Event number 18 – 12th August 2017

Ruchill parkrun
Event number 18
12th August 2017

After a slightly delayed start to allow for some to make the quick dash from the cancelled Victoria parkrun, 53 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 21 were first timers and 17 recorded new Personal Bests. Well done to all, and it was nice to see some tourists from Edinburgh making an impromptu visit to us this weekend, as well as Emma FAIRLEY and Seonad HOY who both made their parkrun debuts with us this week at Ruchill - lets hope it is the first of many.

Special mention must also go to our new male course record holder, Gregor YATES, who took 19 seconds off the previous quickest time at Ruchill and is the first person under 17 minute on a 'hilly' course.

The event was made possible by 13 volunteers:

Ross MACKENZIE • Simon BARRETT • Barrie JOHNSTONE • Duncan MCKELLAR • Lynsey PARKER • Jeanette C. CRAIG • Amanda REILLY • Chris GUNN • Lynn MACKENZIE • Nadiia GORASH • Tina LEWIS • Margaret NEWMAN • Agnieszka MAGIERECKA - thank you to all of you, you make a Run Director's life much easier.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Ruchill parkrun Results Page.

Male placings:
Gregor YATES (SM30-34) of Bellahouston Harriers, was first over the line in 16:48 - first appearance.
Ross MACKENZIE (VM35-39) (Unattached) was second over the line in 18:16 - was first to finish once before.
Simon BECKETT (SM30-34) (Unattached) was third over the line in 19:01.

Female placings:
Ellie HOMEWOOD (VW40-44) (Unattached) was first (13th overall) over the line in 20:34 - 6th time in 7 appearances.
Claire BECKETT (SW30-34) (Unattached) was second (22nd overall) over the line in 23:59.
Sinead MCLAUGHLIN (SW25-29) (Unattached) was third (24th overall) over the line in 24:26.

The three highest age grades were recorded by:
Gregor YATES (SM30-34) – 77.68% for the time 16:48 (first overall).
George LAMBIE (VM55-59) – 77.46% for the time 20:11 (9th overall).
Laura THOW (VW65-69) – 76.18% for the time 27:26 (42nd overall).

The female record is held by Joasia ZAKRZEWSKI who recorded a time of 18:43 on 29th July 2017 (event number 16).
The male record is held by Gregor YATES who recorded a time of 16:48 on 12th August 2017 (event number 18).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jeanette C. CRAIG who recorded 88.83% (23:53) on 22nd July 2017 (event number 15).

Ruchill parkrun started on 15th April 2017. Since then 503 participants have completed 887 parkruns covering a total distance of 4,435 km, including 154 new Personal Bests.