Run report for July 13th – the day before England won the Cricket World Cup

The advantages of having a laptop is that you can multi-task (or you think you can – did you know that, a few years ago, there was a research project to understand the difference between men and women when multi-tasking? It was statistically proven that both men and women multi-task equally badly. Whatever the myths may assume, when multi-tasking we all finish up doing several things badly.) The original plan was to sit and watch the Cricket World Cup final whilst tapping away on the laptop – a plan that lasted about 2 minutes before I realised I was doing both things badly, and so here I am on Monday morning………. And no, this isn’t another excuse to show the photo of Lisa and myself carrying the Cricket World Cup at Trent Bridge early in the tournament – although we are happy to when asked! We were assured that it was the actual trophy ‘that Eoin Morgan will be lifting in mid-July’. We hoped, and here we are the morning after it actually happened.

Anyway I digress.

Back to this week’s parkrun – the first event (for us at least) in an amazing weekend sporting extravaganza!

It started with an early reminder of last weeks event. The high-viz had been put away wet and could be smelt, not pleasantly, from about 10 metres. Thank you to Jo and Lisa for giving them an early airing before the volunteer team arrived.

We remembered to use our new ‘Quiet please’ paddles during the pre-run brief. Thank you to all 429 parkrunners for listening to this week’s offering. We know some of you have heard it several times, but there is always first timers hearing it for … I’ll let you complete that sentence.

And there is always something you haven’t heard before, such as the milestones. We were delighted to announce Tom Bonner’s 100th and Collette Pollard’s 50th. It is also, usually, the first time we mention our pacers for the week. Thank you to the two Johns’ for pacing 30 and 33 minutes. We know they made a difference.

IMG_0360 IMG_0362
We are always delighted to see the smiles as parkrunners cross the finish line.

And the grimaces (sorry Bob, we love you really).

IMG_0356 IMG_0352
Before it all started our team of D of E students were very helpful, as they usually are, to move one of the benches that is used for the briefing, and still found time to have some fun on the ‘children’s’ play park!

I would like to finish with a brief mention of something that we will cover in more detail though the coming week. Just after the start we were approached by an employee of the RSPCA who was out in the park walking her dog. She explained to us that, in her opinion, is was too hot for dogs to be running 5k and that she had seen some being dragged around. I am not a dog owner and cannot provide and qualified comment, but it is a good opportunity, perhaps, to remind everyone of the policy for dogs at parkrun, via this link ( where the key words are,

the welfare of that animal remains your responsibility throughout your parkrun visit.

Oh, all right then, for one last time here is our photo with the actual trophy lifted yesterday by Eoin Morgan.

That’s it. An amazing weekend of sport that started with a fabulous parkrun and finished with England winning the Cricket World Cup. With Wimbledon finals, an unbeaten England netball team and the Tour de France in between. Apparently our TV remote needs new batteries after so much flicking between channels.

See you next Saturday at 9am.