From the beginning

Our latest parkrun person profile introduces Kelvin Desmoyers-Davis, a name many might recognise from its regular appearance near the top of the finishers list.

One of the participants in the first ever Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun, Kelvin has been taking part in parkruns since before ours existed.

“A colleague at work mentioned this ‘timed 5k event in Maidstone’ and my gut feeling was well that sounds interesting but a bit far to travel!” explained Kelvin. “Then through word of mouth and social media I discovered there was a parkrun starting at Tonbridge, so I went along to their inaugural event. Then – as I’m Tunbridge Wells born and bred – I heard about the then new Royal Tunbridge Wells event and I’ve been here ever since.”

Kelvin is front of the pack (he's the one on the left!)

Kelvin is front of the pack

When asked what made him keep coming back Kelvin said: “Different reasons at different stages. Originally I was determined to beat my PBs. Then to get into the 50 club. Now [not far off 250 parkruns] I see it as more than just a 5k and I enjoy the social aspects like catching up with fellow participants for a post parkrun coffee.”

Post-parkrun coffee

Post-parkrun coffee

His favourite thing about parkrun is entering the finish funnel, because that’s the moment when he feels like he’s achieved something: “Whether that’s helping someone get a PB if I’ve been a volunteer pacer, renewing my own PB or simply knowing I’m one run fewer away from the next milestone club!”

Having been a parkrunner for so long, Kelvin’s one of our faster participants but is often seen slowing down a little as a volunteer pacer [pacers always choose a time they feel comfortable with, rather than aiming for their own PB, so they can be sure their time is achievable on the day].

“It’s rewarding to know you may have helped someone achieve a PB. The pacer can help prevent runners from going too fast for their target time and so burning out before the end of the run. It’s often easier to just follow someone in front of you!”

Part of the pacer pack

Part of the pacer pack

His advice to others is taking part is: “If it’s a cold day, bring something warm to wear afterwards. If it’s hot, bring a bottle of water. The most important thing is to just try and enjoy taking part. Don’t set unrealistic goals, and avoid injuries by listening to your body.” Invaluable advice whether you’re a 20, 40 or 60 minute finisher!

Kelvin also shares his toughest part of the route: “I find the second lap between the bridge and the events field is the toughest part. Keep something in the tank for this section.” That said, of the 13 different parkruns he’s participated in he also says ours is one of – if not the most – picturesque. We always like to hear praise of our park!

To finish his profile we asked Kelvin to tell us something random about himself. He may be one of our faster participants now, but his response was to admit he used to smoke for more than 10 years. Which perhaps acts as reassurance to others thinking of quitting smoking and taking on a new challenge?


Five years of Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun

Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun
27 April 2019
Event No 247

Run report by Erica Jones

The fifth birthday of Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun was such an exciting event that even Storm Hannah attempted to put in an appearance. Thankfully, she wasn’t quick enough, so apart from a little (a lot) of headwind the event was able to run without a hitch.

An impressive 310 participants and 46 volunteers turned up for the birthday event, which is certainly something to be proud of.

parkrun view

The day started with regular parkrunner and Chief Executive of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council William Benson saying a few words, before our new Event Director Colin Ratcliffe launched into the briefings. This included highlighting the Gazebo of Joy which was sheltering the raffle prizes as well as sweet and savoury treats (for human and four-legged runners). This year the raffle prizes were won by a “magic” finish token spot system, a speedier way of ensuring participants win prizes and recognising the efforts of a random assortment of finish times along the way (not forgetting a handy way of discouraging funnel duckers!).

The spot raffle was also a great way of directing people to the sweet and savoury treats and encouraging a few more conversations among those who like to loiter and relax in the park after their 5k effort.

Five years of RTW parkrun has led to many achievements to be proud of, on a collective scale 6,725 people have completed the 5k course, clocking up an incredible 42,858 runs, walks or jogs. This has led to a massive 7,307 personal bests being achieved during that time.

