Catmose College take over – event number 72

On Sunday 26 January, students, staff and parents from Catmose College did a ‘take over’ of the volunteer roles at Rutland Water junior parkrun at Normanton. Junior parkrun is a free, weekly timed event for children aged 4-14.

Mrs Nicholls was the Run Director and gave the safety briefing before year 11 Taiya Caffrey-Hall did a fantastic pre-run warm up with the children and parents. The sun shone as 14 members of our College community hi-5’d the 106 children that ran the 2k distance down the tarmac path alongside the South Shore at Normanton, Rutland Water. Another 8 members of our community did roles at the start/finish line, including DofE year 9 student, Henry Cross, who is doing his DofE volunteering at junior parkrun.

Out of the 106 children that participated, 8 Catmose College students completed the run with Daniel Williams being our first placed student in 6th position with a time of 8.39. He was followed by Monty Adams in 10th position finishing in 9.25, followed by 15th placed Lily Winterton at 9.44. Isla Firth and Scarlett Holton both achieved personal bests (PBs).

Thank you to Mrs Meynell from the College for organising the volunteers from Catmose College. Photos from the event can be found here -


Catmose takeover

John and Alex

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World Book Day Special – event 27

The sleet and wind didn’t stop us this morning! 48 hardcore runners joined us as we dressed up in celebration of World Book Day. There were some great costumes, from unicorns to soldiers.

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Although the finish arch had to be held up, there were 4 PBs and 4 newcomers; an astonishing effort in the harsh weather conditions. We look forward to welcoming you back in future weeks! It can only get easier as the weather gets better.


Congratulations to Rishton, Abigail, James, Ryan and Libby for gaining their Marathon wristbands, and to Josh, Rueben, Orla, Charlotee and Georgina for completing their half marathon total ☺

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Thank you to our amazing volunteers and parents who, yet again, turned out to support the runners and make it such a fun and fantastic morning!


Report written by Neve Hattee


In support of Children's Mental Health week, this week we held a non-timed, lucky dip finish token event.  The aim of the format was to promote physical activity as a support for mental well being.    Unfortunately there whether wasn't that kind to us, windy and wet !  Despite this 55 participants took part, many first timers, with lots of smiles and lolly pops shared at the end of the run.

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We also said goodbye to Eleanor, our long serving D of E gold student.  Eleanor was our Run Director lite for her last event, she did an amazing job and we will all miss her !  She has promised to send us photos of her award ceremony.

Congratulations to Ellie S on receiving her half marathon wristband from Eleanor and to Freya and Tristran on completing their 11th run gaining their half marathon award.



Eleanor, the D of E journey …. May 2017 to February 2019

The Duke of Edinburgh award scheme provides many parkruns with volunteers and we are lucky enough to have 5 participants working with us just now. The most senior of these, Eleanor, competed her D of E Gold with us today having started in May 2017 whilst studying at Harington School in Oakham.


This was Eleanor's first week with Rutland Water parkrun, marshalling in the sunshine. Having worked her way through all the volunteering roles, it seemed most appropriate for her to end her 18 months journey as the Run Director, confidently taking charge of today's event.


Along the way, Eleanor impressed not only the parkrun community but also the judges at the Rutland Community Sports Awards as this year she won the Volunteer of the Year.


Throughout her time with us, Eleanor carried out her volunteering duties diligently, confidently and with a smile on her face.  She has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside and we hope very much to be able to share with you all some photos of her presentation ceremony.  Whilst Eleanor has ended her journey with the junior team, she started out with the 5km team.  They too would like to congratulate Eleanor on achieving her gold level of D of E, and thank her for all of the volunteering she has done. Both teams wish her every success for her future!

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Event 22, 3rd February 2019

Another cold one at Rutland junior parkrun, but that didn’t quell the spirits of the young participants. This is clearly shown with our fastest time being William at 8minutes and 28seconds! We even had twelve new personal bests and Ellie S got her half marathon wristband!


And next week should be even better with the #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek run. The only run a year when everyone must wear pink or red for Valentine’s Day.

Screenshot 2019-01-31 at 22.49.46

But as we know, this run wouldn’t happen with the amazing support given to us by our volunteers. I’ve had the opportunity to interview one of these volunteers to give us some insight on what it is like to be a part of the Rutland Parkrun.

Why did you start volunteering?
“If I’m going to be honest, the first time I volunteered was because Beth asked me to help out, I hadn’t planned on keeping going but 17 weeks later I am still doing it. I figured I was going to be at the run anyway – as my daughter was running – I may as well help out. “

What type of jobs have you done?
“Normally I run with my daughter so my volunteering is limited to after the run so I process the results. Basically it is my job to upload all the data that the time keepers and the barcode scanners collect, this can be a little stressful when the barcode readers decide they don’t like the cold. I have marshalled once too, I quite enjoyed giving high fives to the runners and keeping them motivated. Marshals are really important for keeping the littles one’s safe around the route.”


What has been your favourite part?
“I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know new people, and an excuse to stop for a cuppa and a chat after the run. In the summer the free parking pass will come in useful as we will start spending longer enjoying Rutland water”

What type of jobs do you want to do?
“ I have been asked to be a run director, but I’m not sure that I am ready for that yet.”

Are there any benefits of becoming a volunteer?
“As I mentioned earlier, all volunteers get a free da parking pass to Rutland Water, if you keep your Hi-Viz on you will also got 10% off at the café, but mostly I think the benefit of being a volunteer is knowing you have helped out, without volunteers the Junior Park run would not be able to take place, and it is the kids who would miss out. I like that you can choose what you want to do and that it will fit around whether or not you want to run, if you want to come early or leave a little later. Oh and after 25 sessions you get a FAB tee-shirt too. “

Screenshot 2019-02-07 at 20.14.42

I would like to thank Tasja for letting me interview her, and I can safely say for the both of us: volunteering has been an amazing experience. I fully encourage it for anyone who can to do so, it helps us keep the run alive and also makes it more exciting for yourself. It truly is a great feeling, being a part of something that care so much about young people.

By Abbie

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