Sandall Park parkrun is cancelled on 4 July 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Event 335 – 15th February 2020 – The first with the new name!


It was a reasonable 10 degrees this morning as we left home. The forecast storm Dennis was due to arrive later in the day but for now it looked a good morning for parkrun. We arrived at Sandall park along with the other 217 runners, walkers and joggers to find a good turnout of volunteers adorned in their fab tabards.

Following a pre run brief from Race Director Mark we were soon heading over towards the start. It was going to be the revised route this morning with 4 and a half laps to complete the 5k distance. All I will say is everyone who completed it this morning did very well. As I think, the only one daft enough to be pushing a buggy this morning I am expecting aching shoulders tomorrow.

This weeks volunteers. Thank you - John ASHTON, Mandy ASHTON, Jennifer BARBER, Diana BARRACLOUGH, Edgar BARRACLOUGH, Stephen BARRIE, Matthew BELL, Sharon BURGIN, John DAWSON, Ruby EMMERSON, Geraint EVANS, Fiona GLEADELL, Dawn GOODINGS, David HAYDEN, Karen HAYDEN, Mark HUDSON, Shane MAUGHAN, Gillian MCCALLUM, Dawn MCMORRAN, Helen PHILLIPS, Jodi SAVAGE, Will SPECK, Christina TEMPERTON-SLEMON & Paul RHODES.

A special thank-you to little DAISY who was cheering everyone on from the corner by the play park as you came back onto the tarmac.

Remember – YOU can also volunteer to make this event happen in future weeks. PLEASE follow the link on the home page & make a difference.

So, to today’s parkrun stats…..

Milestones – it has to be said that the following are all something of Sandall Park regulars.

Reaching 10 parkruns today and gaining her white “10” shirt was Grace FISHER, following in the footsteps of brother Jake who gained his last week and Joshua BROWN who did his 12th parkrun today.

Completing their 50th parkrun today were Richard CRIDGE and Sandall Park's very own Diane BARRACLOUGH who does an incredible job as Volunteer Co-ordinator. (and pictured below!)

The 100 club got a new member this morning in Noel TUPLING.

Finally Brian JONES deserves a mention as he clocked up his 200th run here at Sandall Park.

Todaythere were 219 finishers including 12 first timers to the course. Amongst those were 6 who chose this as their first ever parkrun. A Doncaster welcome to parkrun.Hope it is one you will remember.

An incredible 12 people recorded new Personal Bests. Congratulations one & all.

The finisher with the highest age grade score today was John WILKINSON, in 6th place and 73.59%

Male placings:

Jack PELL (JM15-17) of Doncaser AC was first over the line in 19:22
Joseph WADE (SM30-34)  of Dark Peak Fell Runners Club was second over the line with a time of 19:41
Christopher MORAN (VM40-44) was third with a time of 19:52

Female placings:
Megghan WINSTANLEY (SW30-34) was the first lady over the line in a time of 24:58

Grace BLAIR (JW11-14) was second in a time of 26:13

Claire SNOWDEN-BIRD (VW35-39) was third in 26:17

Doncaster Sandall Park parkrun started on 28th September 2013, and since then 7,926 different runners have completed 58,668 runs covering a total distance of 293,340 km, and there have been 10716 Personal Bests.

Female record holder: Phillipa WILLIAMS - 17:30 - Event 312 (14/09/19)

Male record holder: Bertie HOUGHTON - 16:09 - Event 291 (20/04/19)

Age graded record holder: Kevin NEWMAN - 88.44 % - 18:27 - Event 300 (22/06/19)

This week there were  TWO UNKNOWN finishers – If you didn’t hand your token in please let one of the organisors have it back before next weeks event. Remember parkrun is free & open to everyone. All you have to do is register yourself with parkrun once & once only & then DFYB…….

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Sandall Park parkrun website

Thanks for having us.

See you all again before too long, Paul & Rachel HarrisonVolunteers 1 Volunteers 2 85021536_801402640344892_8891761254062882816_o


Doncaster parkrun name change

The first Doncaster parkrun took place on 28th September 2013, 165 people took part and 9 volunteers made the event happen. Doncaster parkrun has taken place every Saturday since (with the exception of 2 events which were cancelled due to very icy conditions which made the paths incredibly slippy) and has also been held on Christmas Day for the last 3 years. Since the first event in 2013 we have had 7,884 different people take part and 434 people volunteer. Our maximum attendance was a whopping 392 people on 1st June 2019.
Doncaster parkrun has been held at Sandall Park for the last 6 years and we couldn’t be prouder to call this wonderful place our home. The facilities are excellent with car parking, a café, toilets which are open year-round and playground facilities for our younger spectators.
On October 5th our baby sister parkrun event started in the beautiful grounds of Cusworth Hall and is proving to be a very popular and successful event.
In order to acknowledge the second parkrun location within Doncaster and in further support of our gratitude to Sandall Park, Doncaster parkrun will be changing its name to Sandall Park parkrun from Saturday 15th February. This means that the last chance to run Doncaster parkrun will be this Saturday – 8th February. Come and join us at the last Doncaster parkrun this weekend and then the first ever Sandall Park parkrun next Saturday!


