Seven Fields parkrun is cancelled on 8 August 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Run Report – Event 17 – 14th March 2020

start 14th

On this day in 2018 we lost one of the greatest minds of the 20th and 21st century Stephen Hawking. Some of Hawking’s best-known work is around black holes (in particular around radiation emitted from them “Hawking radiation”). With a lot of the news this week it feels a bit like we are all staring into a rather bleak black hole; if whilst staring into said hole anyone spots the Seven Fields ‘A’ Course could they let the core team know as it’s still missing…

Of course, our thanks goes out to the core team and volunteers every week; but this week in particular their community spirit has gone beyond so thank you, not just the additional work that has go in to make the event as safe for us as is possible but also the time that has gone in following updates from parkrun HQ and Public Health England and disseminating them. Please keep an eye on the Seven Field Facebook page and the parkrun website to keep updated on whether Seven Fields will be on in future weeks with this ever-evolving situation.


Thank you to the 24 volunteers who made the event possible:

Cheryl HEYNE • Sean GRAY • Dawn Iola CHAPPELL • Becky LAFFORD • Greg WELLS • Philip JEFFERIES • Phil GRIFFITHS • Nigel SLUMAN • Rob JAMES • Alex WELLS • Julie WELLS • James BOOTH • Janet JEFFERIES • Susan BENTLEY • Craig HALLETT • Eddy BAMBER • Isaac BENTLEY • Mandy WETHERELL • Mark TILLING • Noah SLUMAN • Annie WILLERTON • Jack TILLING • Katie WOODFORD • Morgan BURN

Congratulations go to Jack Tilling and Isaac Bentley who both completed their Duke of Edinburgh’s award (a youth awards programme founded by the Duke of Edinburgh in 1956) in part through volunteering at parkrun.

Thanks also to Isaac Bentley and Brian Davies for the donation of big bags of Jelly Babies, sadly for the meantime the decision has been taken to forego the jelly babies at the end of parkrun for safety reasons, they will be quarantined until such time it is safe for them to reappear.

Clearly word of the Jelly Babies situation had spread as numbers were a little lower than usual (but still a good turn-out) with 86 of us running, jogging and walking the course. Of those 86 over a quarter  (23)  were first timers to Seven Fields including Kevin Russell completing his first ever parkrun, no doubt encouraged by (I assume is a relative) Scarlett Russell completing her second ever parkrun, well done Kevin and Scarlett keep up the great work. Nearly a third of the field (28) recorded new Personal Bests, incredible percentage, well done all.

 Jo selfie

One of those recording a Personal Best was first female finisher Joanne Vickers. Joanne admins the Swindon Community Running Facebook group, a useful group full of running community spirit and helps to keep up on local events and quite often news of Swindon’s parkruns are also shared there.


Male first finisher this week was Maxwell Hallett; unfortunately despite protests and appeals to UK athletics and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (because neither body is busy enough at the moment…) as he is only 16 months old he can’t have his own barcode, he also got a little bit of assistance from his dad on account of being pushed round in a buggy. Max was rather nonchalant about his achievement but did enjoy his celebratory chocolate buttons. So, the records will show that his dad was first male finisher this week, pipping fellow Royal Wootton Bassett Hound Barry Brown (and another one of the 28 course Personal Bests) by one second in what had been a topsy-turvy battle. The Hounds were one of 18 clubs represented this morning.


Barry did have the highest male age grade with 70.83% and the highest female age grade (and highest overall on the morning) was Jenny Garth with 72.52%.


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Seven Fields parkrun Results Page.

 team hope

It was lovely for me to be back bugging running today after a break for various storms and great to see a good number of other buggy runners. Special mention to Team Hope running for the Lily Foundation trying out their new buggy for Hope today, hope the trial went well.


Run Director Phil Jefferies welcomed tourists from Marlow, Bath, Chippenham and some place called Lydiard (never heard of it myself?!). One tourist from Lydiard was photographer James Booth capturing our community spirit as we went around the course, thanks James.

