Run report for May 25th – Rosa likes bossing around her friends

Today I was given the responsibility of being the Run Director and this is about my experience.

This has always been a daunting job for me, because being in charge of about 20 other people is not my idea of fun (although it was great getting to tell my friends what to do). Despite this I soldiered on, bossed everyone around a bit, kept forgetting to move the defibrillator, then eventually got organised, kind of, and assembled 2 funnels in the knick of time.

Next was my big moment, the pre run briefing, it was the most stressful two minutes of my life but apparently it went well.

After this, when all the runners were off my job was pretty much done, and all I had to do now, in Geoff's words, was ‘swan around looking important’ (well that and processing the results, but we'll get to that later) which was great fun and probably the most chill hour I've ever had at parkrun.

My final job was processing the results. This was completely new to me and I had no idea what I was doing. A failed timer, scanner errors and people who didn't collect a token (PLEASE ALWAYS TAKE A TOKEN) didn't make this process any easier. This photo pretty much sums up the whole experience.

Regardless of this the results were eventually processed, although it did take 4 people and about an hour, and were online confirming there were 40 first timers and 40 people who achieved a PB.

Finally I want to thank today's volunteers, especially Richard who basically did my job for me but let me wear the funky hi-viz, it would've gone considerably worse if you weren't all there doing your jobs to perfection.