Peopleless parkrun

Sally has been to the park early this morning and was stirred to write this fantastic poem and has called it 'Peopleless parkrun'. You will understand why!

Peopleless parkrun
Well that was a strange sort of parkrun
A run with just another one
We went very early to miss the rush
Although it wasn’t much fun

We ran on the normal park route
Avoiding dogs and their owners
Moving aside to avoid a dispute
And running as though we were loners

We tried to chat to each other
Because that’s why we were there
But we might as well have not bothered
As our voices disappeared into the air

But still it was nice to be back
Experiencing what we had before
And we both said we want to keep running the track
Even if social distancing’s a bore

Eventually, we are both thinking
Our parkrun will be safe for us to go
And although at times we are sinking
We really don’t want to be too slow

So here’s to the time when it’s ready
For parkrun we really can’t wait
We’ll be fully trained and go steady
Here’s hoping there’s not long to wait !

Thank you Sally.

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