Adding up all the time participants have taken means a total of 2 years, 142 days, 1 hour, 22 minutes and 36 seconds have been spent parkrunning at Royal Tunbridge Wells, clocking up a distance of 214,290km around Dunorlan Park.

All of this supported by 438 different volunteers – our helpers really are heroes!

Over the last year our parkrun has grown in number, with record-breaking attendances occurring increasingly often and it’s great to see average finish times are actually getting slower as our numbers increase. We call it parkrun, but many of us do walk or jog, using the 5k event as the perfect opportunity to begin to get active, which is the best advice for anyone thinking of joining us at our next event.

Well done to everyone who’s taken part in our parkrun – it’s the joggers, runners, volunteers and walkers who make our event so special.


Raising Your Spirits

RTW parkrun
Date 27 October 2018

Run Report Writer and Photographer Zena Hassell

If you have been coffin and spluttering recently, leave the medicine bottle at home in the bathroom cabinet and head to your nearest parkrun, where a weekly alternative prescription is sure to make you feel much better. Although local G.P, Dr Acula, was unable to attend this weeks event, due to a high demand of blood doning at his late surgery, several of his patients took his advice and resurrected their bodies at Dunorlan Park. Amongst the 263 parkrunners were several high spirited individuals, interacting with no less than 16 Pace Invaders!

The Final Countdown – 16 Pace Invaders! (RW)

While the temperature hovered just above a bone chilling 0c degrees, run Director Joe Watts welcomed parkrun tourists from Ipswich and Ireland. He also congratulated Colin Ratcliffe on engraving his 100th run onto the Milestone Club scoreboard. Congratulations also went to George Moore joining the 10 club, Penelope Dobson and Prem Konteczny joining the 50 club. Did anyone spot newcomer ‘Wonky Bear’ enjoying his 1st visit to Royal Tunbridge Wells? (More about him later...)

Bury any negative thoughts – It’s a Saturday Mourning

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Heartbreak Hill – “Better the devil you know!”

All smiles as a pumpkin carves around the events field

Eat healthy for strong bones and fast finish

Back to ‘Wonky Bear’ who very much enjoyed his visit to RTW Parkrun. He is a special bear made up of recycled hi vis volunteer vests and travels around to different parkrun events! To find out more checkout RTW parkrun/Twitter and Facebook.

Wonky Bear Relaxing

Please note that next week's parkrun (3rd November) is on as usual, however, the Pembury Road Car Park will be much busier to accommodate vehicles for the setting up of the fireworks display later that evening. It would be advisable to try and car share, cycle, jog or walk if possible.

This week 263 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 43 were first timers and 31 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 28 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 39 volunteers:

Mark SCOTT • Daniel WITT • Joseph WATTS • Jane FENTIMAN • Kelvin DESMOYERS-DAVIS • Judy GUEST • Zena HASSELL • Croz CROSWELL • Simon KEEP • Marian KEEP • Richard NASH • Alexander HOLMES • Dominic HOLMES • Charles BOWLEY • Richard WOODFIELD • Chris MULLALEY • Marianne CROKER • Francis EAMES • Amy WHITE • Noeline SIMS • Lizzy ADAM • Colin RATCLIFFE • Huw JONES • Hugh STEPHENSON • Carolyn PRICE • Erica JONES • Robin BARWICK • Bethan CHANDLER • Angela TYLER • Rose SAWYER • Juanita MCFARLIN • Jonathan HAWKER • Maisie VERNON • Gemma STILLIARD • Amy DOBSON • Molly SLOUGH • Hannah CRAINE • Grace GOODWIN • Annie TAYLOR

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by William LEVETT who recorded a time of 16:12 on 8th April 2017 (event number 149).
The female record is held by Nicole TAYLOR who recorded a time of 17:48 on 21st July 2018 (event number 209).
The Age Grade course record is held by Cath WHEELER who recorded 86.98% (21:23) on 15th September 2018 (event number 216).

Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun started on 26th April 2014. Since then 5,904 participants have completed 36,897 parkruns covering a total distance of 184,485 km, including 6,581 new Personal Bests.



Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun
Event no 214
25 August 2018

Run report by Judy Guest with Richard Woodfield. Pictures by Louise Fitzgerald and Chloe Hassell

On a cooler but sunny morning Francis Eames was the Run Director and welcomed everyone to our monthly pacer day, including tourists from as far as South Africa and Bristol, as well as closer to home like Bromley. Several parkrunners who are regulars at RTW (albeit not registered with our particular parkrun as their "home" parkrun) had joined run clubs, including William Levett who holds our course record and has completed 50 parkruns. Zac Dixon, a junior, had completed 10 parkruns at our course.

Francis reminded everyone that our event was cancelled in two weeks time, on 8 September, and so that would be a good opportunity for some parkrun tourism.

These pacer events are often very popular and today 45 runners achieved a PB. Rebecca commented on Facebook: "Thank you to all the pacers. Managed to smash my pb by over 30 seconds. Only taken me two years! They were spot on. Thank you." If you ever feel you would like to pace, and contribute to that feel good factor please let us know.

We were pleased to welcome back the Crowborough Hockey team coming along for the start of their pre season training.

A distant view of our August record total of 285 parkrunners setting out (LF)

Dunorlan Park at its finest (LF)

Sadly we had 25 runners this week who had not brought along their barcodes.

Please remember parkrun rules state no barcodes means you are not allocated a time. They are easy to remember. When you register you have six printed bar codes. Bring one along (ideally laminated). Put the spares in your car, your phone case, your purse as well as your usual running gear. You can also purchase wristbands or key rings. Having to manually adjust the results for non barcodes delays you getting your results and - more significantly - means that volunteers need to stay around longer after the event.

We would also like to wish Happy 20th Birthday this week to our regular runner, Mary Scott.

This week 285 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 46 were first timers and 45 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 20 different clubs took part. This was our second highest attendance in 2018, and our fifth highest since RTW parkrun started.

Robert enjoying his parkrun.... (CH)

The event was made possible by 28 volunteers:

Danny WINSON • Joseph WATTS • Louise FITZGERALD • Stella BEARD • Steve BARNFIELD • John DYSON • Judy GUEST • Croz CROSWELL • Richard NASH • Nick FITZGERALD • Richard WOODFIELD • Chris MULLALEY • Marianne CROKER • Francis EAMES • Noeline SIMS • Colin RATCLIFFE • Huw JONES • Hugh STEPHENSON • Erica JONES • Andrew DENNETT • Edward DENNETT • Robin BARWICK • Yolanda WITT • Angela TYLER • Jack NORWOOD • Amy DOBSON • Andrew GRAHAM • Jane PALMER

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by William LEVETT who recorded a time of 16:12 on 8th April 2017 (event number 149).
The female record is held by Nicole TAYLOR who recorded a time of 17:48 on 21st July 2018 (event number 209).
The Age Grade course record is held by John LOWDEN who recorded 85.21% (18:49) on 19th November 2016 (event number 130).

Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun started on 26th April 2014. Since then 5,614 participants have completed 34,774 parkruns covering a total distance of 173,870 km, including 6,245 new Personal Bests.


Firm underfoot

Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun
Event 210
28th July 2018

Written by Francis Eames. Photos by Richard Woodfield and John Bowman

All parkruns are different and as I visit other parkruns around the country (20 so far and counting) I am always struck by their individual characteristics. From the hidden start and multiple tree roots to trip over at Dartford Heath, to the Gurkhas at Ashford, and the showers along the promenade at Hove, which some parkrunners were running through to cool off during the run, they are all unique. And there can be few parkrun starts more dramatic and picturesque than the beautiful sweep down from the café to the boathouse and along the side of the lake here at Dunorlan Park. The sight of the parkrun peleton sweeping down the hill at 9am on Saturday mornings is truly an uplifting sight and now firmly part of “the Dunorlan week”.