No records were broken this morning so the female record is still held by Jennifer MCBAIN who recorded a time of 21:54 on 15th February 2020 (event number 13); and, the male and age grade record are both held by Courtenay CHESSELL who recorded a time of 17:29 and 77.50% on 7th March 2020 (event number 16).

Seven Fields parkrun started on 16th November 2019. Since then 959 (ooh who will be number 1,000 at the next event…) participants have completed 1,995 parkruns covering a total distance of 9,975 km, including 399 new Personal Bests. A total of 131 individuals have volunteered 452 times; one of those volunteers hit the arbitrary milestone of 50 volunteers with the penning of this report.

You’ll have noticed I’ve mentioned community spirit a couple of times in this report, I don’t know what the future will hold, and I’d love to promise that it will all be ok, but I can’t; one thing that is clear to me is that community spirit will be key to us helping each other to come through what is going to be a difficult time and parkrun has been a beacon of excellent community spirit for some time now.

When the world is at its bleakest, humanity will shine at its brightest; until next time Seven Fields its DFYB from me.



Run Report – Event 16 – 07th March 2020


iwd crew

It was great to see the start line awash with purple to mark International Women’s day parkrun at Seven Fields this morning.  Even the sun turned out to greet some of the finishers across the line. 

purple ladies

Did you notice how clean and clear the paths looked this morning?  The volunteer team had been out clearing the paths and cleaning the toilet block ahead of the run today, thanks for doing this, it really is appreciated.


It was a record breaking run again today with Courtenay Chessell obliterating the men’s course record in a very speedy 17.29 which was also an age-grade record.  First lady home was Nia Glover in 11th place in a strong time of 22.41.  Both runners were making their debuts at Seven Fields today.  We also had six complete first timers to parkrun today and five of those were women, hopefully inspired by the This Girl Can initiative. 


Kerry Cooper, Lesley Baxter, Katie New, Danya Walker and Sophie Harper, you definitely can and you did!  I hope you enjoyed the run today and that it’s the first of many parkruns for you all.  Twenty seven of you also recorded personal bests so congratulations to you.

Did you know that the men’s 5km first appeared on the Olympics programme in 1912?  Almost unbelievably, it wasn’t until 1996 that women could run a full Olympic parkrun, Great Britain’s Paula Radcliffe finishing 5th that year in 15.13.  Women have always been welcome at parkrun, with five of the thirteen runners in the first ever parkrun at Bushy park being female back in 2004. 


We had a majority women volunteer contingent this morning at Seven Fields resplendent in the new style neon pink Hi Viz bibs, they were headed up by the wonderful Janet Jefferies as RD and Mandy Wetherell as Volunteer Coordinator.  Thank you to all of the high-vis heroes today with a special mention to the marshal who shouted out “well done young lady” as I ran past on the first lap, you made my day!

Angelica MORRISON • Cheryl HEYNE • Sean GRAY • Jenny GARTH • Dawn Iola CHAPPELL • Becky LAFFORD • Monica DAWES • Philip JEFFERIES • Logan REES • Janet JEFFERIES • Antony WETHERELL • Leoni MURRELL • Susan BENTLEY • Isaac BENTLEY • Mandy WETHERELL • Mark TILLING • Jackie ATKINS • Hilde DE STECKER • Dionne BLACKLER • Annie WILLERTON • Harley BLACKLER • Jack TILLING • Katie WOODFORD • Katie NEW • Kerry COOPER • Lucy GOUGH


The men still tipped the balance in terms of run participants today, 68 men to 54 women finishers.  I do enjoy looking back over the stats and since Seven Fields started back in November 2019, we have managed to have more than 50% female finishers on one occasion.  That was on 4th January 2020, 70 female to 62 male participants, it would be great if we could make this a more regular occurrence!


We welcomed tourists from

Abingdon, Marlborough, Didcot, Black Park and South London and it was lovely to chat to some of you at the finish.  Happy birthday to our friends over at Lydiard parkrun, celebrating their 10th anniversary today.  Finally congratulations to our milestone runners, Sophie Williams on your 50th and Christine Berry on your 100th.

