Sun and wind

Run Report #129

Deciding on an appropriate outfit for running Seaton parkrun #129 was difficult. The sun was shining and the forecast good, but with Storm Hannah looming and parkruns across the south being cancelled left right and centre due to the forecast high winds how would Seaton fair?

As 172 of us gathered on the esplanade many were regretting our vests and short sleeves. What a contrast to last week!

This was my third Seaton parkrun as I’m a visitor from Ashton Court, Bristol. Ashton Court has 100m of elevation so I was looking forward to a nice flat run. I’d deliberately avoided telling the Bristol friends who accompanied me about running on pebbles, I left it as a surprise!

We congregated on the beach for the briefing. A big welcome to the 29 runners tackling Seaton parkrun for the first time including visitors from Stafford, Leamington and Scotland. Huge congratulations to Cc, a junior running her 50th parkrun, complete with special t shirt and giraffe puppet. What an awesome achievement!

The strong wind didn’t deter the nine parkrunners achieving a pb. I was really pleased to be amongst them.

Scott Civil was first finisher in 19:41, closely followed by first junior Finlay Downes in 19:53. First woman was Marie Droniou-Bordry, a first timer completing the course in a very impressive 22:15.

As visitors from another parkrun we were really impressed by the huge span of ages of those taking part, the friendliness of the runners and the delicious breakfast in Pebbles afterwards. We will be back!

Amanda Halford


The windy one with some super stats!

Run Report #118

On a chilly and very windy February morning, 164 hardy parkrunners and 31 amazing volunteers gathered on the seafront for Seaton parkrun number 118.

When I was chatting to one of the marshals before the start, he expressed surprise that I would drive an hour to run Seaton parkrun rather than take part closer to home. I think it's more than worth the effort, as it's difficult to think of a more uplifting experience. Quite apart from the stunning backdrop, Seaton is such a friendly parkrun and the encouragement of the volunteers is second to none.

My husband, who was spectating (one day I'll get him to run) summed it up by pointing out a lady to me (dark pink top - you know who you are) who he said had been running with a big smile on her face the whole way. In my opinion, that's just how Seaton parkrun makes you feel! That said, I had to be reminded to turn the frown upside down once or twice today as I tackled that headwind - it was quite tough at times wasn't it? But it also felt great as it pushed us along from behind in the other direction. It could have been worse if the weather forecast earlier in the week had been anything to go by; at least the worst of it was out of the way by this morning.

It's wonderful to see Seaton Town Council being so supportive of parkrun. This week they donated £850 which is going to be used in a variety of ways to ensure the continuing success of the event.

Today, we had 17 people experiencing the magic of Seaton parkrun for the first time (and also the pebbles - tee hee), of whom six were doing their first ever parkrun. Well done to Max, Jonathan, Sam, Daniel, Sarah and Sue for choosing Seaton. Hope to see you back here soon.

We had tourists from Plymouth, Buckinghamshire and Frome.

There were two people celebrating their 50th parkrun today.
Simon Coffin was on his first visit to Seaton; lovely you chose us for your special milestone. Sam Eyre of Axe Valley Runners, on the other hand, has done the majority of his 50 runs at Seaton. Samuel Glenn achieved his milestone 10.

Congratulations to you all ; enjoy wearing your special milestone T shirts.

There were 14 well earned PBs. Well done to all of you in those conditions, but a special mention should go to Freddie McMahon in the JM10 category who got a PB on his 36th parkrun - and he has run all of them at Seaton. His time of 24:17 is more than 8 minutes faster than his first ever run here. Great stuff Freddie!

There was some pleasing symmetry amongst the first finishers today.
1st male and female over the pebble line were Adam Hennessey (18.33) of Honiton RC and Emilie Padmore (21:36) also of Honiton RC.

2nd male and female were Wayne Loveridge (18:39) of Chard RRC and Stevie Potter (22:25) also of Chard RRC

3rd male and female were Simon Dimmock (18:56) of Axe Valley Runners and Kerry Board (23:39), also of Axe Valley Runners.

