Rushmoor parkrun No. 258 – 31st August 2019

An amazing 549 runners completed today’s parkrun, in slightly cool yet mostly sunny conditions.

Fleet and Crookham AC were delighted to be able to have such a heavy involvement in the event, promoting the forthcoming Fleet 5K and 10K road races and  providing volunteers for many roles including pacers offering a wide selection of potential finish times- hopefully spurring on some of the incredible 78 parkrunners who achieved a new pb today!

It was milestone parkrun number 100 for Dave Chapman today while Jonathan Burgess, Steve Kerry, Graeme Dwyer and Pradeep Gurung reached the 50 mark. 

Well done to the 18 runners who completed their first ever parkrun today- hopefully we will see you back again for many more!

Thanks to our amazing volunteers. We are always looking for volunteers, please check out the future roster to see which roles need filling  or email the event directly 

This week’s parkrun was made possible by the following volunteers:

Adam BURGESS  •  Aimee HEMING  •  Alexander John RADFORD  •  Andy WARD  •  Charles CONVERY  •  Charlotte HISCOCK  •  Chris BODDY  •  Darren WOOD  •  David CHAPMAN  •  David John HAINES  •  Edward BARTON  •  Elaine BRADSHAW  •  Eleanor BARTON  •  Emma PITMAN  •  Erin BURGESS  •  Gavin LANGAN  •  Harley-Rai BROWN  •  Helen HALL  •  James EWING  •  Janet LEGGETT  •  John BURGESS  •  Kate RAGGETT  •  Kevin ABBOTT  •  Kieran MUNNS  •  Lee HIGHTON  •  Linda RADFORD  •  Mark MCGUINNESS  •  Paul James BEVERLEY  •  Penny ABBOTT  •  Peter LAVENDER  •  Rebecca Anne BACHMANN  •  Robert CORNWELL  •  Roy BOOTH  •  Sabrina BACHMANN-ROSS  •  Sarah EMBLIN  •  Tessa HABBERLEY  •  Tom BARTON  •  Zoe BARTON