Expected run time: 133 years!

Royal Tunbrige Wells
26 October 2019
Event no 271

Run report by Richard Woodfield

In common with many other parkruns our numbers were down a bit on the usual. Probably not unconnected with a certain sporting fixture kicking off at precisely 0900. But despite that, and the gloomy weather conditions, there was plenty to enjoy - not least with all the colourful and spooky gear on view.

Judy presents flowers to Coral to mark our appreciation of all that she has contributed to parkrun in volunteering 52 times, in many different roles, as part of her Duke of Edinburgh gold award.
Dunorlan dino parkrun 5

The good news is that Coral will continue to be involved with our parkrun whenever she can.

A striking addition to today's event was a visiting dinosaur. Leading to this classic exchange. Run Director: "Any parkrun tourists?" Several hands raised. "Where are you from?" "The Jurassic period."

So, what is the expected finishing time for a dinosaur? Let's assume that the dinosaur is a T Rex and so maybe around 70 million years old. With such a veteran status it's probably reasonable to assume that his parkrun finish times have lengthened on average by perhaps a minute each year. This would suggest an expected parkrun finish time of around 133 years! In fact, the dinosaur managed a very sprightly performance in the windy conditions, finishing in around 27 minutes.

All in a day's work for a touring dinosaur.... first timers' briefing.... starting at the back of the field ... collecting a finish token
Dunorlan dino parkrun 4

Dunorlan dino parkrun 1

Dunorlan dino parkrun 7

Plenty of spooky gear on view
Dunorlan dino parkrun 2

Possibly the yellowest tree in Dunorlan Park?
Dunorlan autumn

Many thanks to all today's 27 volunteers who made the event possible.


Raising Your Spirits

RTW parkrun
Date 27 October 2018

Run Report Writer and Photographer Zena Hassell

If you have been coffin and spluttering recently, leave the medicine bottle at home in the bathroom cabinet and head to your nearest parkrun, where a weekly alternative prescription is sure to make you feel much better. Although local G.P, Dr Acula, was unable to attend this weeks event, due to a high demand of blood doning at his late surgery, several of his patients took his advice and resurrected their bodies at Dunorlan Park. Amongst the 263 parkrunners were several high spirited individuals, interacting with no less than 16 Pace Invaders!

The Final Countdown – 16 Pace Invaders! (RW)

While the temperature hovered just above a bone chilling 0c degrees, run Director Joe Watts welcomed parkrun tourists from Ipswich and Ireland. He also congratulated Colin Ratcliffe on engraving his 100th run onto the Milestone Club scoreboard. Congratulations also went to George Moore joining the 10 club, Penelope Dobson and Prem Konteczny joining the 50 club. Did anyone spot newcomer ‘Wonky Bear’ enjoying his 1st visit to Royal Tunbridge Wells? (More about him later...)

Bury any negative thoughts – It’s a Saturday Mourning

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Heartbreak Hill – “Better the devil you know!”

All smiles as a pumpkin carves around the events field

Eat healthy for strong bones and fast finish

Back to ‘Wonky Bear’ who very much enjoyed his visit to RTW Parkrun. He is a special bear made up of recycled hi vis volunteer vests and travels around to different parkrun events! To find out more checkout RTW parkrun/Twitter and Facebook.

Wonky Bear Relaxing

Please note that next week's parkrun (3rd November) is on as usual, however, the Pembury Road Car Park will be much busier to accommodate vehicles for the setting up of the fireworks display later that evening. It would be advisable to try and car share, cycle, jog or walk if possible.

This week 263 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 43 were first timers and 31 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 28 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 39 volunteers:

Mark SCOTT • Daniel WITT • Joseph WATTS • Jane FENTIMAN • Kelvin DESMOYERS-DAVIS • Judy GUEST • Zena HASSELL • Croz CROSWELL • Simon KEEP • Marian KEEP • Richard NASH • Alexander HOLMES • Dominic HOLMES • Charles BOWLEY • Richard WOODFIELD • Chris MULLALEY • Marianne CROKER • Francis EAMES • Amy WHITE • Noeline SIMS • Lizzy ADAM • Colin RATCLIFFE • Huw JONES • Hugh STEPHENSON • Carolyn PRICE • Erica JONES • Robin BARWICK • Bethan CHANDLER • Angela TYLER • Rose SAWYER • Juanita MCFARLIN • Jonathan HAWKER • Maisie VERNON • Gemma STILLIARD • Amy DOBSON • Molly SLOUGH • Hannah CRAINE • Grace GOODWIN • Annie TAYLOR

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by William LEVETT who recorded a time of 16:12 on 8th April 2017 (event number 149).
The female record is held by Nicole TAYLOR who recorded a time of 17:48 on 21st July 2018 (event number 209).
The Age Grade course record is held by Cath WHEELER who recorded 86.98% (21:23) on 15th September 2018 (event number 216).

Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun started on 26th April 2014. Since then 5,904 participants have completed 36,897 parkruns covering a total distance of 184,485 km, including 6,581 new Personal Bests.


Spooky stats …

Event number 76
24th October 2015

On Saturday October 24th, we welcomed 153 runners to Dunorlan Park for the 76th Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun, your weekly, free, timed 5k run.


Oddly, we had exactly the same number last week. The week before that, it was 135, and the week before that was the same – 135. 153-153-135-135 … hmm … what does this mean? … is something spooky going on (it is Hallowe'en next week, after all)? ... after much thought, all we can say is that we have absolutely no idea!

Anyway, this week's Run Director, Rob Campbell was on top form as he gave the pre-run briefing in his inimitable style. Taking pride of place in the announcements was news that Ryland Atwood has joined the 50 Club, having run his 50th parkrun last week - all but one of these at Royal Tunbridge Wells.


The weather started – and remained dull and grey but thankfully dry, and although the grassy sections were damp, the surface was firm with just the odd divot / rabbit-hole to watch out for. These good conditions were reflected in a sizeable crop of PBs this week – 28. I didn't manage one but did achieve a best 2015 time, exactly a minute off my PB. Oh well … so near, yet so far away!

A strong club presence was contributed by members from Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC, Bromley Veterans AC, Crowborough Runners, Gloucester AAC, Harwell RC, Horsham Joggers, Medway & Maidstone AC, Paddock Wood AC, Rugeley & District AC, St Mark's Runners, Tonbridge AC, Tunbridge Wells Harriers, Vegan Runners and Wadhurst Runners - all in all, we welcomed no less than 32 first timers to our event.

This week’s statistics:
Number of volunteers - 17
Number of runners - 153
of which;
parkrun tourists - 25
First timers - 7
Personal bests - 28
Unregistered runners / forgotten barcodes - 13

Sadly, runners who forget their barcodes or have not registered do not receive personal finish times. Registering only takes a few moments and once registered you will get a finishing time at any parkrun event – so long as you don't forget to bring your barcode (#DFYB)!


Thanks are due to this week's volunteers: Steve BARNFIELD (Barcode Scanning and Results Processor), Faris BOUAMRA (Finish Tokens), Rob CAMPBELL (Run Director, Pre-Event Setup and Results Processor), Jessica CARSWELL (Finish Token Support), Jake DODSON (Marshal), Louise FITZGERALD (Funnel Manager & Pre-Event Setup), Nick FITZGERALD (Timekeeper & Pre-Event Setup), Judy GUEST (Barcode Scanning and Token Sorting), David HARMAN (Run Report Writer), Zena HASSELL (Marshal), Simon JONES (New Runners Briefing and Post-event Close Down), Mia LULHAM (Marshal), Gus MALONE (Photographer), Liz ORR (Backup Timer), Joe WATTS (Pre-Event Setup and Tail Runner) and Richard WOODFIELD (Marshal).

Our team of volunteers are vital and parkrun would not be possible without them. New volunteers are always welcome! Why not check our volunteer roster to see which roles are vacant at future events?

Current standing in the Men's annual points table:
Chris MULLALEY (Unattached) 1923 pts.
Charles BOWLEY (Unattached) 1630 pts.
Kelvin DESMOYERS- DAVIS (Unattached) 1629 pts.

Current standing in the Women's annual points table:
Zena HASSELL (Unattached) 2131 pts.
Erin MARKS [Jnr] (Unattached) 1792 pts.
Heather CROKER [Jnr] (Unattached) 1778 pts.

Thanks to Gus Malone for taking this weeks photos - if you took some too and would like to share them, please upload to the event Flickr page.


As always, we would love to hear how you got on at our event so please post your comments on our Facebook or Twitter pages:

Like us on Facebook

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Finally, the next two weeks see two special parkrun events.

31st October: Something only slightly less terrifying than the alarm clock going off at 08:30 on a Saturday occurs – Hallowe'en descends on Dunorlan Park! Ghouls, ghosts, spectres, phantoms, vampires, banshees, demons, werewolves, zombies, spooks and poltergeists will be haunting the course – and that's just the runners! However, if you somehow make it to the finish line unscathed, there will be sweet and savoury treats, kindly made by our culinary wizards Judy, Gloria & Sofia! Further details can be found here.

7th November: On the eve of Remembrance Day, we will be joined by the charity Fields in Trust (previously known as the National Playing Fields Association) to celebrate Dunorlan Park’s memorial garden's protection as one of Fields in Trust’s Centenary Fields. This programme works in partnership with The Royal British Legion to safeguard green spaces to honour the memory of those who lost their lives in World War I. After the run at 10am, a Centenary Fields Dedication Ceremony will be held at the Victoria Cross Grove (past which our course runs), the park’s memorial garden, with the unveiling of the Fields in Trust plaque. Full details of the event can be found here.

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