What a beautiful morning! 18/9/21

What a beautiful morning! We had 146 lovely people who came and walked, jogged and ran around the park; 17 were first timers (welcome to the parkrun family) and a whopping 28 people were justified in banging our PB Gong of Glory. Congratulations to all of you. First home was Sid Mead (closely followed by one of his older brothers), and first lady was Kimberley Biggs, both recording PBs at Rushmere this morning. Thanks to the 18 volunteers who ensured we could run a safe and happy event! See you all soon, Anna


11th September 2011

Rushmere event no 232

The sun came out to play. 135 people ran, jogged or walked. 28 First timers, and 14 people recorded new PB's. Well done to everyone and we hope the first timers and tourists will join us again soon.

The event was made possible by 17 volunteers: Thank you goes to

Tracy CARDNO • John LANGDON • Thomas BENDALL • Gill SHARMAN • Gaynor WALLACE • Pauline GLEN • Sarah CULLIP • Chris WARBY • Michelle EVANS-RICHES • Alan GARNER • Helen HARRISON • Chris ELLIS • Matt STYRKA • Jessica STENNER • Michael GALLIE • Nicola BILLINGTON • Kirsty STOCKS

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Tracy & Tom


4th September Event number 231

What a fantastic morning! We had 149 people running, jogging and walking, 24 of whom were first timers. A warm welcome to all of you! First man home was Callum Hale in 18:57, and first lady was Tessa Griffiths in 24:21. We had a magnificent 34 PB's; the gong of glory was resounding across the meadow. Well done everyone. Thanks to our brilliant 18 volunteers- you are all stars!
Have a great weekend, Anna

Event number 230

Event number 230
Lovely to see 161 runners, joggers and walkers join us on the start of the Bank Holiday weekend. We had 36 first timers and 25 participants managed to record a new personal best - well done to everyone.
Jamie Farmer was 1st man home with a PB in 17.32
Lisa Wells was our 1st lady home also with a PB in 23.22
Thank you to the 17 Volunteers who helped make this a safe event.
We did have a slight issue with one of the barcode scanners (you can email the event if you haven't received your result)
See you all soon
Tracy x



Event no 228 14/8/2021 Happy to be back after Covid19 lockdown

Event number 228

Lions, Tigers and Bears - Oh My - Rushmere parkrun was finally back after 17 Months.

164 participants ran, jogged & walked the course. 37 were first timers. 23 recorded new personal bests. Representatives of 15 different clubs.

Jamie Farmer was first man home with a PB 17.46. Abi Gooch was 1st lady home in 23.50 great work well done to you both.

David Cooper was celebrating his 50th Milestone and Neil Lewington his 100th Milestone - well done guys

A big thank you to the 16 volunteers who helped make this event possible. Drum roll for: Christine Ayers, David Ayers, Graham Cooper, Keith Phillips, Thomas Bendall, Anna Mead, Chris Warby, Will Eastman, Ruth Eastman, Andy Griggs, Janet Langdon, Claire Pounder, Ellen Parker, Alan Garner & Paul Thomas.

Have a great week and look forward to seeing you all next week.

Remember the roster needs volunteers so please email in if you can help.

Tracy (TC) x

Rushmere Events Director



Event # 227 14/03/20

It was a good morning for a parkrun and this week 180 people joined us at Rushmere.

We had 19 first timers, 6 of whom were running their first ever parkrun, welcome to the parkrun family.
Many thanks to our wonderful volunteers who made the event possible:

Tracy CARDNO • Christine AYERS • David AYERS • Stephen MOORE • Darren WINFIELD • Theresa KEEFE • Arran WRIGHT • Kevin HARE • Keith PHILLIPS • Henry GARTHWAITE • Len HOLLAND • Chris WARBY • Michael GALLIE • Cathy ATKINSON • Emily MCCLELLAND • Anita BRAITHWAITE
Congratulations to Keith who was volunteering for his 100th time and to Anita and Henry both volunteering for the first time.
Congratulations to the 28 participants who recorded PB times today.
Ollie Badger was first home this week, his first time at Rushmere, in 19:21.
Coming in as first lady, Emily Rothery continued her current streak of 4, in a time of 23:04.
Well done also to Sam Dewhurst our fastest U11 runner today in a new PB.
Unfortunately finish tokens nos. 48 and 121 went AWOL this morning. If you are reading this and realise one of these tokens is in your pocket please get in touch asap – thanks.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Rushmere parkrun Results Page.
Sincerely hope we will see you all back at Rushmere next Saturday.


