Run report for August 17th – congratulations on your determination!

parkrunning is a sport that everyone can do. All you need is trainers, or a good pair of shoes for those walking, and determination. One thing people say is that the hardest part is walking out of the door, but all 436 of today’s parkrunners did and many of them left smashing it with a new PB.

As there was torrential rain on Friday, we were very fortunate to have, in my opinion, the perfect parkrun weather: not too cold that you are freezing, but not too hot that you are pouring with sweat by the end.

Well done to every single parkrunner as well as Sunil Sharma and Angela Brown with their 50th parkruns and congratulations to James Price with his 100th parkrun.

To our 25 first timers, welcome to parkrun.

In this week’s pre-run brief, everyone had a mini sign language lesson in how to say thank you. As John (one of the volunteers) is deaf, it was amazing to see everybody using their newly found skill to appreciate his efforts.

At the end of his run, I was able to interview Oliver Matharu (our first finisher for this week, pictured above) and ask him for his top parkrun tip. Oliver said, “Start off steady and then slowly get a bit quicker and then finish nice and strong.”

Thank you to today’s volunteers it wouldn’t be possible without you. Remember have fun and KEEP PARKRUNNING!