Mercifully the hottest week of the year gave way to rain on Friday night and it was somewhat cooler as 9am approached. A deluge a couple of hours before the start could have put some people off, but undeterred, 225 intrepid runners arrived at the start, almost exactly the same number as the same weekend last year. 23 different clubs were represented in the field. Noeline was in charge and wielding the megaphone this week for RTW parkrun number 210 and introduced the 13 pacers to the crowd, with most minutes covered, from Daniel Witt and Nick Fitzgerald at a very brisk 21 and 22 minutes through to the mid 30s and to Erica Jones pacing at … well we’re not quite sure, as she didn’t have a number on her back! It is fun pacing and if you haven’t tried it, give it a go next time. It is always good to have a gaggle of runners around you looking for a PB maybe, and if you get to the finish a few seconds inside the time, it is doubly motivating for them.

Among the crowd were parkrun tourists from Belfast, Bristol and Leamington Spa (a parkrun that could be Royal like ours, but chose not to be). It was good to see you all. Please come again. Magnificently there were 27 parkrunners running at Dunorlan Park for the first time of whom 8 were running their very first parkrun, and another 9 who were doing their second. Well done to all of you.

Pacers at the ready

And 37 volunteers turned out to make the run happen and to go as smoothly as it always does. This week Mark SCOTT • Daniel WITT • Jane FENTIMAN • Louise FITZGERALD • Stella BEARD • Steve BARNFIELD • John DYSON • Judy GUEST • John BOWMAN • Richard NASH • Gloria RICHARDS • David CUNNINGHAM • Nick FITZGERALD • Richard WOODFIELD • Francis EAMES • Amy WHITE • David EDWARDS • Eve DUBREUIL • Noeline SIMS • Wendy CURRIE • Colin RATCLIFFE • Huw JONES • Erica JONES • Robert HASSELL • Yvonne RAPTIS • Robin BARWICK • Yolanda WITT • Angela TYLER • Derek JEE • Will GREAVES • Lara JEE • Geraldine JEE • Julie MARCHANT • Maisie VERNON • Mark DENNISON • Carol MUNT • Andrew GRAHAM

.... all answered the call for volunteers and thanks go to all of them. We couldn’t do it without you.

Noeline introduced Stuart Dixon and Alison Norman to the 50 club to the usual applause and congratulations.

Paying attention to Noeline's pre parkrun brief

So off we went down the hill and it was indeed slippery after the rain. One runner took a tumble on the grass on the hill and as you would expect from such a self-evidently nice bunch of people who make up the RTW parkrun community, immediately about 10 parkrunners stopped to help him to his feet and check he was OK. Then it was over the wooden bridge and up into the country for the first time.

Fortunately the rain had all been absorbed by the parched ground and the going was still very firm underfoot. It may have been cooler than previous days, but it still felt quite hot and humid up on the top field by the cottages, but there was a lovely breeze coming across the lake which made it much more bearable, and this was very welcome as we then turned uphill again onto the new loop. Ahead, James Taylor was powering in to be first male finisher nearly 2 minutes ahead of the rest of the field and Sarah Cronin not far behind as first woman home. 33 parkrunners registered a new PB. Let’s hope the pacers helped with some of those.

Pacer, David, in action (JB)

A buggy runner powering towards the close

This week we had two buggy runners. Stuart Corke finished in an impressive time of just over 26 minutes, an amazing time given the off-road nature of the Dunorlan course. As he said, it gets more difficult week by week as his little boy grows and gets heavier! (Richard Woodfield adds: our official course description says "We apologise but the course at Dunorlan Park can be rough in places and therefore unsuitable for buggies." It's worth mentioning, for the benefit of future potential new parkrunners and parkrun tourists who may read this post, that this advice indeed remains the case for most of the year, and for most buggies. But the Summer of 2018 has been like few others!)

