Easter Bunnies go running

Event number 98
26th March 2016

The weather for the Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun, your weekly free 5k run can best be described as 'variable'. Easter parkrun, number 98, was typical. Good Friday had been warm and sunny. The day after dawned dull and cold, with a biting wind sweeping across the lake. A light drizzle was the icing on this less than appetising, meteorological cake.

Nonetheless, 143 runners, a record number so far in 2016, assembled to hear Run Director Simon JONES give the usual pre-run briefing. Simon led the applause for RTW regular, David CUNNINGHAM, who has run 50 parkruns (all but one at RTW), and thus joins the 50 Club. Not only that, two parkrun tourists celebrated joining the 50 Club in style by running at RTW - Helena EAMES and Edward WATERS, both of whom also run at the Crystal Palace, Burgess and Tonbridge parkrun events. Congratulations to all three!

At 9am sharp, Easter Bunnies, March Hares, club runners, junior runners, senior runners, veteran runners and just plain old vanilla in-between runners, plus a selection of enthusiastic (and vocal) dogs on leads, set off down the slope into a strong head-wind. The recent dry weather has worked wonders with the event field and aside from the bit near the wooden bridge which Richard WOODFIELD aptly calls The Quagmire, was generally firm and runnable. This enabled male first finisher, Martyn CLARKE from Colchester Harriers AC, and female first finisher Elizabeth MILLER from Tonbridge AC to achieve good times (18.50 and 20.50 respectively), and other runners to achieve new Personal Bests – 19 in all! Well done to all finishers on what the weather made an especially testing run!

I say that, since I did not run and instead, was Finish Tokens volunteer. It is an interesting role. You have to ensure tokens are handed out in numerical order (to tie-in with runners' times recorded by the timers), and not to non-runners or one-lap-only runners passing through the finish funnel. The nightmare scenario is dropping all the tokens just as a rush of 20 runners approach. This hasn't happened to me (yet)!

What is especially interesting is seeing runners putting their very all into that last uphill bit to reach the finish line, … the exhilaration, joy, elation, fatigue, exhaustion and relief …. the curiously addictive combination of pain and pleasure that comes from a good hard run.

And for our Easter parkrun, Judy GUEST and Alison BEARD had kindly provided a selection of miniature Easter eggs and chewable Easter bunnies to ease the pain with some moments of sweetness!

This week’s statistics
Number of volunteers - 12
Number of runners - 143
of which;
parkrun tourists – 11
First timers - 8
Personal bests - 19
Unregistered runners / forgotten barcodes – 14
Unaccompanied under 11's - 2

If you forget your barcode or haven't registered, you won't receive a time. But registering only takes a few moments and once registered you will get a finishing time at any parkrun event – so long as you don't forget to bring your barcode (#DFYB)!

Current standing in the Men's annual points competition:
Chris MULLALEY 3753 pts
Charles BOWLEY 3397 pts
Ryland ATWOOD 3134 pts

Current standing in the Women's annual points competition:
Marianne CROKER 3710 pts
Zena HASSELL 3683 pts
Erin MARKS 3472 pts

Thanks are due to this week's team of Volunteers

If you would like to hand out the Finish Tokens or undertake any of the other vital roles, without which there would be no parkun, please get in touch! No experience is necessary; full training is given!

This weeks photos by Brian LONGMAN (parkrun tourist and 6th placed finisher today) can be found here as well as on our website. Please upload yours if you took some too.

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Full results of this week's event, statistics of all descriptions, and a complete event history can be found on the Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun results page.

This week's run report was written by David HARMAN. If you would like to write a future run report, please email royaltunbridgewellshelpers@parkrun.com

Finally, a reminder of our Spring Event Calendar:
9th April - Event #100, featuring the (in)famous reverse direction parkrun!

23rd April – Come and celebrate our 2nd Anniversary – with Awards, Guest Speakers, Pacers, Food & Drink and Spot Prizes. Note earlier start time of 08:45, with the run itself starting at the usual time of 09:00. For this event, we need runners to pace at times between 22 and 34 minutes. If you would like to volunteer as a pacer (no experience necessary), please email royaltunbridgewellshelpers@parkrun.com

14th May - Tunbridge Wells Harriers takeover. With pacers to help you reach that new PB!


Marquee invasion

Event number 70
12th September 2015

What started out as an overcast and damp morning soon cleared up in time for 9am and we were even treated to some sunny spells as we celebrated our 70th free, weekly event in the glorious surrounds of Dunorlan Park. The course conditions were again rather favourable underfoot with only a little damp in the events field and once again our pre-event setup team were good enough to mark the divets on the downhill slope, which have increased in size over recent weeks. There was however an unexpected addition on the Hall's Hole road side of the events field in the shape of an empty marquee - fortunately it was not in the way of our route and runners were able to run to one side of it!


