Seaton parkrun is cancelled on 2021-06-26 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Christmas 2019

The core team has decided to organise a Christmas Day parkrun again - usual start time of 0900 hours.

What better way to start your Christmas Day than with your parkrun family.  We will need volunteers to make it happen so please let us know if you can help:

We will NOT be holding a parkrun on New Year's Day.  Opportunity for tourism or a lie-in!



On behalf of Seaton parkrun Core Team


The soggy one!

Run Report #153 

On a wet October Saturday morning, 180 parkrunners chose not to stay in their nice warm beds. Then they chose not to stay at home and have their minds boggled as Eliud Kipchoge ran the first ever sub 2 hour marathon (1:59:40)

Instead they assembled on Seaton seafront, feeling glad that at least the high winds of yesterday had abated. Then they ran, jogged or walked a free, timed 5K and felt great! 
One even came from as far afield as Western Australia. Twenty clubs were represented.
At the last minute, they could have chosen not to. But the 34 volunteers who were on the roster had no such choice, as they knew parkrun couldn't happen without them. Thank you all you amazing people for getting up earlier still, standing around in the rain, and being as encouraging as always.  

As we sheltered in the glamorous setting of the toilet block before kick off, some of us had a discussion about which is best - beach start or beach finish.

Whether start or finish straight - 33 intrepid people experienced the Seaton pebbles for the first time today. Nine of those were doing their first ever parkrun. Welcome to the parkrun family, and thank you for choosing Seaton for your debut.

We also had two people choosing Seaton on the occasion of their 100th parkrun. Great choice, and many congratulations to Jon Holmes (who also ran a PB) and Matt Moore. I've heard it said that black really suits you both, which is just as well.

Darwin ran his 10th parkrun in the JM10 category.
Well done young man for also getting a PB, in a very impressive time of 25:42. The white t shirt is going to look especially good with your lovely smile.

In all there were 26 PBs - well done everyone; I've sadly forgotten what that feels like.

Vienna may have hosted Eliud Kipchoge, but Seaton saw Wayne Loveridge of Chard RRC finish first today in 17:56 - pretty impressive stuff too.
Simon Dimmock of Axe Valley Runners was not far behind in 18:27.
Third was Matthew Orsman with a new PB of 19:12. Well done.

1st lady, and 5th overall, was Ellen Keast in an impressive time of 20:37.
Next in, in 23:13, was Rachael Moss - followed by Helen Webb of Desford Striders. Helen ran 24:49 on her first visit to Seaton.
Well done all, and I think you all agreed you prefer the beach finish? Oops, another fib!

Highest age grade today went to Diana Burn with 74.09%
Antonia Goddard was only a shade behind with 74.00%
Very well done, but well done to every single person who crossed the line today - we all covered the same distance.

Special congratulations to group from Axe Valley Runners Couch to 5K group. They haven't even completed the programme yet and they're already tackling Seaton parkrun


Seaton parkrun family to the fore

We feel this Run Report #150 from Paula is absolutely spot on. We hope you agree.

Today, I was on the roster to write the run report for Seaton's 150th milestone parkrun. I expected to be analysing stats such as finish positions and age grades.

Instead, I am reflecting on how very upsetting it was to see one of our parkrun family taken so ill. I've had a similar experience within my own family and it is so shocking and distressing. Family is everything, and I fervently hope our parkrunner makes a full and speedy recovery.

Susi spoke very movingly at the start about what Seaton parkrun has meant to her. It's probably hard for non parkrunners or non spectators to understand, but it IS a family and that was certainly made very clear today. I hope that brings some comfort.

I met some lovely members of the parkrun family on the beach - hello to the couple from the Forest of Dean and the lady from Bromsgrove. I know there were also visitors from Manchester, Buckingham, Bournemouth, Southsea, Taunton and Weymouth. Hope I remembered everyone. Thank you for visiting Seaton today and hope you will return.
I don't know if the parkrunning Doctor who was alongside me during the run was one of those visitors, but I am so glad you were there today and that you were in the right place at the right time. I know there were other parkrunning medical professionals quickly on the scene too.

I hope no one finds it inappropriate if I congratulate Sarah Herfet, Howard Bidmead and Benjamin Barrell on their 50th parkrun milestones. Milestones pale into insignificance today really, but it is nevertheless a significant moment in a parkrunner's life and a great achievement.

Above all, I want to say that I think the Seaton core team and all the volunteers deserve high praise for the calm and collected way in which they responded to a situation today which everyone hopes they will never have to face. I think we can all agree that it's a slick operation at the best of times, but so reassuring to see it move up yet another gear at the worst of times.

It was wonderful to see how quickly the air ambulance arrived. I don't think I'm the only one to be amazed that it could land on pebbles. There was certainly no doubt in my mind where my charity token was going in Tesco today. To everyone else involved today, what you all did was truly humbling.

