Vitamin Sea at Seaton parkrun

Run Report #138

My Saturday mornings are usually parkrun orientated, but this morning was a little different. Having travelled from the midlands, where I am Event Director at the Isabel Trail parkrun, I had the absolute pleasure of running at Seaton parkrun today.

My parkrun running opportunities are few and far between as I’m usually on hand volunteering, so when we arranged a family weekend away, naturally I searched the local area to find the nearest parkrun! I guess being the ED that I am, I couldn’t help but check the roster to find out if there was a role I could help with that would fit in with my run. Of course volunteering tourism is welcomed just as much as tourists are to run.

There is something about running by the sea that feels so wonderful that I find it difficult to describe, it’s more than just the beautiful views, the pebble beach, the white cliffs and the sound of the waves crashing on the pebbles. It’s the dose of Vitamin Sea that is so refreshing for your body and the mind.

As well as the noise of waves crashing on the pebbles this morning, there were 229 participants coming to run jog and walk the beach and Esplanade at Seaton. I was utterly blown away by the sound created by all those pairs of feet as the RD announced the start of Event #138! It can only be described as a combination of some kind of huge thunderous noise vs a monsoon style rainfall on a greenhouse roof!

The RD announced a few pacers would be on the course, so huge thanks to Matt, Keith and Rob for your efforts to motivate us parkrunners. On the finish stretch, I spotted the 26 bib on Keith and it gave me the little burst I needed to try a sprint through to the finish.

A number of well wishes and milestones were celebrated this week. Ruth Moore and Janette Mack had their 50th parkruns and Martin Owen his 100th Seaton parkrun, and a Happy Birthday to Oscar who was celebrating his 11th birthday.

A huge thanks to all the volunteers that made this week’s event possible and to everyone who made me feel welcome at Seaton. I can’t wait to come back and run with you again in the future.

Gemma Phillips, Event Director at Isabel Trail parkrun in Stafford