Have a great weekend and DFYB.




Run Report – Event #15 – 29/02/2020

The History Making parkrun


Shakespeares Sister were number 1 in the UK singles chart with Stay (and continued to be for 7 more weeks); Swindon Town FC men’s team lost one to nil at home to Middlesbrough in the old division 2 (would be the Championship these days), there was no ladies equivalent team; Seven Fields was yet to receive it’s Local Nature Reserve Designation; and, parkrun was over 12 ½ years away from starting its journey in Bushy park the last time February the 29th fell on a Saturday 28 years ago (1992).

We have February the 29th because the time it takes the Earth to orbit around the Sun takes 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds longer than 365 whole days. A leap day compensates for this in order to realign the calendar with the Earth’s position in the Solar System; otherwise, seasons would occur later than intended in the calendar year (though I wouldn’t mind it being a different season at the moment with this weather). The maths observant of you will notice that means that a whole day for every four years is too much compensation, years that are divisible by 100, but not by 400, do not contain a leap day i.e.1700, 1800, and 1900 did not contain a leap day; neither will 2100, 2200, and 2300; but 1600 and 2000 did and 2400 will (for those still parkunning then)!


Fast forward 28 years and how the world has changed: The Weeknd is number 1 in the UK singles chart with Blinding Lights, Shakespeares Sister broke up, tried again as just a one person outfit, then finally got back together and had a tour last year; Swindon Town FC men’s team are away to Mansfield Town FC today (cancelled due to a waterlogged pitch!), the women’s team has been going 27 years and are away to Cheltenham Town tomorrow; parkrun has been going over 15 years; and Seven Fields not only has it’s designation but also it’s very own parkrun which today hit event number 15 today.

Today’s first leap day parkrun was made possible by 23 volunteers:


Cheryl HEYNE • Sean GRAY • Darren PETTIT • Stacy WILLIS • Greg WELLS • Philip JEFFERIES • Rob JAMES • Julie WELLS • Logan REES • Janet JEFFERIES • Susan BENTLEY • Craig HALLETT • Eddy BAMBER • Isaac BENTLEY • Yvette WILLIS • Mandy WETHERELL • Mark TILLING • Darren NEWMAN • Dionne BLACKLER • Jack TILLING • Katie WOODFORD • Eleanor Louise JONES • Morgan BURNS

To you 23 thank you!

29 start


120 took today’s (it won’t be unique but very rare, the next being 2048) opportunity to run, jog and/or walk the course on a leap day, of whom 37 were first timers; 5 of which were completely new to parkrun! So, to Thomas, Peter, Scarlett, Annie and Gabrielle congratulations for completing your first, as I always say, I really hope you’ve been bitten by the parkrun bug and you’ll be back over the coming weeks to continue your journey. One person who deserves a special mention is Jack Tilling who also completed his first parkrun this morning as tail walker, Jack isn’t completely new to parkrun as he has been regularly volunteering at Seven Fields with his dad despite having not completed a parkrun until today; well done Jack excellent work! Also well done to the 26 of you managed recorded new Personal Bests and a total of 27 different clubs took part.

green shirt

We welcomed tourists from Witney, Thornbury, Leeds, Cardiff, Peterborough, High Wycombe, Bath, Cheltenham, Andover, Kingsbury, London and some other place beginning with L I’ve managed to forget to what was a slightly wetter B course than usual, it is always interesting to see who is a dodger and who is a splasher (I’m a splasher).


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Seven Fields parkrun Results Page.

The first leap day parkrun was the only record today at Seven Fields, so it is as you were:

  • The male record is held by Lee KUKLINSKI who recorded a time of 18:26 on 15th February 2020 (event number 13).
  • The female record is held by Jennifer MCBAIN who recorded a time of 21:54 on 15th February 2020 (event number 13).
  • The Age Grade course record is held by Steven RAMEK (aka Chauffeur Ramek & Tiny Steve for With Me Now pod listeners) who recorded 76.36% (19:57) on 22nd February 2020 (event number 14).
  • Seven Fields parkrun started on 16th November 2019. Since then 894 participants have completed 1,782 parkruns covering a total distance of 8,910 km, including 344 new Personal Bests. A total of 128 individuals have volunteered 398 times.

parkrun celebrated leap day by launching in a new country this week, the Netherlands! Our best wishes go to Goffert, Karpendonkse Plas, Kralingse Bos, Máxima, Stadspark and Tapijn parkrun welcome to the parkrun family, hope your inaugural events went well!


