Run report for June 1st – volunteering is better than biology revision!

It was sunny at parkrun today, thank goodness! After a very wet D of E expedition this week I was ready for some sunshine. But sadly I have to skip the sun this weekend in order to revise for a biology exam, so when I was asked to write the run report I was so happy (unusual giving the context) to have a break from all of the revision! (I say asked, or you could call it 'forced' - writing a run report it is one of the objectives that I have to achieve as part of my D of E Silver award volunteering at Rushcliffe parkrun, along with attending for 26 weeks, arriving at 8am once per month to get the equipment out of the shed, and delivering the pre-run brief - which I also did yesterday, once I had worked out how to operate the megaphone.)

The sunshine brought lots of people to parkrun including first timers from Portugal and Norway. We also had Darren Morley and Chris Jenkins running their 50th parkruns, along with Daniel Bagley who was celebrating his birthday by being this weeks first finisher - perhaps not surprising when you know that he recently completed the London marathon in 2 hours and 30 mins and ended up in 45th place!

Thank you to all the volunteers at parkrun today!

Also, I think this was my last week so thank you again to all the volunteers for putting up with me for this long! This week's team of high-vis heroes were;

Adrian FURLONGER • Alison POVER • Andy WALKER • Becky DOWSON • Dylan SAMRAI • Emma FIELDING • Emma WOOD • Geoff HARDY • Grace CRYER • Ian HOWE • Jackie KEY • James THURMAN • James WILKINS • Jennifer AITCHISON • Jo THOMAS • John HESS • John HOLDEN • John PARTRIDGE • Katie MARSH • Kirsty PARNABY • Lisa DICKINSON • Lynne KELLOW • Marc THOMAS • Martha BEVAN • Natalie Anne PEARSON • Rachel DEARDEN • Robert HASKINS • Roshan SINGH • Sam JAMIESON • Tilly WOOD • Tom DEARDEN

Thank you, and who knows, I may be back for another 52 weeks of volunteering when I do my Gold D of E in a couple of years time.