Your run director this week was Simon Jones who firstly announced the winner of the monthly prize for August, which was awarded to Marian Keep. Marian had run at a total of 27 of our events (prior to this weekend) and ran at all 5 of our events in August, picking up 2 Peronsal Best's along the way - her prize is a free pair of running shoes courtesy of parkrun sponsor Sweatshop, congratulations Marian! The next announcement to be made was that of our next pacer day, which will be held on Saturday 26th September and will feature a whole host of pacers from local running club, Tunbridge Wells Harriers. More details of this event can be found on our notice board.


This week’s statistics:
Number of volunteers - 10
Number of runners - 121
of which;
parkrun tourists - 4
First timers - 14
Personal bests - 30
Unregistered runners / forgotten barcodes - 8

Thanks to the volunteers
We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Steve BARNFIELD, Georgia BEARD, Alison BEARD, Charles BOWLEY, Rob CAMPBELL, Judy GUEST, Simon JONES, Sonja KING, Gus MALONE, Joseph WATTS

As for me, I was on tail runner duty as a warm-up for a cross country relay that I was to run in later that day over in Blackheath. This week's event was also to mark my final time at RTW parkrun for 4 weeks as I head off to slightly warmer climes for a well earned break from everyday life. In the meantime and for the next 3 weeks I shall leave you in the more than capable hands of my fellow core volunteer team.

Please remember that our weekly event is only made possible with the help of volunteers and we have roles available every week. If you would like to help out for an hour one Saturday then please check our volunteer roster for details of how to get in touch. No previous experience is required as you will be briefed on your role on the morning of the event.


Current standing in the Men's annual points competition:
Chris MULLALEY 1499 pts.
Charles BOWLEY 1338 pts.
Tom WOOLLEY 1305 pts.

Current standing in the Women's annual points competition:
Zena HASSELL 1651 pts.
Sofia BAGULEY 1507 pts.
Heather CROKER 1399 pts.

You can find photos of previous events on our event website and if you would like to share any of your own, please upload them to our Flickr page.

As always, we would love to hear how you got on at our event so please do get in touch with us on social media via the following channels:

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Full results of this week's event and a complete event history can be found on the Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun results page.

This week's run report was written by Joe Watts, RTW parkrun Event Director. If you would like to write a future run report, please e-mail royaltunbridgewellshelpers@parkrun.com


Run report – Saturday 10th May by Joe Watts

We welcomed 87 runners to our 3rd event on Saturday morning, who all did very well to brave the very autumnal conditions around Dunorlan Park. The course was rather slippery in places and a small section of the path had been fenced off by the council, meaning that the runners would have to take a small diversion onto the grass and around a tree.


The conditions didn't however, prevent 24 of our field from achieving a personal best time and we also welcomed 39 first timers to Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun, of which 24 had never run at a parkrun before.



From the 3 events that we have held at Dunorlan Park, we currently have 16 runners with a 100% attendance record, which, given that 2 out of the 3 haven't been the best weather conditions is a great achievement. The 16 runners are:

  1. Alexander Alfageme
  2. Ana-Marie Green
  3. Andrew Weightman
  4. Annette Taylor
  5. Caroline Riddle
  6. Dan Cooper
  7. David Peek
  8. David Robinson
  9. Heidi Wain
  10. Jake Tucker
  11. Mark Antony Scott
  12. Matilda White
  13. Paul Swanson
  14. Susan Bourke
  15. Verity Thomas
  16. Zena Hassell

I have decided to include a list of these 16 runners as they have all managed to remember their barcode for 3 weeks running and although this does not sound difficult, we still had 7 of our runners who forgot theirs! So please remember the parkrun policy; no barcode, no result, no exception.


Finally, we witnessed a new men's course record of 16:58, set by William Levett of Tunbridge Wells Harriers, which I imagine is going to be very tough to beat. The women's course record is still held by Nicole Taylor of Tonbridge Athletic Club with a time of 19:15 and this was set at our inaugural event.


Thanks once again to all of our wonderful volunteers and we look forward to welcoming you back again soon.

Please remember that in order for our event to run smoothly and safely for our runners, we require a team of at least 12 volunteers on a weekly basis and we cannot and do not expect the same people to fulfil these volunteer roles every week. If you can volunteer in the future, please send an e-mail to royaltunbridgewellshelpers@parkrun.com

You can view our future volunteer roster by visiting the link below. No previous experience is required as you will be briefed on the role in the morning of the event. From my experiences of volunteering over the past 3 weeks and also at Tonbridge on a number of occasions earlier this year I can confirm that it is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. http://www.parkrun.org.uk/royaltunbridgewells/futureroster/ 

We look forward to seeing you all again next Saturday and fingers crossed for some brighter and drier weather!

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