Speaking of celebrations next Saturday (that’s right you don’t have to wait until 2048 for the next one) parkrun will celebrating International Women’s day (which takes place the following day) by encouraging as many women and girls as possible to participate. Of course, parkrun will remain as inclusive as ever and people of all gender can still take part. There is a suggested dress code of purple, so time to don those volunteer 25 t-shirts if you have them or any random purple top if not (or any top if you don’t have a purple one). parkrun will also be launching a special campaign in partnership with This Girl Can, I’ll stop there though as I don’t want to steal all the material for next week’s report.

Until next time it’s DFYB from me.




Run Report – Event 14 – 22/02/2020


With no storms due to visit us this weekend, many hoped for a much more pleasant morning than the previous fortnight that saw storms Ciara & Dennis cause havoc across the United Kingdom, and subsequently led to cancellations of hundreds of parkruns across the country. Luckily Seven Fields was not one of these events and this weekend we were once again able to host the event.

Processed with MOLDIV

The outlook however did not look good, with heavy rain and dark clouds over the fields at 8am, it looked like it could be the wettest Seven Fields parkrun yet. So poor was the weather infact, that Mandy and the team swapped the orange tent for the sports building mess room to set up HQ for the morning. It was a little bit cramped to say the least, but provided shelter from the elements.


However, just as Run Director Anthony began the RD briefing, the clouds parted to reveal the bluest (is that a word?) sky seen in Swindon for weeks. A few participants even ended up complaining that they were too hot in their jackets and long tracksuit bottoms!


The conditions were brilliant for Phil Jefferies, who despite all the long hours making Seven Fields happen, had not actually run at the event until this morning. He did of course join the 28 other first timers at Leoni’s briefing to ensure he knew what to expect of the course.


This week we welcomed 115 Runners, Joggers and walkers made their way around the “Alternate” B route. 32 of which recorded brand new Personal Bests. One of which was Ruth Tredget who became the 14th different first female finisher at Seven Fields. There cannot be too many parkruns out there that has had a different first female finisher at every single event! (a possible Niché for Vassos Alexander to discuss on the Free Weekly Timed podcast?).

We once again welcomed tourists from up and down the UK, but a special mention must go to Deidre Simpson, who took the honours for the furthest distance travelled to a parkrun, coming from South Africe to brave our good old post Brexit UK weather

Last week we saw two of our course records broken, the fastest female and fastest male. This week saw another record broken. Congratulations to Steven Ramek, who in his 409th parkrun recorded an age grade of 76.36%. This just tops the previous record held by Judy Sheppard who recorded a grade of 75.99% on the first event of the year.

We saw one milestone this weekend. Darren Newman, who is a regular at the brilliant Marlborough Common parkrun joined us to day for his 25th time volunteering. Great support from him and all of the marshals willing everybody on! Thank you to all of this weekends volunteers and a big well done to everybody who attended.


Now, have you ever wanted to run and/or volunteer at a parkrun on the 29th of February? Has it ever even crossed your mind? Probably not. But next weekend you will have the opportunity to do just that. This is the first leap year saturday since 1992, and the next one wont be until the 29th February 2048! If Seven Fields managed to avoid any cancellations and hosted extra Christmas day + New Years Day events each year between now and then, that next leap year run would be (unless my maths has totally failed me) the 1526th edition of Seven Fields parkrun. What an unbelievable niche that would be to be present at both. So don’t miss your chance to attend a special parkrun.


