Lockdown2 Challenge: M.A.D Mile A Day

Who fancies a challenge to help them stay active and get through Lockdown 2?
How about running, jogging or walking a Mile A Day (MAD)
To help you we've put together a suggested timetable with a challenge a day. Do adapt it to your location/area.

We'd love to hear about your triumphs, a photo of how you get on; help inspire others and let's all encourage each other.

Here's a timetable:

Date Run (or jog or walk) a Mile A Day (MAD)
Thursday 5th November …. from your front door and back as a warm up for what’s to come. If you live at the top of a hill perhaps walk down it first

Friday 6th November …. with a member of your household or your dog perhaps?

parkrun day 7th November …. parkrun day so run to the seafront and back. If that’s not a mile add a bit!

Sunday 8th November …. past 6 postboxes

Monday 9th November …. to/through the woods

Tuesday 10th November …. including a hill. Doesn’t have to be a big hill.

Wednesday 11th November …. wearing red for Remembrance

Thursday 12th November …. including passing the football club, the cricket club and if you’re up for it the entrance to the golf club

Friday 13th November …. sofa shuffle. Time to rest and reflect on how well you’ve done!

parkrun day 14th November …. parkrun day so include a section of beach. Doesn’t have to be a long section!

Sunday 15th November …. in the evening to make the most of the full moon. Be sure to wear some high vis!

Monday 16th November …. through the wetlands and back

Tuesday 17th November …. include some speed work on the seafront. Run as fast as you can to the first lamppost and then walk/jog to the next. Repeat to the end of the seafront

Wednesday 18th November …. through the Roman ruins field. Don’t forget to read the interpretation board and pretend you’re a Roman.

Thursday 19th November …. to Seaton Tramway, do a circuit of Thierry Harcourt place, and around Seaton Jurassic’s amphitheatre circle

Friday 20th November …. re-do the first mile you did and compare. Are you improving?

parkrun day 21st November …. parkrun day so run to the seafront and around the Spot On kiosk twice! Maybe wear your Contra or Apricot

Sunday 22nd November …. to St Gregory’s, the Methodist church, the Crossroad Centre, the URC and St Augustine’s

Monday 23rd November …. to Cliff Field Gardens, run around it twice

Tuesday 24th November …. have a day off and rest! Think about how well you’re doing.

Wednesday 25th November …. double up! Tackle 2 miles today

Thursday 26th November …. tourism! To Colyford

Friday 27th November …. more tourism. To Axmouth.

parkrun day 28th November …. parkrun day so include two sections of beach at least and wear Apricot or a milestone Tee

Sunday 29th November …. take your route up the New Beer Road, turn around when you’ve had enough of up

Monday 30th November …. wearing blue and white for St Andrews Day

Tuesday 1st December …. wearing red for World Aids Day. Back to normal tomorrow? Why not keep up your daily mile forever?


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