1st Feb 2020

Event 222 - the one where everyone's good will got us through!

On this sunny, blustery morning 206 lovely people came out to play at parkrun. Behind the scenes things got a bit frantic. Did you notice? Due to unforeseen circumstances (and through no one's fault) we were shorthanded with marshals. But it's ok, we have a back up plan for this situation! It's to plead with a barcode scanner to marshal instead! Both Kieran and Richard were happy to swap and in the end Richard took control of the last corner. Then when the first finishers came in, one of them volunteered to help out...only the kit refused to work. Luckily, Joe Bidlake Hull must be/have a been a Scout as he had come prepared with the parkrun virtual volunteer app on his phone and a full battery, and he leapt into action, taking a chunk out of the queue that Kieran had been heroically managing himself. Also using the virtual volunteer app for the first time was one of the timers, Edina, with Matt on the more traditional stop watch. The first time you do timekeeping can be daunting. Throw in an app you've never used before and it is nerve wracking. But it was fine! Easy even!
So as you check the results and photos today, I 100% recommend downloading the app, having a play with it and bringing your fully charged phone with you to every parkrun you do. You never know when a desperate RD will ask you step in and save the day!

Kerry (Run Director)