Rutland Water parkrun Event number 264 18th June 2022

This week 177 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 22 were first timers. 16 people joined parkrun for the very first time and 26 recorded new Personal Bests. Not a band number as we know there are people doing the Green Wheel Relay tomorrow and were at the Summer Solstice last night so plenty going on in the area.

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Bit chillier than yesterday with over 10 degrees lost on a day and a bit rainy in the 2nd half but lots of smiles all round. Thanks to everyone who helped put away as we had no-one on the roster.


Top runner looking at age grade this week was Carolyn Sayers at 79.4%.

Please note that you’d be on your own if you turn up next week as another event comes thundering towards you, Rutland Water parkrun is CANCELLED next week 25th June.

It’s still a big effort to fill the roster with the volunteers every week, so a massive thanks should go out to them, look how happy they are!

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Andrew WADE • Caroline ROBERTSON • Helen SCHOFIELD • Mike FREEMAN • Maria SOWERBY • Vanessa MACKINNON • Tom SMITH • Debbi ROACH • Finlay FITZPATRICK • Gordon SHERRATT • Emma GOWER • Gordon ORR • Liliane COOGAN • Sam JEFFRIES • Sam HARTLEY • Karen GRACE • Elizabeth MEYNELL • Christine WISE • Henry KLIMOWICZ • Mara BRADBURY-HARROLD • Ann M COX • Angela STARK • Mel CLARK • Rob NEWSHAM • Nel PARFITT • Raphy SWINFEN-CRANNEY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Rutland Water parkrun Results Page.

A few milestones this week, congrats to all and all at 25 parkruns

David Marples (25), Andrew Tobin (25), Barbara Narey (25), Nicola Byrne (25), Trudie Trollope (25)

Thanks a lot


Calli Robertson

Run Director for the day and co-Event Director


Rutland Water parkrun, Event number 263 – 11th June 2022

This week 160 people ran, jogged and walked the course. Numbers were lower than we have been seeing recently, no doubt due to some local races taking place which many of our regulars were taking part in. However, it was great to see lots of people joining us from other parkruns, and 6 people coming along to complete their very first parkrun. We hope to see you back again next week!

We’re well known for windy conditions at Rutland Water parkrun, and today was no exception with a helpful tailwind on the way out and a very noticeable headwind on the way back. Despite the wind, there were some great performances as always including first male Simon Fell, with sons Isaac and Noah finishing not far behind, and first female Hannah Lord.

Three milestones to celebrate this week – well done to Christine Sharp (100), Tina Sayers (50) and Robert Wright (50). I look forward to seeing you wearing your new t-shirts soon.

Huge thanks as always to our volunteers who helped make this week’s parkrun happen. We always love seeing different volunteers each week, so if you haven’t volunteered in a while or you’re on the injury bench, why not drop us an e-mail.


Many thanks,


Run Director for the week


Rutland Water parkrun, Event number 262 – 4th June 2022

This week 216 people ran, jogged and walked the course. It was a bit chilly for June and the usual wind was present so thanks to all those who braved the British weather to join us.

Many if our regulars seemed to be away for the bank holiday weekend but on the flip side we saw lots of tourists, great to have you, 43 were first timers, 6 of whom brand new to parkrun and the rest new to ours. There was even a chap from Australia, our 2nd visit from there in recent weeks as they finally get to travel.

Some great performances as always including our top male on age grade Michael Johnson and female Philippa Ball.

A few milestones this week, congrats to all

Tom Smith (150), Kirsty Middleton (50), Peter Turner (25), Donna Talbot (25), Bart Coulter (10)

It’s still a big effort to fill the roster with the volunteers every week, so a massive thanks should go out to them

Andrew WADE • Caroline ROBERTSON • Mike FREEMAN • Bret ALLIBONE • Liz MAKIN • Simon James FISHER • Megan RICHARDSON • Susan D FISHER • Debbi ROACH • Emmanuel DUPONT • Jo DAVIES • Steph TURNER • Liliane COOGAN • Gary KIRK • Sam JEFFRIES • Margaret KEANY • Liz SANDERS • John TURNER • Elizabeth MEYNELL • Sam BARRETT • Ian PARKINSON • Richard WILLIAMS • Emma KLIMOWICZ • Mara BRADBURY-HARROLD • Angela STARK • Mel CLARK • David OGG

Thanks a lot

Calli Robertson

Run Director for the day and co-Event Director


Rutland Water parkrun #260 Run Report 21st May 2022

Dry & cool weather greeted the 220 runners and walkers who took part in today’s parkrun at Rutland Water. We had 37 people who visited us for the first time and an equal number of people who recorded personal PB’s for the course.

Visitors came from across the UK with representatives from Peckham, Ruislip, Stevenage, Ponteland, and Louth amongst others. We were also the location of choice for Craig Young’s 100 parkrun, well done Craig, I hope you enjoyed our lovely course.

Thanks to all the volunteers today who made the event possible you are all wonderful. Speaking of volunteers we’re a little short of marshall’s in particular for the next few weeks so if you can spare the time please sign up via the event email address

Finally a note of caution, we had 3 incidents at today’s event, 2 people who fell over but who fortunately only suffered light grazing and were able to finish and did not need further treatment. The other incident involved a man running with a child in a pushchair who approached a bend too quickly coming off the dam and managed to overturn the pushchair with child inside while somersaulting over it. Fortunately neither were hurt (a little shaken but not injured) and managed to finish the course. This does highlight the fact that for those running with pushchairs you need to be aware of the cornering capabilities of your pushchair and that at certain points in the course there are some uneven and mixed surfaces, so please be careful out there.


Paul Rogerson
Run Director


Rutland Water parkrun Event number 259 14th May 2022

Once again it was a beautiful morning for a parkrun here at Rutland Water, and 259 runners, joggers and walkers took part in our 259th event of whom 52 were first timers and 35 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 32 different clubs took part.


The tourist who travelled the furthest was Ian Wilson whose local parkrun is Kawana in Queensland Australia where he is Run Director. He ran and enjoyed chatting with regular participants and volunteers.

Not only was the weather perfect for the event, it was also perfect for the midges! These made it uncomfortable for some participants, but despite being covered in them as you can see from his photo it didn't stop Nick Greenwood from achieving a PB (19:02) or first finisher Michael Kallenberg. He completed the course in an impressive 15:23.


Also taking part were a team from Public Health within Leicestershire County Council who were raising money for UNICEF.


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