Rushcliffe junior parkrun is cancelled on 1 November 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Event 289 – 15th March 2020

We were delighted to see 60 junior parkrunners and lots of grown ups at the 289th Rushcliffe junior parkrun.


We also welcomed representatives from the Girl Guide Association who popped a table up and a couple of flags, and handed out a few nibbles at the end. They brought along 25 girls ranging from aged 5 to 14 and awarded badges to them and the leaders taking part too. Bravo!


Huge thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers, 26 of them in total, who ensured that everyone was safely looked after and that the mood was positive throughout.

Take a bow: Aiden WOOTTON  •  Archie BRADBURY  •  Catherine CARR  •  Chris PIETRYKA  •  Colin WOOTTON  •  Deborah PHELPS  •  Emma WOOD  •  Gwyn WILLIAMS  •  Helen HOOD  •  Jo THOMAS  •  Julie HEFFERNAN  •  Karen BRADBURY  •  Katie BONNER  •  Lara MEREDITH  •  Lindy CLARKE  •  Louise OSBOURNE  •  Marc THOMAS  •  Marcus WOOTTON  •  Philip NORFOLK  •  Rowland LEE  •  Samuel TENNANT  •  Sarah KIRK  •  Sophie KIRK  •  Steven CARR  •  Tracey COOL  •  Wendy WARREN


After we'd got everyone over the finish line and packed away it was off to the Education Centre for refreshments and chat...


We are living in uncertain times at the moment but we sincerely hope that everyone went away feeling that little bit better after an injection of junior parkrun fun. Thank you for being part of it!


Please keep your eyes peeled for news about future events. We await instructions from Head Office but hope to see you all again very soon. 



Event 288 – 8th March 2020

There were plenty of puddles and we were blown around by the wind but there was NO RAIN and the sun was out!

IMG_5933 IMG_5932

80 runners joined our 27 volunteers. Thank you to our high-vis wearing heroes;

Aiden WOOTTON  •  Alex BROWN  •  Amelia YORK  •  Ann LEIGH-BROWNE  •  Archie BRADBURY  •  Chris PIETRYKA  •  Colin WOOTTON  •  Erin NORFOLK  •  Felix BOON  •  James THURMAN  •  Jo THOMAS  •  Joanne YORK  •  Julie HEFFERNAN  •  Karen BRADBURY  •  Lindy CLARKE  •  Lorna EVANS  •  Louise OSBOURNE  •  Marc THOMAS  •  Nick BROWN  •  Nik NETTLESHIP  •  Rowland LEE  •  Ruth NORFOLK  •  Sarah JONES  •  Sarah PARTRIDGE  •  Wendy WARREN  •  Willow BOON  •  Zoe BOON


Today, 8 PBs were achieved and we welcomed 10 first-timers. We handed out one marathon wrist band. Two juniors joined the half-marathon club and one joined the marathon club. Don't forget when your children 'join' one of our clubs you can come and collect your wrist bands from our RDs!


Of course one of the best clubs is our volunteer club, and you can join that whenever you want! This lovely bunch of youngsters shows; there is no age limit.



See you all next week.



Event 287: 23rd February 2020

Yet again the weather was against us on Sunday... and resulted in a hardcore turnout of 29 puddle splashers and dodgers at event 287...

49573637771_8d97217ceb_c 49573638606_483d635db3_c

.. plus a move to the path for our finish funnel...


... and a sprint finish in a sock!


Huge thanks to all of the volunteers who gave an hour of their time to help make the magic happen for the little people. To be honest we all love as much as they do... and you rarely see a volunteer without a smile on their face!


Take a bow: Aiden WOOTTON  •  Archie BRADBURY  •  Chris PIETRYKA  •  Colin WOOTTON  •  Daniel WILLIAMS  •  Emma PIETRYKA  •  Emma WOOD  •  Felicity BARNES  •  Finlay HOOD  •  Helen HOOD  •  James WOOD  •  Jo THOMAS  •  Karen BRADBURY  •  Lindy CLARKE  •  Lorna EVANS  •  Louise OSBOURNE  •  Marc THOMAS  •  Peter EVANS  •  Rowland LEE  •  Sophia PIETRYKA  •  Tilly WOOD  •  Wendy WARREN  &  Willow BOON.

If you'd like to volunteer with us please do get in touch. You can read more about volunteering here and see the current state of the volunteer roster here.


Thumbs up for more junior parkrun fun at event 288 #loveparkrun



Event 286 – 9th February

So far in 2020, we've enjoyed extreme mud, dodged icy puddles, had to cancel due to storm Ciara.... and then last Sunday, we splashed our way round some amazing new water features in our park.


Our resourceful volunteers checked the route for safety and moved the finish funnel to a drier area, then we were good to go!


Well done to the 26 juniors who joined us. It certainly was fun for us, watching everyone leap through the water at the start and then come back round for the second lap in varying degrees of being soaked-through. And it looked like it was fun for all of you too - you are a hardy lot! Special shout out to the grown ups who accompanied their juniors round, we hope you enjoyed the splash as much as they did.






What weather will next Sunday bring us? There's only one way to find out..... see you there!



HUGE thanks to all the volunteers who turned out in the storm and made it such fun for us all, young and old(er):

Abigail HANNAN  •  Aiden WOOTTON  •  Andrew BARNES  •  Charlie COOK  •  Chris PIETRYKA  •  Colin WOOTTON  •  Erin NORFOLK  •  Finlay HOOD  •  Heather DUFFY  •  Helen HOOD  •  Jack VARNEY  •  James WOOD  •  Jenny DUFF  •  Jo THOMAS  •  John DAY  •  Lindy CLARKE  •  Lorna EVANS  •  Marc THOMAS  •  Marcus WOOTTON  •  Ottilie JONES  •  Peter DUFF  •  Rowland LEE  •  Ruth NORFOLK  •  Sarah JONES  •  Wendy WARREN


Event 285 – 2nd February 2020


Happy 6th Birthday to us!

image0 (2)

285 events and a few numbers for you;

On average we see 98.4 runners every week.


We have seen 3, 332 different runners.

image2 (3)

We have seen 82 different clubs join us

Each runner joins us for 8 runs


Together our runners have been running for 232 days 20 hours, 34 minutes and 30

image1 (3)

We have seen 6, 453 personal bests achieved

Together our youngsters have run 53, 915 km

A conservative estimate of volunteer hours would be around 4,000 hours

Not sure we can estimate how much cake has been eaten in the visitor centre afterwards!

Statistics do not, of course, show you the family that we have created. We thank you all for the part you have played in that and for making our event welcoming and here's to the next 6 years!

Special thank you to this weekend's heroes;

Adam NORFOLK  •  Aiden WOOTTON  •  Amelia YORK  •  Archie BRADBURY  •  Charlie COOK  •  Chris PIETRYKA  •  Colin WOOTTON  •  David YORK  •  Erin NORFOLK  •  Fiona BROWN  •  Gwyn WILLIAMS  •  Harry DAY  •  Heather DUFFY  •  Jo THOMAS  •  Joanne YORK  •  John DAY  •  Julie HEFFERNAN  •  Lindy CLARKE  •  Louise OSBOURNE  •  Marc THOMAS  •  Nick BROWN  •  Richard BRADBURY  •  Rowland LEE  •  Ruth NORFOLK  •  Tilly WOOD  •  Tracey COOL  •  Willow BOON

See you all next week!







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