Sandall Park, our home but so much more…

Sandall Park Lake parkrun

You may not be aware but 2019 was the 80th anniversary of the park opening, just before the outbreak of the Second World War. There is no doubt that there would have been a park keeper then, but nowadays it is the Friends of Sandall Park volunteers that are the eyes and ears in the park, keeping an eye on things, reporting things that aren’t right, keeping the public informed and generally ensuring the park is developed and nurtured to a high standard. It is in constant use every day of the year by dog walkers; runners & walkers; for fitness; cycling; angling; playing; picnics and events. It’s a great value for money destination – because it’s all free. The last year has been challenging in terms of volunteering for them, with several founding members who are no longer fit enough for one reason or another to be hands on with the work. The Friends of Sandall Park volunteers even clean the public toilets on a daily basis to ensure they remain open.

As parkrunners we use the park weekly, we take the toilets for granted, and don’t really give any thought to our surroundings. We have in the past contributed by raising the funds for the Defibrillator and more recently provided funding for the Quiet Garden but in truth the park needs regular volunteers to help with litter picking, painting, repairs, etc.

If any of you live locally and can spare any time why not consider giving the Friends of Sandall Park a few hours of your time. Alternatively they have a monthly draw to raise funds so considering joining up to their ‘100 Club’. Everything you need to know is on their website or search for them on facebook.

They have just published their annual report which will give you more of an insight into what they do and have achieved, remember Sandall Park is a Green Flag Award winner!

Finally, a huge thank you to all the Friends of Sandall Park volunteers, you have not just transformed the park but also people’s lives. Thank you.


An amazingly generous gift

On Christmas Day, whilst the parkrun was taking place a gentleman came up to one of our volunteers and handed them an envelope asking if they could pass it on to the Run Director that day, Jodi. This person then walked away and seeming disappeared and we have no idea who he is!
The message on the envelope reads;
"Please accept this anonymous donation from a very appreciative parkrunner. Thank you to all the Hi-Viz heroes for your dedication every week in bringing so much pleasure to so many.
Please buy some equipment that will help you out and keep Doncaster parkrun as one of the best and on the map for years to come."
Upon opening the envelope it contained £300.
To this incredibly generous person, we wish we knew who you are so we could shake your hand and say thank you. Your generosity is overwhelming and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your gift. Thank you so very much.


Event 323 : Saturday 30th November 2019 : The Frozen One!

No rain forecast for this Saturday and on arriving at Sandall Park at 8am it was a stunningly beautiful morning, cold, frosty and brilliant sunshine, so what could possibly go wrong!!
The heavy rain of the last few weeks was still running off the little hill near the finish and had frozen across the path making it dangerously slippy but a 100 metre detour on the grass would by-pass that, no problem. Went to the lock-up where all our kit is stored and the lock had frozen solid! Cue 10 minutes of increasingly desperate attempts to get the lock open, all to no avail!!!
So, today was the parkrun that we probably should have cancelled but in truth it showed the true spirit of parkrun, we all mucked in together and put on a superb event which I hope all 218 parkrunners enjoyed (although I'd like to tell the 24 first timers we are usually more organised - honest!).
Dawn was Run Director for the very first time, assisted by Event Director Mark. Luckily the Hi-Viz bibs had been taken home for washing so we marked the course out using bibs laid on the floor and with Marshal's out on the course guiding parkrunners around the route. With the ice at the finish we even had to move the finish 20 metres but couldn't mark it out so we used shopping bags (don't ask).
I would love to thank all the volunteers today, they went way beyond what is expected of them but I think in a strange way we all enjoyed it. We have never been thanked so much when people were finishing for not cancelling when that would have been the sensible thing to do.
Most of all though we'd like to thank you, our parkrunners, who ran, walked and jogged our strange course, I really hope you enjoyed it.
Also a massive thank you and well done to the lads from Doncaster Rovers junior teams who ran with us today. What an absolute credit to their parents, coaches and the entire club, you should be exceptionally proud of these young men, we'd be delighted to see you all again at some point.
Ben Elliott also joined us today and offered free massage treatment to parkrunners, I hope you all took advantage!
And finally thanks to Gary Flack and Chris Cull who were taking photos, Chris will post his later this weekend and the link to Gary's photos is here. Thanks Gary and Chris for your efforts, we really appreciate it.
So, in summary, a crazy morning and one not to be repeated, but it was amazing what we achieved! Well done everyone 

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