To my fellow parkrunner: I'm rooting for you, and sending love and best wishes to you and your family. Sincerely wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

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Vitamin Sea at Seaton parkrun

Run Report #138

My Saturday mornings are usually parkrun orientated, but this morning was a little different. Having travelled from the midlands, where I am Event Director at the Isabel Trail parkrun, I had the absolute pleasure of running at Seaton parkrun today.

My parkrun running opportunities are few and far between as I’m usually on hand volunteering, so when we arranged a family weekend away, naturally I searched the local area to find the nearest parkrun! I guess being the ED that I am, I couldn’t help but check the roster to find out if there was a role I could help with that would fit in with my run. Of course volunteering tourism is welcomed just as much as tourists are to run.

There is something about running by the sea that feels so wonderful that I find it difficult to describe, it’s more than just the beautiful views, the pebble beach, the white cliffs and the sound of the waves crashing on the pebbles. It’s the dose of Vitamin Sea that is so refreshing for your body and the mind.

As well as the noise of waves crashing on the pebbles this morning, there were 229 participants coming to run jog and walk the beach and Esplanade at Seaton. I was utterly blown away by the sound created by all those pairs of feet as the RD announced the start of Event #138! It can only be described as a combination of some kind of huge thunderous noise vs a monsoon style rainfall on a greenhouse roof!

The RD announced a few pacers would be on the course, so huge thanks to Matt, Keith and Rob for your efforts to motivate us parkrunners. On the finish stretch, I spotted the 26 bib on Keith and it gave me the little burst I needed to try a sprint through to the finish.

A number of well wishes and milestones were celebrated this week. Ruth Moore and Janette Mack had their 50th parkruns and Martin Owen his 100th Seaton parkrun, and a Happy Birthday to Oscar who was celebrating his 11th birthday.

A huge thanks to all the volunteers that made this week’s event possible and to everyone who made me feel welcome at Seaton. I can’t wait to come back and run with you again in the future.

Gemma Phillips, Event Director at Isabel Trail parkrun in Stafford


Run Report #131 – the sunny one!

Our regular visitor, Paula Summerfield Walters has written another super report:

What a particularly glorious day for a parkrun in Seaton!
Although I have been willing to parkrun in Seaton in all weathers, as I arrived today to vibrant blue skies, a bit of a breeze, and the sun sparkling on the sea, I have to say my little heart was positively singing.

Call me a big softy (or a woman of a certain age most probably) but I invariably find myself getting a bit emotional at Seaton parkrun because; well - I love Seaton and I love parkrun. Sometimes the emotion comes on the drive down, sometimes during the run - but today that moment came as 177 of us waited with anticipation on the beach and were welcomed to Seaton parkrun number 131. I was glad I had my sunglasses on to hide the tears that came to my eyes. (It has turned into full on sobbing in the past, so you got off lightly today)

I guess I can probably be called a parkrun butterfly these days as there isn't one in my home town. We're becoming spoilt for choice when it comes to parkruns in Devon, but I'm drawn back time and time again to Seaton - it's just such a wonderful setting and a great atmosphere, with brilliant volunteers. I did find the two ladies at the Spot On Kiosk particularly encouraging today - thank you; exactly what was needed JBPS (just before pebble stint) and JPPS (just post pebble stint)

Today, there were 36 people running Seaton parkrun for the first time, of whom 12 were doing their first ever parkrun. Welcome to the parkrun family - hope you enjoyed it and that your legs have stopped feeling like jelly after running on pebbles!

We had visitors all the way from Melbourne (wow), Banbury, Cheltenham (hurrah - land of my fathers) and even Cranbrook in Exeter. Great travelling all.

There were no milestones today, but 23 amazing people secured themselves a new PB. Well done all - great stuff.
I was particularly impressed that Haydn Boehm got a PB of 22:34 on his 31st run at Seaton, especially as (and I'm not one to gossip) I notice he also got a PB last week. I'm hoping he might have some tips, as I've run a similar number of times in Seaton but my own PB is positively ancient and stubbornly refusing to be beaten.

Which leads me on to the far speedier people than myself at the front. Today's first parkrunner was unknown (dfyb) with Joe Twomey of Dulwich Runners AC taking 2nd place with a PB of 18:24 - well done Joe. Adam Hennessy of Honiton RC was 3rd, in 19:18.

It was really close amongst the ladies, with Emma Elston of Cambridge University Hare & Hounds the first lady home in 22:17. Chloe Burridge was not far behind her in 22:37, with Kerry Board of Axe Valley Runners third in 22:54.

Andrew West, of Axe Valley Runners, had the top age grade of 71.93%, with a time of 22.30. Well done Andrew.
Second on age grade was Tracy Atherton, on her first visit to Seaton but on her 215th parkrun, 71.67% with a time of 23:07. Amazing stats Tracy!

However, congratulations must go to each and every finisher today - no matter what the time, we all covered the same distance