Rutland Water parkrun is cancelled on 2020-11-28 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


Run Report – Event number 218

Rutland Water parkrun
Event number 218
14th March 2020

This week 292 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 53 were first timers and 46 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 24 different clubs took part.

I have to admit I was expecting less people as we all ponder on the merits of joining other people in any sort of event. But we are all out in the fresh air, and fresh and breezy it always is on our course! So I was really pleased to greet you all.

20200314_094407 small

It was also a pleasure to see a sea of green as the Eye runners took part in their championship race at our event. Some of them confessed to never having been to Rutland Water before and yet are so close in Peterborough, hope you come back! First Eye runner in was Wayne BRADLEY in 18.18. First lady Eye runner Leah SHORT in 22.33, a PB no less.

20200314_095632 smaller

You may have noticed we moved our barcode scanning area to the other side of the gate. It is getting quite slippy and muddy in the normal place so we were just giving it a rest and trying a different place to make sure we don’t create a mud fest. Can’t wait for the warmer weather when everything is that bit easier! But we are lucky to have not suffered the flooding that many others have experienced.

20200314_090942 small

Corona Virus

I know that everyone is wondering how may more parkruns we shall be able to do in the next few weeks if any. In truth things are changing so rapidly no-one knows but in case you haven’t seen it, the latest update from parkrun is here at


See you all soon,


Run report by Calli, Run Director and co-Event Director


Run Report #216 29th of Feb 2020

Being the last Saturday of the month, we had our regular Pacers day. Thanks to Calli Robertson for coordinating that, and to Tony Sharp,Nicholas Sale, Desi Gillespie, Netty Stevens, Simon Fisher, Sue Fisher, liz Makin, Rebecca Scotcher and mike connor for their excellent pacing skills. Pacers really help in motivating runners to hit their target, and once again I heard several runners thanking the pacer they were chasing.

We were a bit down on numbers this week, with 228 people completing the course, of whom 19 were first-timers. Finishers were reporting the return headwind as being rather harsh, so the 27 new Personal Bests achieved are even more remarkable.

Rutland Water parkrun also hit its own milestone, having gone through the 50,000 individual parkruns completed, meaning a total of 250,000 km covered. (That’s over 6 times around the Earth!)
Maybe we should celebrate going through 384,400 km, because that’s the distance to the moon?


Next Saturday, 7th of March we’re celebrating International Women’s Day parkrun IWD

Dress-code is Purple! (for the men too).

If you’re parkrun-curious, then make the 7th your “right, I’m doing it” day.

parkrun in purple


Thanks to our volunteers for this week :

Joanna BONSER • Caroline ROBERTSON • Michael CONNOR • Paul DAVIDSON • David AUST • Liz MAKIN • Simon James FISHER • Rebecca SCOTCHER • John MACKINNON • Susan D FISHER • Chloe ARTIS • Netty STEVENS • Debbi ROACH • Gordon SHERRATT • Jo DAVIES • Gordon ORR • Lawrence FRANCIS • Charlie NOBLE • Sam JEFFRIES • Nicholas SALE • Emma O'BRIEN • Elizabeth MEYNELL • Geoff JONES • Anthony SHARP • Loretta CLARK • Hannah RUSHTON • June BARTLETT • Janie SWANSTON • Gary THOMAS • Sharon WHINCOP • Desi GILLESPIE • Sally ANDREWS • Paul ELWIS


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Rutland Water parkrun Results Page.


Run Director of the day.


Run Report Rutland Water parkrun 215 – 22nd Feb 2020

Wind, did anyone mention wind?

I’ll be honest I can’t remember worse conditions for our parkrun, it was biblical. But 283 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 55 were first timers – how brave to come to us on such a difficult day. 16 (quite amazingly) recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 26 different clubs took part.

Note the angle of our flags and a high vis looking like a wind tunnel!




First man in was Joe Giddens and first female Sue Roberts.

It was certainly a day to be in the first half of the finishers, the second half suffered the worst of the weather.

We rely on our amazing volunteers and this week I wish we could offer them double points or an extreme weather type badge. The event was made possible by 22 of these amazing people.


Alison SILCOX • Caroline ROBERTSON • Mike FREEMAN • Bret ALLIBONE • Liz MAKIN • Mark JOHNSTONE • Tony HOARE • Debbi ROACH • Jo DAVIES • Nikki HEYWORTH • Sam JEFFRIES • Nicholas SALE • Laina DUPONT • Peter RAMSEY • Sarah BABBS • Jane MCKEE • Anthony SHARP • Christine SHARP • Hannah RUSHTON • Sue BEAMISH • Ruth SKINNER • Shell HERRON

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Rutland Water parkrun Results Page.

Another 5 tokens sadly went missing this week, can we please please please not take them home and if you do by accident please bring them back anytime, we won’t be cross we just love to see them back

Thanks to everyone, hope Ciara and Dennis and any of children try a different country, we could do with a rest!


Run Director of the day and Co Event Director



Run Report – Event number 214 – 15th Feb



Actually looks like we dodged the worst of it this weekend. Breezy, but not the gale force catastrophe that was forecast.
Doom laden forecasts weren't going to stop the 247 of you who joined us, including 36 running with us for the first time!. You'll have to come again when it's a bit less windy.

Well done to our 20 new personal bests. Considering the conditions, that's amazing! Some outstanding individual performances too. Visiting Birchfield Harrier, Kelly Butler had us checking what our womans course record was (sorry Kelly, close, but not quite). Nordic WalkerPatricia Dickenson set her newest PB, and Emma Kinsey set her new PB, coming in under that difficult 30 minute barrier! Great going!

Huge thanks as ever to our volunteers of the week, making parkrun possible.

Darren BARRATT • Caroline ROBERTSON • Jane FITZGERALD • Liz MAKIN • Daisy OVERTON • Mark JOHNSTONE • John MACKINNON • Chloe ARTIS • Ian HARPER • Emmanuel DUPONT • Jo DAVIES • Gary KIRK • Charlie NOBLE • Sam JEFFRIES • Morag ROBERTS • Margaret KEANY • Steve KIDD • Susan KIDD • Laina DUPONT • Geoff JONES • David LEWIS • June BARTLETT • James FOSTER • Belinda DRABBLE • Gaynor MORRIS • Samuel MOZLEY • Guy BAXTER

Please consider volunteering from time to time. Believe it or not, it's quite a lot of fun, and your parkrun can't happen without you.

Having a look through our figures, I've noticed something, "Rutland Water parkrun started on 24th October 2015. Since then 10,485 participants have completed 49,597 parkruns".

So, maybe next week, or the week after, one of you will complete our 50,000th parkrun at Rutland Water! That's 250,000km run at Rutland Water (or 6 and a quarter times round the world!). Next target, the moon!

This may happen on our leap day parkrun too. This year, parkrunday falls on the 29th of February. It's the first time we've ever had a parkrun on Feb 29th, and you won't have another chance to do one until the year 2048!
Like you needed more reasons to come!

See you soon,

Darren, Run director of the day

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