Graham Brooks, RTW’s most senior parkrunner, was running with his dog this week. And started a new tradition … of peeing on the run director’s coat (the dog, not Graham!), which was drying out on the grass after the early morning deluge.

Post Event Closure

And so another RTW parkrun came to a close with the café full of happy parkrunners enjoying a well-deserved breakfast while Judy and the Jee family sorted the finish tokens, Steve and Mark processed the results and Noeline and her elves made sure everything was packed away neatly for next week. Have a good week and we hope to see you all next Saturday


Gunpowder Plot pacer day

5th November 2016: Event #128
Run report & photos by Joe Watts

It was a cold and overcast Autumnal morning in Dunorlan Park for our Gunpowder Plot pacer day but the cold weather wasn't enough to prevent a record number of 252 people from joining our 24 volunteers for a free 5km journey around our scenic course. There was a hive of activity in the park with the Round Table busy setting up for the firework display that evening and although parking had been restricted in the Pembury Rd car park it was pleasing to see so many people making their way to our event under their own steam rather than driving.

Please pay full attention to the pre-run briefing:

Plenty of new blood at the new runners briefing:

This week your Run Director was Steve Barnfield and he introduced our team of 11 volunteer runners whose job it was to pace finish times of 35 minutes and 32 up to 23 minutes. Steve welcomed everyone along during the pre-run briefing, amongst which there were 44 first timers to our course of whom 24 were taking part in their very first parkrun & 20 were parkrun tourists. The pacers appear to have done a great job as of the returning 188 runners there was a huge 67 personal bests! Finally, there were quite a large number (20) of unknown runners - those who had either not registered with parkrun before the event, forgotten their barcode or in 2 instances forgot to return our finish tokens for scanning (if you finished in position 54 or 66 please return the token next time).

The pacing team:

Runners head off at the start:

With our event growing at an increasingly fast rate (our average attendance is 125 and of course this week was more than double that figure) this is a good time to remind you of a few key points that will make the event run a lot more smoothly for our volunteer team:

Under 11's - it is an insurance requirement of parkrun 5km events that ALL children aged 10 and younger are kept within arm's reach of their parent or responsible guardian (who is aged 18+) for the duration of the 5km run, as well as before and after the event. UK Athletics rules only permit children aged 11 and over to compete at 5,000 metres and this is why the requirement exists at parkrun 5km events. Looking through this week's results and going off of surnames only it appears that around 15 of the 27 under 11 finishers were unaccompanied. Whilst we do our very best to ensure that this rule is adhered to by announcing it during both the new runners briefing and pre-run brief it is very difficult for the Run Director to identify children who are under 11 and ask them who they are running with. Therefore, please could we ask you to ensure that this rule is adhered to. Any repeat offenders will be removed from the results going forward.

Under 11's within arm's reach:

The finish funnel - is a very busy place. Please ensure that you only enter the funnel if you have completed the full 5km and only enter once. The only exit is at the other end once you have been handed your finish token - please do not duck out between crossing the line and collecting your token as this will put the running order out of sync, meaning that results processing takes a lot longer. Imagine a funnel which is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom with only one entrance and one exit (no holes in between) and that you are a droplet of water!

The entrance to the finish funnel:

There's only one way out and that is with a finish token:

Your barcode - a very important piece of kit as without this you will not receive a finish time. Please remember to take both your barcode and our finish token to one of the scanning volunteers and they will keep our finish token for the following week's event.

If all of the above points are followed by every finisher then our results processing will take 2 minutes, however, if any of the above are not then the process can take anything up to half an hour to complete.

Mark Scott was our 24 minute pacer:

Many thanks to this week's team of 24 volunteers:

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and/or like us on Facebook for the latest news and information on our event.

Finally, we would like to invite you along to our next social evening which will be taking place on Saturday 12th November at The Compasses in Tunbridge Wells. Join us from 8pm for a thirst quenching lemonade or two! Also, advance notice that our next pacer day shall be taking place on Christmas Eve. So if you are after an early Christmas present in the shape of a personal best or would prefer to take it a little easier (volunteer as a pacer) then please join us for what will be a festive edition of Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun.

