Run report for August 10th – a fabulous parkrun!

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What a fabulous parkrun – well I thought so anyway. Certainly much better than we had hoped as we watched the weather forecast on the days leading up to the weekend.

55mph gale force winds at 9am? Actually it was more of a strong breeze and helped 31 of our 348 parkrunners to a new PB. Congratulations and well done.

The timekeepers, using the new technology of the parkrun app, kept perfectly in sync. (Thank you to Darren for capturing my best side on the picture above). The funnel managers maintained order until finish tokens were collected – in the right order – and the barcode and finish tokens were all scanned in the correct sequence. The marshals and tail walkers kept you safe and on the right track, and token sorting was completed in double quick time. It all made for rapid results processing and Richard had them published by 10.30am. A cracking job by all the volunteers – thank you.

I’d like to come back to something we mentioned a few weeks ago. Have you noticed our new ‘quiet please’ signs that are used to encourage our parkrunners to listen to the pre-run brief? It has become a challenge in recent months to get the gathered group of 400ish people, all keen to get on their way around the course, to listen attentively to the pre-run brief. We know much of it is, necessarily, repeated every week because, whilst you may have heard it 200 times before we always have first timers (40 this week, of which 20 completed their first ever parkrun – welcome to one and all).

It is only through listening to the pre-run brief that you get to know about milestones (congratulations to Allan Lord on his 50th and Jonathan Masters on his ‘unofficial 200th’). Then there are the tourists, often from far and wide and this week from Sheffield, Coventry and Haywards Heath. And it is the pre-run brief when, thankfully occasionally, we can deliver more difficult messages (like the parking offender from a few months back).

It lasts just a couple of minutes, and if only out of respect for the fellow parkrunners, we ask for quiet so that all can hear it. Now, we realise that those reading this run report will most likely be our fabulous regulars - the Rushcliffe parkrun ‘massive’ (yes, I have just had to use Google to check that was the right word) – and we would like to enlist your help at 9am on a Saturday. Firstly by listening attentively to the pre-run brief, but also to use your powers of persuasion with a short sharp ‘sssshhhhhh’ when required, encouraging those around you to listen too. I hope that is OK?

Not a lot more to say about this week. I’ll finish where I started. What a fabulous parkrun!!!! So good, we look forward to doing it again next week.