That would have made a pleasing podium photo, with each man and lady being in the same club kit. Or maybe that thought only appeals to strange people like me! Well done to all of you for the close contest and the amazingly fast times in the wind.

Another quirky stat I liked was that Louis Dann Dumousseau was in 23rd place with a time of 23:23

Best age grades went to David Bates with 73.38% and Antonia Goddard with 72.21%. Well done both; brilliant running.

Stats aside, well done to each and every runner today and a huge thank you to the volunteers - without volunteers none of us would be able to run. Do think about giving it a go if you haven't already.

Back again next week - the beauty of parkrun; it's weekly! See you all then.

Paula Summerfield Walters


The one that broke the attendance record!

Run Report #112

The 112th staging of Seaton parkrun saw a new record turnout of 284 runners complete the seafront course. Nine people chose the final run of 2018 to run their first ever parkrun. Well done to them and welcome to the wonderful world of parkrun!

A massive 82 parkrunners were new to Seaton, with the holiday season swelling the numbers, with visitors from London, Essex, Oxfordshire and God's own county of Yorkshire. And 47 runners benefitted from the mild weather conditions to record new personal bests. Congratulations to them.

This was the first time I have run at Seaton, the 201st different parkrun course I have completed. It offered stunning views both westwards and eastwards and I can state that it is the first time I have run along a beach of any kind! It certainly made for an interesting few hundred
metres every now and then. Everything went like clockwork due to the enthusiastic volunteers.

The first three men across the line were Simon Dimmock in 17:59, a new PB; Colin Davies in 18:32, also a PB; and Adam Hennessy in 18:38.

The first three women to finish were Anita Mellodew in 21:00
followed by first-timer, Victoria Plummer in 21:09 with
Eleanor Wood third in 21:31 which equates to a simply magnificent 90.16 % age grade. This places her second on the all-time list for Seaton parkrun and only the second occasion on which the 90% barrier has been broken. Phenomenal running.

So 2018 ends on a high for Seaton parkrun, and we wish you all the best for a successful 2019 and beyond.

John Broom A13846
Dawn Broom A13845

Thank you John and Dawn for this lovely run report and choosing Seaton parkrun for your last parkrun of 2018.

Photos from our resident snapper, Diana. Thank you for all the pictures throughout the year.

Remember we are not holding a New Year's Day parkrun in Seaton so enjoy your lie in or parkrun tourism and we look forward to seeing you in 2019. Happy New Year!


Wild and wonderful!

Run Report #107

Greetings all my lovely fellow Seaton parkrunners!

What a week of weather we've had thrown at us - it's been wet, it's been windy, it's been...... foamy. This could have been an amazing new parkrun feature had it lasted a couple more days. Thanks to all the amazing volunteers who worked so hard clearing debris from the esplanade yesterday so that we could run today. All 146 of us who ran, jogged or walked the free timed event thank and applaud you.
Thank you also to all 38 volunteers today. parkrun could not happen without volunteers, so do think about giving it a go if you haven't already.

Although I drove through rain and floods to get to Seaton today, don't laugh when I say I actually thought the weather wasn't too bad in the end. It was definitely windy, but not too cold - and the forecast rain held off.
The huge crashing waves were an absolutely fantastic sight and sound (although they did make it a challenge for barcode scanning!). I did gulp a bit at whether we were all going to get washed away in the beach finish, but the team were as laid back as ever with our RD nonchalantly saying oh; we may just have to move the finish funnel a bit. Go Seaton parkrun team! Nothing fazes you!

The first parkrun of December saw a plethora of milestones:

Celebrating his 100th parkrun was Adrian Crook. Congratulations Adrian; that's a brilliant achievement.
Celebrating their 50th parkrun were:
Charlie Moon (Hailsham Harriers) with a PB of 22.20. Well done Charlie.
Ceri Williams, Mark Day, Kerry Board and Sam Summers (Axe Valley Runners) will also soon be proudly sporting their red 50 t shirts. Congratulations to you all, and well done for holding on to your balloon right to the end!