A busy finish area:

Full results of this week's event, plus a whole host of stats and a complete event history can be found on the Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun results page.

Our (record equalling) 251st finisher and a delighted Susan Christie on completing her first parkrun:


A record (by one), our 252nd finisher and tail runner Jess Carswell crosses the line:


Shades of Summer

30 July 2016: event no 115

Run report by Richard Woodfield. Pictures by Joe Watts and Richard Woodfield

Steve BARNFIELD, Run Director for event #115, welcomed the assembled throng of parkrunners on a pleasantly warm but rather cloudy morning. The 183 parkrunners - the same total as last week - included a good crowd of parkrun tourists hailing from various locations including Eastbourne, Cardiff, Reigate and High Wycombe. Steve welcomed Katia BOWLEY to the 50 Runs Club. He also reminded us that next week (6 August) we were aiming to create a carnival atmosphere to mark the start of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad- so we were invited to wear yellow and green to match the national colours of Brazil.

Steve introduced us to our eleven person pacer team. Then, after a round of applause for all 27 volunteers, we were on our way.

The Yellow Team - a formidable array of running talent!

Maybe it was the combination of factors - expert pacers, good ground conditions, and weather slightly cooler than in several recent weeks - but there was an excellent haul of 47 personal bests this week. That's around a quarter of all the parkrunners. What an amazing sense of personal achievement wafting in and around Tunbridge Wells this weekend!

Talking of achievements, a special mention to Matilda STOCK who, at six years old, became the youngest female finisher at Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun!

30 minutes pacer, Simon JONES, imparting some vital information. The question is what?

The worst of times.... the best of times....
I had mixed fortunes. I probably clocked up my worst time ever in actually getting to parkrun. A road closure in Bayhall Road thwarted my first attempt to reach the Halls Hole Car Park and we ended up taking a lengthy detour round the south west side of Tunbridge Wells. To be honest I was not in the best of humours doing my warm up routine. But there was ample compensation to come. I just about managed to keep the - at times - receding figure of 24 minutes pacer, Matthew NEWMAN, in my sights and so was eventually able to chop 11 seconds off my personal best. Thanks Matthew - and of course all the other pacers!

23 minutes Pacer, Chris MULLALEY, turns to start Lap 2

Entering the last 100 metres - parkrunners in good shape....
IMG_8772 IMG_8762
IMG_8746 IMG_8745

Our summer palette

The Red Team....

The Blue Team....

The Pink Team....

The Yellow Team again (well they are awesome!)....
IMG_8692 IMG_8684
IMG_8690 IMG_8697

This week's statistics
There were 27 first time parkrunners, of whom 16 were new to parkrun.

There were 47 personal bests, well spread across the age groups. Of these:

* 4 were achieved by runners age 60-64
* 3 were achieved by runners age 10 or younger

The highest age grade % results (how fast you have run for someone of your age) were also well spread across the age groups:

* Ryan HARRIS VM 40-44 (79:1%)
* Elizabeth MILLER JW 11-14 (77:7%)
* Sheila WILSON VW 60-64 (74.6%)

First male finisher was Ryan HARRIS, parkrun tourist from Reigate, in a time of 17:31.

First female finisher was Elizabeth MILLER, in a time of 19:50. This was the 6th time Elizabeth has been first female finisher.

There were 18 "unknown" runners (unregistered, or forgotten barcodes, or unaccompanied U11s)

This week's volunteers were:

Charlie ATWOOD • Chris ANDREW • Chris MULLALEY • David CUNNINGHAM • David EDWARDS • Gabrielle RICHARDS • Gloria RICHARDS • James WELBURY • John TIGHE • Joseph WATTS • Judy GUEST • Kelvin DESMOYERS-DAVIS • Louise FITZGERALD • Marian KEEP • Martin WATTS • Mary MARSHALL • Matthew NEWMAN • Nick FITZGERALD • Noeline SIMS • Richard WOODFIELD • Rob CAMPBELL • Roger MORSON • Ross MARSHALL • Ryland ATWOOD • Simon JONES • Simon KEEP • Steve BARNFIELD

Remember that you can follow us on Twitter You can also "like" us on Facebook.


