Rushcliffe Run Report – 29th June 2019 Event Number 353

Today’s run was hot, very hot. Despite this 377 of you braved the heat and completed the course
with 43 pbs and 31 first timers. That is basically the entire run summed up as nothing particularly run report worthy happened.
I’ve been volunteering for my silver dofe which means I've been here since January and today was my second to last time. I have thoroughly enjoyed my six months volunteering (except for maybe the ones in January and February when it felt like -5 and I couldn't feel my fingers), especially the social aspect of it, I've made many new friends that probably won't miss me as I'm constantly complaining about being too cold or hot or tired or hungry. I'd also like to say a big thank you to all the regular volunteers, especially Lisa and Geoff, who have made my parkrun experience as enjoyable as it can be in the wind and rain whilst putting up with my complaining. They're probably sick of me by this point but they can't get rid of me, I'll be back running it, very slowly at the back in a couple of weeks,and you never know, I might even be back for my gold.
Rosa Meredith
(Or more commonly know, Kate Bush, because according to Marc I have very big hair)

**To confirm, we are definitely not sick of Rosa! Yet another DofE asset to the team who we will miss! We do look forward to seeing her back running and are keeping our fingers crossed she comes back for her gold!

Big thanks to this week's volunteers - especially Tail Walker Darren who enjoyed his 25th volunteering stint!

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