We welcomed tourists from Petersfield, Portsmouth, Reading, Hailsham, Wolverhampton and Derby. We hope you all had a great time. There were 18 first timers to Seaton today, of whom six were doing their first ever parkrun. Welcome to the parkrun family and we hope you will be back soon for more of our lovely pebbles.

The first male finishers today were:
1. James Campbell in 18:19
2. Unknown #DFYB!!!!!!
3. Adam Hennessey 18:38

It was also very close between the top 3 ladies:

1. Sue Hayes in 22:11
2. Joanna Hawkins 22:17
3. Jennifer Marchant 22:50 (PB)

Best age grades:
Karl Hodson with 78.86% and a PB of 19.00 and
Angela Kerr (both of Axe Valley Runners) with 75.92% and a time of 25.18
Fantastic stats - congratulations.

Well done to all of you speedy runners. It's a privilege to see you flying along ahead from further back in the field. Also very well done to the 22 people who bagged new PBs today. Congratulations though to every single finisher today, no matter what your time. You all ran 5K!!!

Now we all have to wait until next Saturday for the joy that is parkrun day, but at least we know it will be worth waiting for. Wishing you all a good week.

Paula Summerfield Walters (A1227514)


No such thing as bad weather…

Run Report #106
By Katy Campbell from Honiton RC

I have to confess that the forecast made me think twice about getting out of bed this morning (oh the shame!). However, the weather gods were kind for once and, although you could barely see the sea through the murk, we experienced only a light mizzle. Some might even say the conditions were ideal for running, and I did indeed remove my coat at the halfway point! Mostly due to poor clothing choices - one marshall did say I looked far too happy, but that’s the joy of parkrun, nothing to do with my effort levels, honest.

There were lots of excellent performances of course, starting with first female finisher Polly Dixon, who smashed it in a rather speedy 21:52, coming home 10th overall. Second female home was Emilie Tones from Honiton RC (woo!) in
22:25, and in third was Joanna Hawkins from Pure Endurance
Triathletes, in 24:05. First junior girl was Eva Jeffries from the JW10 category, who set a new PB of 26:05. Very well done!

First finisher also went to a Pure Endurance Triathlete, Ritchie Durrant, who completed his first parkrun in 18:12, closely pursued by Adam Hennessy from Honiton RC (woo!) in 18:28. Third went to James Glennie, in a new PB of 19:14. First junior was Lucca Molloy, setting another PB of 23:28. Great running, guys!

Our top age-graded performer this week was Janet Cullum, recording a score of 77.55%. I note that she was also top last week, with a very similar score, good stuff!

You’re all champions in my book though, and it was great to see 157 people leaving their warm beds and joining us for some pebble-dashed fun. We had 24 first timers and 31 PBs, but special mention must go to Ginny Newman who reached her 50 milestone today! Hooray for the red t-shirt!

It was a real treat for me to come back to Seaton after an absence of over a year, made especially lovely thanks to meeting up with my friend Emilie, who I last saw at West Coast Park parkrun in Singapore in February. That’s about the only similarity between the two events, other than the wonderful parkrun atmosphere of course! Phew, that was a
hot one, I think I prefer the mizzle…..

Thanks as ever to all of our wonderful volunteers who put this event on for us, and see you again soon!



Today's report (no 105) has been compiled by Paula Summerfield Walters A1227514

Hello all my lovely fellow Seaton parkrunners!

Although a bit overcast and breezy down on the seafront (and a lot colder than some of us expected), the weather decided to behave itself after the wild conditions of last week. 177 parkrunners gathered to enjoy their free, weekly, timed run/jog/walk - with, as far as I'm concerned, the huge bonus of a beach finish (wonder who agrees?).

