
20210821_105214 20210821_105350

Marianne Taylor was visiting parkrun today. Usually she likes to photograph wildlife, but today she took action shots of parkrunners. Here's a selection....

(Click on an individual picture to get the best view)

Down the grassy slope towards the wooden bridge... (MT)
MAZ_2170 MAZ_2188 MAZ_2178 MAZ_2191 MAZ_2219 MAZ_2231 MAZ_2238 MAZ_2266 MAZ_2364 MAZ_2371 MAZ_2375 MAZ_2381 MAZ_2398 MAZ_2417 MAZ_2263
MAZ_2319 MAZ_2424 MAZ_2474 MAZ_2488 MAZ_2543 MAZ_2478 MAZ_2493 MAZ_2392 MAZ_2482

And a few more.... (MT)
MAZ_2500 MAZ_2613 MAZ_2583 MAZ_2602 MAZ_2568 MAZ_2606 MAZ_2589 MAZ_2531 MAZ_2594

Finishing tokens and scanning....
20210821_103654 20210821_103542

The day's vital statistics:
* 211 parkrunners completed the 5k course
* 30 awesome volunteers made the event possible
* 38 took part in parkrun for the first time on our course
* 42 achieved personal best times


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