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About Us

Salcey Forest parkrun is a FREE weekly 5km event for runners of all standards, which takes place every Saturday at 9:00am in Salcey Forest, Wootton Road, Hartwell, Northamptonshire, NN7 2HX. It is not a race against other runners, but a 5k timed run and it can really be whatever you want it to be, whether that's for fun or as part of a training plan.

It offers an opportunity for all the local community, male or female, young or old, to come together on a regular basis to enjoy this beautiful park and get physically active into the bargain. We want to encourage people to jog or run together irrespective of their ability – this event is truly open to all and best of all it really is FREE!

Taking part is easy – just register before your first ever parkrun. The great thing is that you only ever need to do this once! Then just set your alarm for Saturday morning and get yourself there!

Every week we grab a post parkrun coffee in the Grounds Café Salcey - please come and join us! Maybe swap stories about your run that day, chat to other runners over a cup of tea or coffee and just be an important part of this new running community.

So whether you are a complete novice looking to get yourself started on your own "running journey" or a seasoned athlete wanting to use this as a part of your training schedule, you’re welcome to come along and join us.

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    Your donation will be wisely spent by the event team (as custodians of the local purse) on the upkeep of our parkrun.

    For donations prior to 1 February 2017, 85% was allocated to the event and the remaining 15% to the New Event Fund.

    We are unable to accept donations to events that are made via third party employer contribution schemes.

    We no longer accept cheques for event donations. The only way for individuals to contribute to an event pot is by donating directly through the PayPal link on this page.

    parkrun is completely open about all donations. All donations to this event (and withdrawals that the event teams makes) will be published below. You can also view all donations in this country here.

    parkrun UK is a not-for-profit organisation.


    Donation DateNameRecipientDonationContribution to EventContribution to New Event FundNote
    2020-01-25Scott BrownlowSalcey Forest£1.00£1.00£0.00Weekly donation to parkrun - 25. 1. 20 - Salcey Forest parkrun
    2019-11-15Lisa WarrinerSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2019-11-14Charlotte MitchellSalcey Forest£5.00£5.00£0.00
    2019-11-13j a WarnerSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2019-11-12helen van UemSalcey Forest£20.00£20.00£0.00For AED fund
    2019-11-12Stephen DicksSalcey Forest£25.00£25.00£0.00Defib fund
    2019-11-12Jim EastmentSalcey Forest£50.00£50.00£0.00
    2019-11-11David GreenSalcey Forest£20.00£20.00£0.00From Dave & Aidan towards the DebFib
    2019-11-11Deborah CaffullSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00Hope you get your defib soon 
    2019-11-11Mark TimminsSalcey Forest£15.00£15.00£0.00From Billing Joggers, this week's subs for the defib.
    2019-11-11Daniel GillertSalcey Forest£25.00£25.00£0.00
    2019-11-11Victoria CollinsSalcey Forest£20.00£20.00£0.00
    2019-11-11Joanne MacGregorSalcey Forest£5.00£5.00£0.00
    2019-11-11James CushingSalcey Forest£25.00£25.00£0.00
    2019-11-11Michelle LewisSalcey Forest£5.00£5.00£0.00
    2019-11-11Catherine HickfordSalcey Forest£5.00£5.00£0.00
    2019-11-11Andrew MasonSalcey Forest£50.00£50.00£0.00For Defib
    2019-11-11Yvette ToddSalcey Forest£20.00£20.00£0.00Defibrillator
    2019-11-10Gemma BarrieSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00To help a wonderful new parkrun
    2019-11-10Karen WharfeSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Kim MorrisonSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Simon StimpsonSalcey Forest£25.00£25.00£0.00For the Salcey defib. Having had the benefit of being saved by the working defib at Linford Wood last year I hope you get your new one soon.
    2019-11-10Christopher JeanesSalcey Forest£5.00£5.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Kim PuseySalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Arlette Sanchez-GarciaSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Ian RichardsonSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Linda RobinsonSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00For the defibrillator
    2019-11-10andrew ballard vassSalcey Forest£2.00£2.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Jane TimmisSalcey Forest£5.00£5.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Bryan WinnSalcey Forest£5.00£5.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Erica van BreeSalcey Forest£5.00£5.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Clive AlbonSalcey Forest£5.00£5.00£0.00For the defibrillator
    2019-11-10Fionnuala DawsonSalcey Forest£30.00£30.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Laura WilliamsSalcey Forest£2.00£2.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Tracy StreetSalcey Forest£20.00£20.00£0.00Towards the defibrillator
    2019-11-10Peter JoinsonSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00Defib donation
    2019-11-10Martyn DouglasSalcey Forest£2.00£2.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Jon DunckleySalcey Forest£100.00£100.00£0.00For the Salcey defib
    2019-11-10David OsborneSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00Towards the defibrillator.
    2019-11-10Fiona DownieSalcey Forest£15.00£15.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Brian C BiddulphSalcey Forest£20.00£20.00£0.00Shocking!
    2019-11-10Joanne GordonSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Louise FullerSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Rebecca MillerSalcey Forest£5.00£5.00£0.00Salcey forest
    2019-11-10Petya PatleevaSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Kelly LyonsSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Angela MulliganSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00Angela Mulligan
    2019-11-10Joanne LozierSalcey Forest£15.00£15.00£0.00With best wishes from River Oaks parkrun, Ontario, Canada
    2019-11-10Nicola DeeksSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Nicola MurrSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00For the defib
    2019-11-10Helen DiamandSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Simon KimptonSalcey Forest£5.00£5.00£0.00For new defibrillator
    2019-11-10karen clarkSalcey Forest£5.00£5.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Paul ArmsonSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Louise LockwoodSalcey Forest£5.00£5.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Sarah SmithSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Gary BaldwinSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2019-11-10ashley rowleySalcey Forest£5.00£5.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Julia BradnamSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2019-11-10david smithSalcey Forest£2.00£2.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Lou CranswickSalcey Forest£20.00£20.00£0.00
    2019-11-10Laurel TriggsSalcey Forest£5.00£5.00£0.00
    2019-11-10grania TowleSalcey Forest£5.00£5.00£0.00
    2019-11-09Elliott LineSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00Towards a new defibrillator
    2019-11-09Michael F TurnerSalcey Forest£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2019-11-08Sarah HemphillSalcey Forest£15.00£15.00£0.00Donation for a new defibrillator to keep Salcey Forest parkrun(ers) alive.
    2019-10-30DonationSalcey Forest£600.00£600.00£0.00Donation


    Withdrawal DateEventAmountNote
    2019-10-30Salcey Forest£340.00Digital Walkie Talkies x2
    2019-10-30Salcey Forest£164.16Samsung S8 Phone
    2019-10-30Salcey Forest£9.16Finish token storage/collection
    2019-11-14Salcey Forest£320.83Replacement Defibrillator
    2019-12-18Salcey Forest£15.00Selfie frame
    2019-12-18Salcey Forest£70.82Pay-as-you-go phone for In Case of Emergency. Purchased on 28Nov and authorised by our Ambassador