We welcomed 30 first timers, of whom 13 chose Seaton for their first ever parkrun. Welcome to the parkrun family; we hope you had a great time and will be back for more of our lovely pebbles.

There were 38 PBs - congratulations to you all, but also well done to each and every participant.

Hello to the lady I met in the car park from Buckingham and her companions from Watford. Hope you had a great time. We also had visitors from Cornwall, Colchester, Peterborough, Croydon and Bristol.

When I heard, just over two years ago, that Seaton (my favourite place in the whole world) was getting a parkrun (my favourite thing to do) I was, as you can imagine, really excited - and I feel hugely privileged to have been at the very first one. It truly was a pearl of a day in my life and I think the main reason for that was the enthusiasm of all the volunteers that day. What's remarkable is that that enthusiasm has never dulled; you always know there is going to be an incredible atmosphere and huge encouragement at Seaton parkrun. So I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the core team and all the volunteers for turning out week after week, in all weathers, to make Seaton parkrun happen. Special thanks to the 29 volunteers today.

Just when you thought Seaton parkrun could not get any better, today's RD, David Sadler - along with his wife Susi (both stalwarts of the core team) only presented us with the Incredibell!! It's to be rung in celebration if you get a PB or (a bonus for me at least, as my PB is already nearly a year old) just if you have had a great time - well; I WILL get to ring it then! Such a lovely idea, as a way of recognising what Seaton parkrun has meant to you both, so many thanks for that. And, even better, we can now officially say that Seaton parkrun is INCREDIBELL !!

I'd like to give a special shout out to regular young runner Cecelia, whose storming beach finish brought a tear to my eye. Then I heard her Mum say she had fallen early on in the run, which made it even more brilliant. Well done Cece; you're a superstar!!

Here are the stats for those who like them:

First finisher today was Dan Alsop in 16.09, a PB. Dan also had the highest age grade of 83.9%. Amazing stats and well done Dan.
Next home was Nick Di Paolo, a first timer to Seaton, in 18:02. Congratulations Nick.
3rd runner was unknown. #DFYB!

First woman over the pebble line was Joanna Hawkins in 21:59 with Chloe Burridge hot on her heels in second, with a PB of 22:04
Rachael Moss was not far behind in third, with 22.10.
Congratulations to all three!

The highest female age grading went to Janet Cullum, with an amazing 77.6%. Well done Janet.

See you all again next week for more fun on the pebbles 


Birthday fun in the rain

Birthday fun in the rain

The waves shaped the shore for Seaton parkrun's second anniversary today but 160 determined runners from 17 clubs braved King Neptune, three heavy downpours, high winds and a thunderstorm to complete the course.

Wayne Loveridge (Chard RRC) and Rachael Moss were first male and female to finish in 18:00 and 23:13. First on age grade was Kevin Hawker with 73.68% for his 19:15 finish. Despite the inclement weather, the run included 19 first timers and 14 new PBs.

Special birthday guest, para-athlete David Hill brought a dash of Paralympic glamour, finishing 7th (21:41) and setting a new course record for "Seaton parkrunner Featuring in Most Selfies."

In a post-run birthday party at Pebbles, prizes were awarded to Marilyn Hughes, Sue Venn, Emma Richardson, Paula Youens and Diana Lloyd for topping the volunteering chart in the last year. A special family prize was also awarded to the Slade Family for exemplifying what parkrun is all about.

Big thanks go to Pebbles for the birthday cake and our usual post parkrun welcome.

Finally today could not have happened without our army of volunteers who swept, shovelled, mopped up, and then endured all the elements the weather gods throw at us, while still smiling and cheering on the runners.

See you all next week!


Christmas and New Year 2018

We are pleased to let you know we will be holding a Christmas Day parkrun again with a 9am start.

There will be NO Seaton parkrun on New Year's Day.