International Womens Day Saturday 7th March

Another great parkrun at Rushmere today where we saw 203 of you lovey people run, jog, walk and thankfully avoiding all the fallen debris on the course - and the horse poo!
We hope that the 33 first timers including tourists from Leicester and Northampton enjoyed their first trip around Rushmere and will visit us again.
We also welcomed This Girl Can to help parkrun celebrate International Womens Day - encourging all women and girls to be active.
Emily Rothery was the first female home in 23:10 followed by Amy Inchley in 23:57 and Nicola Mellor in 24:02. And a special shout out to the first female junior Catherine Brewer who finished 31st in 24:18
Thomas Inchley was the first male home in 19:02, followed by Daniel Chaplen in 19:39 and Paul Griffiths in 20:54. A massive well done to Danny Carter a JM11-14 who finished in 5th place with an impressive 21:05 finish time.
As always a massive thank you to all the volunteers who make parkrun happen week after week.
See you all next week.



1st Feb 2020

Event 222 - the one where everyone's good will got us through!

On this sunny, blustery morning 206 lovely people came out to play at parkrun. Behind the scenes things got a bit frantic. Did you notice? Due to unforeseen circumstances (and through no one's fault) we were shorthanded with marshals. But it's ok, we have a back up plan for this situation! It's to plead with a barcode scanner to marshal instead! Both Kieran and Richard were happy to swap and in the end Richard took control of the last corner. Then when the first finishers came in, one of them volunteered to help out...only the kit refused to work. Luckily, Joe Bidlake Hull must be/have a been a Scout as he had come prepared with the parkrun virtual volunteer app on his phone and a full battery, and he leapt into action, taking a chunk out of the queue that Kieran had been heroically managing himself. Also using the virtual volunteer app for the first time was one of the timers, Edina, with Matt on the more traditional stop watch. The first time you do timekeeping can be daunting. Throw in an app you've never used before and it is nerve wracking. But it was fine! Easy even!
So as you check the results and photos today, I 100% recommend downloading the app, having a play with it and bringing your fully charged phone with you to every parkrun you do. You never know when a desperate RD will ask you step in and save the day!

Kerry (Run Director)


Event 214

On a cold dreary morning the promised sunshine came in liquid form. Still, with the cafe and toilets closed due to a major water main failure, the runners did get a shower.
We had 12 first timers trying Rushmere today with tourists from Northampton, Huntingdon and deepest Essex.
Due to a fence collapse on the northern end of the park a short marshalled detour was added through a muddier part of the wood. The start line was moved forward to compensate.
This detour did not stop 7 runners getting a PB. Well done to them.
First lady home was Lindsay O'Kane in 24:39 and first gent was Scott Barker in 20:05.
Congratulations to Kevin Mellor and his daughter Nicola for completing their 50th parkrun today. We hope the weather did not spoil the moment.
Thank you to my many volunteers who gave up their run to help today.
I hope to see lots of you at future parkruns and wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year.




#Parkrun 210

On a fairly chilly autumnal morning 148 runners tried their running skills against the Rushmere mud and 16 managed to gain a PB. Well done to the 16.
1st man home was Richard Wood in a respectable 20:13 with junior Leo Sheldrick second with a PB time 21:21 and an unknown in 3rd place.
1st lady home was Emily Rothery in 22:41, Abi Gooch second in 23:29 and Louisa Rothery third in 24:25.
7 runners forgot their barcodes.
Kate Venables and Jon Riley both ran their 50 milestones today with James Phillips completing his 100 milestone.
Congratulations to the 3 of you and we look forward to seeing you resplendent in your milestone T shirts in the near future.
My sincere thanks to all our volunteers without whom there would be no Rushmere parkrun.
I hope to see many of you out running again soon.


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