Totally addicted to pace

25th June 2016: Event number 110

Run report written by Event Director Joe Watts

The weather was warm, dry and bright for the first in our summer trilogy of pacer days and with an experienced team of 12 pacers, boasting 494 previous parkruns on our course between them (the equivalent of 2,470km) this was a great opportunity to go for a PB! I was on Run Director duty this week and during the pre-run brief I welcomed William MacSporran to the parkrun junior 10 club as well as David Hodgkinson to the parkrun 50 club - both of whom will be entitled to claim their free parkrun club tees courtesy of sponsor, Tribesports. We also extended our thanks to Travis Green who has just completed his silver Duke of Edinburgh for volunteering, this was Travis' second volunteer stint with us having also completed his bronze award last summer. We wish Travis all the best and hope to see him back, either running or volunteering again in the not too distant future. Finally, I introduced our pacing team to the crowd amd you can see pictures of all 12 of them, plus their finish times further down the page.

This week there were 159 runners, of whom 17 were first timers to parkrun & 8 were parkrun tourists. We had 13 unknown runners (those who had either forgotten their barcode or unaccompanied under 11's) and 24 of the returning 109 recorded new Personal Bests on the 5km course in Dunorlan Park. Representatives of 13 different athletics clubs took part - these included local clubs such as Tunbridge Wells Harriers, Sarah's Runners, Run off your Feet, RTW Runners, Tonbridge AC & Crowborough Runners, although my favourite club name of the week goes to Portslade HedgeHoppers, who are based in East Sussex!

23 minute pacer - Nick Fitzgerald (22:40):

24 minute pacer - Matt Newman (24:01):

25 minute pacer - Chris Mullaley (24:43):

26 minute pacer - Ryland Atwood (25:47):

27 minute pacer - Mark Scott (26:47):

28 minute pacer - Stella Beard (28:23):

29 minute pacer - Louise Fitzgerald (29:01):

30 minute pacer - Simon Jones (30:00):

31 minute pacer - David Cunningham (30:50):

32 minute pacer - Richard Woodfield (31:58):

33 minute pacer - Ross Woods (32:27):

34 minute pacer - Helen Sanson (33:57):

A reminder that you can follow us on Twitter or if you prefer you can like us on Facebook.

If you missed out on this week's pacer day, or if you didn't quite manage that personal best time then fear not as our next pacer day takes place on Saturday 30th July 2016. If you would like to volunteer as a pacer for this event, then please send an e-mail to and remember that no previous experience is necessary.

Full results of this week's event, plus a whole host of stats and a complete event history can be found on the Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun results page.

Huge thanks to this week's volunteers:
Charlie KIRWAN • Chris MULLALEY • Dave VARLEY • David CUNNINGHAM • Gloria RICHARDS • Helen SANSON • Joseph WATTS • Judy GUEST • Kerry FRANCIS-WATTS • Louise FITZGERALD • Mark SCOTT • Matthew NEWMAN • Nick FITZGERALD • Richard WOODFIELD • Rob CAMPBELL • Ross WOODS • Ryland ATWOOD • Simon JONES • Stella BEARD • Steve BARNFIELD • Travis GREEN


Current standing in the Women's annual points competition (after 9 events):
Mary P SCOTT (Unattached) 833 pts.
Zena HASSELL (Unattached) 805 pts.
Valerie STUBBS (Unattached) 668 pts

Current standing in the Men's annual points competition (after 9 events):
Matthew NEWMAN (Tunbridge Wells Harriers) 713 pts.
Charles BOWLEY (Unattached) 702 pts.
Ryland ATWOOD (Unattached) 701 pts.