Storm Callum Fails to Stop Seaton’s 100th parkrun

Last Saturday (13 October) saw the 100th Seaton parkrun. This free, weekly, timed 5k has been taking place on the seafront every Saturday since November 2016 and the occasional storm has provided the organisers with a few challenges over the months. None as difficult as Storm Callum last weekend which deposited a lot of the beach on West Walk on Friday and threatened to add to it during the gale force winds and high tide on Saturday morning. Undaunted the Seaton parkrun core team decided to reroute the run using just East Walk.

An amazing 176 hardy parkrunners turned up to run, jog or walk the new route and to celebrate the 100th Seaton parkrun. Battling the wind did not deter locals and visitors alike and we even welcomed 22 newcomers who hadn't previously taken part here. Prizes were awarded to those with the most Seaton parkruns under their belts - The Churchill family, Rachel, Evelyn, Lila and Dean, who between them have chalked up 245 runs an average of more than 61 each; Julie Haines who took the prize for most runs by a woman with 67; John Mellodew and Martin Owen jointly completing 67 runs each; and under 11s Oliver Hawkins, 42 runs, and Cecelia Davies, 37, receiving the boy's and girl's prizes. Our most senior participant (from the comfort of a bench by the finish line) known fondly has "full English" Earnest received a prize for turning out to cheer whatever the weather.

Celebratory cake was kindly provided by Pebbles Cafe and Susi Sadler. Axe Valley Pedallers joined us to celebrate and to repeat their "Run like Froome". A good time was had by all despite the blustery conditions.

Co-event directors Tony Smith and Carol Austin declared themselves to be as proud as punch at the fabulous turnout and the wonderful team of volunteers who make this event possible every Saturday.


The parkrun with everything

Run Report #91
As we wend our way towards our 100th parkrun at Seaton yesterday's 91st event really captured the spirit of parkrun. We welcomed 174 participants, a fantastic number given the unseasonably wet, misty and cold weather.

A huge 55 were first timers to Seaton parkrun and amongst these were three who can only be described as parkrun Royalty! Firstly, John Woods wearing his blue 500 T shirt (only 25 of those have been issued to date) for this, his 570th parkrun. Also here for a spot of parkrun tourism were Rosemary Egbe completing her 280th (yes 280th) parkrun in a different location and Carol Muir completing her 248th different parkrun. Rosemary and Carol hold the first and third spots in the women’s league table of parkrunners who’ve visited huge numbers of parkruns in different locations. I’m in awe at what you three have achieved. Will I ever wear a blue 500 T shirt? At my current rate I’ll be about 104 when that happens!

Amazingly this week we had some 20 parkrunners who have completed 100 or more parkruns.

Our first VI runner, Helen Davies, came back for her second visit to Seaton parkrun and this time our ED, Carol Austin volunteered to be her guide with Helen securing a PB.

Local runner, Finlay reached his 10th run milestone. Congratulations Finlay!

First man home was Nick Wicks from Stratford upon Avon in 18:06 and first woman was Rachael Moss in 22:17. The best age grade was recorded by Kevin Fahey, 78.49%, who also claimed a PB. The best age graded woman today was local runner Angela Kerr in 75.63% who was also celebrating her birthday today proving that adding a year can be a positive benefit! The day after his seventh birthday, Matthew celebrated his seventh parkrun with a PB.

Amongst the 34 PBs recorded were Paul Lloyd, Jess Tubbs, Sarah Shipley and Diane Newton who are all members of our local club Axe Valley Runners.

As ever our parkrun can only take place if we have sufficient volunteers to keep everyone safe so a big well deserved thank you to all the volunteers who were quite wet by the end but were still smiling.

Afterwards we all dried out with the traditional post parkrun coffee at Pebbles cafe who kindly provided a birthday cake surprise for Angela, Matthew and two other stalwart volunteers, Alison and Emma who also celebrated birthdays this week.

It was definitely a day for spreading the parkrun love!

Lesley (A92879)