Titbits- stolen from Colwick parkrun news page

It's all just as relevant whichever side of the river you choose to run on!

"Turkey Trot race numbers arrived at the notional ‘Colwick office’ last week and it reminded us to share this link with you. We like the way it’s been written (by our fast friend Mr Graham Moffatt based on the Furman FIRST model), and actually we just love the title!
So if you are lucky enough to be one of the 1100 runners who booked in before it sold out do check out the ‘TTTT’ (Turkey Trot Training Timetable) here > http://www.fourlife.com/news/turkey_trot 

Talking of popular events, entries for 2013 Thunder Run are now open. Colwick parkrun event team are already booked in! Check it out here > http://www.tr24.co.uk/index.html 
It’s a brilliant experience and we highly recommend it. And see if you can spot Graham on the home page...

One of our runners has asked us to highlight the plight of Mansfield Harriers. Please see the link below for details."



Rushcliffe Event Team