Summer events at Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun

The summer has just begun and we have a whole host of special events coming up over the summer months for you.

18th June - Social event. Join us on the lower common (at the junction of London Road and Church Road) from 3pm for ball games and a picnic. Bring some food & drink and we'll bring the fun! If you can't make it in the afternoon, then why not join us for a drink in the evening from 8pm at Mount Edgcumbe.

25th June - Pacer day.

30th July - Pacer day.

6th August - with the Games of the XXXI Olympiad taking place between 5th and 21st August help us celebrate by wearing the national colours of Brazil (yellow and green).

27th August - I AM TEAM GB will be the nation’s biggest ever sports day. Brought to you by ITV and The National Lottery, supported by the British Olympic Association and Join In.
Join us as we celebrate the success of Team GB by wearing Red, White & Blue. We will also have a team of pacers on hand.

If you would like to be a pacer at any of our summer events (times from 34 minutes up to 22 minutes) then please contact us at No previous experience necessary.


Patience is key

Event number 79
14th November 2015

It was a relatively cold morning in Dunorlan Park though following a dry week the field and grass sections of the course were a little less slippery than last week's event. One thing I am sure of however is that the mud is here to stay for the next few months! What started as a dry and overcast start soon turned into more of a damp affair with some light rain greeting our field of 106 runners shortly after the start. However, despite this, of the returning 91 runners an impressive 24 managed to achieve a PB - so a very well done to those of you who were able to pull that out of the bag!

Louise Fitzgerald was your Run Director this week and during the pre-run brief we all welcomed a couple of runners to the parkrun clubs. First up was Mary Scott who has joined the Junior 10 club having run 10 times at our event and then Sofia Baguley, who was inducted to the parkrun 50 club, with 49 of her runs completed at our event - very well done to both.


Between helping with pre-event setup and post-event closedown, I managed to sandwich in a run myself this week and was pleased to finish just 10 seconds away from my personal best on this course. In fact I was 48 seconds quicker than the last time I ran here 4 weeks ago, since which I have run 2 10km cross country races and had some decent club sessions. It just goes to show that with consistency, frequency & variety that your running can improve dramatically - but remember, patience is key.


This week’s statistics:
Number of volunteers - 14
Number of runners - 106
of which;
parkrun tourists - 2
First timers - 5
Personal bests - 24
Unregistered runners / forgotten barcodes / unaccompanied under 11's - 8


A quick reminder that if you haven't already read the news article on our website, we have a social event and a pacer day taking place in December - full details of which can be found here.

Thanks once again to this week's volunteer team:

This event is run by volunteers who have a passion for running! If you would like to help out at a future event then please check our volunteer roster for details of how to get in touch. Remember, no previous experience is necessary and our friendly team will provide you with full training and assistance on the day.


Current standing in the Women's annual points table:

1 Zena HASSELL 2404
2 Heather CROKER 2060
3 Erin MARKS 2024
4 Marianne CROKER 1959
5 Sofia BAGULEY 1822
6 Katia BOWLEY 1726
7 Julie FRAMPTON 1669
8 Gabrielle RICHARDS 1640
9 Alison SCOTT 1574
10 Sonja KING 1559

Current standing in the Men's annual points table:

1 Chris MULLALEY 2154
2 Charles BOWLEY 1857
4 Ryland ATWOOD 1683
5 Mark SCOTT 1656
6 Tom WOOLLEY 1594
7 Martin MORAN 1343
8 Kitt BAGULEY 1342
9 Richard WOODFIELD 1312
10 Barry ROSE 1310


As always, we would love to hear how you got on at our event so why not get in touch via the following channels:

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Full results of this week's event and a complete event history can be found on the Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun results page.



This week's run report was written by RTW parkrun Event Director, Joe Watts. If you would like to write a future run report, please e-mail

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