Run report for July 27th – Marc’s first as RD

1 Run Director - that would be me Marc Thomas
32 #highvisheroes or volunteers
1 event number 357
429 people who ran/walked/jogged - how was it for you?

Right this run report might be like no other, but here goes.

I would like to welcome 39 first timers to Rushcliffe parkrun, and also to the parkrun family. We had tourists from Chelmsford, Breacon, Rygate, Belton, Conkers, Barrow and Lullington. I hope you enjoyed a parkrun around Rushcliffe Country Park.

Congratulations to 47 of you who got a PB as well.

I best mention the important bit, all the milestones, well done to you all in reaching a milestone.

John and Christine Oldfield, Jancy Stuttard getting to their 250th parkrun

Nat Scroggie "This vet runs" , Sophie Thorne, Suzanne Hopkin, Ken Pollard all getting to their 50th parkrun.
A special mention for Jo Thomas on doing her 200th combined volunteer for seniors and juniors.

On the 15th June I said I would like to try to help with volunteering more and do Run Director in the future, how about the 27th July? Everyone was happy, so that was it, set in stone. Wow, something to look forward to, but a massive role to fill. First thought 'I must be mad', next thought, 'how can I make this my own role but stay within the parkrun way?'. Because we all know parkrun is about fun.

So forward to Saturday 27th July. Was up as normal, did everything as normal - the only difference was had to leave 15 minutes earlier, got to education centre with all my notes ready to do Run Director duties. And, as we all know, we have a great bunch of volunteers who made me look good at doing Run Director. The worse bit for me was the pre run brief but it went well, I was very apprehensive, but got through it, then it was over to 429 of you to go enjoy yourselves, The weather was ok and the rain did hold off.

Thank you for allowing my to be Run Director and I cannot wait to do it again.

Thank you to my army of #highvisheroes

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