Speaking of special parkruns, the 7th of March is International Womens Day. Across the country parkrun is aiming to have all volunteering roles filled by women and have as many run, jog or walk the events. If you would like to volunteer, please check our roster on the website and contact us by emailing

We hope to see you all again soon, have a great weekend everybody! #loveparkrun


This week 115 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 29 were first timers and 32 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 26 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 27 volunteers:

Angelica MORRISON • Cheryl HEYNE • Darren PETTIT • Dawn Iola CHAPPELL • Becky LAFFORD • Philip JEFFERIES • Paul BRAME • Steve DUDMAN • Maisie BRAME • Logan REES • Janet JEFFERIES • Steven CRYER • Antony WETHERELL • Leoni MURRELL • Susan BENTLEY • Eddy BAMBER • Isaac BENTLEY • Mandy WETHERELL • Mark TILLING • George WHELAN • Rachel SKYE • Darren NEWMAN • Linda BROWN • Annie WILLERTON • Jack TILLING • Katie WOODFORD • Eleanor Louise JONES

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Seven Fields parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Lee KUKLINSKI who recorded a time of 18:26 on 15th February 2020 (event number 13).

The female record is held by Jennifer MCBAIN who recorded a time of 21:54 on 15th February 2020 (event number 13).

The Age Grade course record is held by Steven RAMEK who recorded 76.36% (19:57) on 22nd February 2020 (event number 14).

Seven Fields parkrun started on 16th November 2019. Since then 857 participants have completed 1,662 parkruns covering a total distance of 8,310 km, including 318 new Personal Bests. A total of 126 individuals have volunteered 375 times.



Run Report – Event #13 – 15/02/2020

start 1502

Another parkrun weekend, another storm. The wild weather didn’t deter 113 runners from completing the Seven Fields course today, but the real superstars of the day were once again, our high vis heroes. If it’s hard to run in those conditions then it’s even tougher to marshal in them so a massive thank you to those that gave up their time to volunteer this morning, round of applause to:
Angelica MORRISON • Cheryl HEYNE • Crispian GARTH • Sean GRAY • Jackie EVANS • Mike EVANS • Jenny GARTH • Becky LAFFORD • Greg WELLS • Philip JEFFERIES • Nigel SLUMAN • Rob JAMES • Alex WELLS • Julie WELLS • James BOOTH • Janet JEFFERIES • Jack TILLING • Antony WETHERELL • Susan BENTLEY • Isaac BENTLEY • Mandy WETHERELL • Annie WILLERTON.


And a big congratulations to regular Volunteer Coordinator Mandy Wetherell, who completed her 25th Volunteering role today, thus earning herself the much sought after purple volunteer 25 t shirt, well done and thank you Mandy.

Ciara last weekend, Dennis this, am I the only person who has been wondering when we started naming storms? Well, I’ve done the googling so that you don’t have to. Since a particularly nasty storm back in 2013 the Met Office decided to introduce a naming system to raise awareness of the dangers of storms and Abigail was the first one named back in the winter of 2015. We’ve been very lucky to get the parkruns in before the worst of the weather as the Swindon junior parkrun was cancelled last week and the Swindon Town match postponed this afternoon.

1st female 1st male
Seven Fields event number 13 proved unlucky for the previous course record holders as new best times were set for both the men and women today. Congratulations to Lee Kuklinski, first home in 18.26 to take 4 seconds off the previous best and Jennifer McBain who shaved 2 seconds off the women’s record. A massive 17 of you achieved personal bests, well done, though I’m not sure how you did it, I felt like I had the wind slowing me down for most of the course. I’m sure you’ll go even faster when the weather improves.

We also welcomed tourists from Lydiard, Chippenham, Chipping Sodbury, Witney, Didcot, Eastville, Bicester, Epsom, Havant, Birkenhead, York and Northala Fields.
For those of you living more locally, I popped into Beechcroft library after parkrun today and spent some time speaking to the volunteers there. They are under pressure to get people through the doors and it would be such a shame to lose one of our community assets, so please do call in to take out a book (maybe they’ll have one to improve your 5km time), have a cup of tea or check out some of the activities they have on offer.
On reading the run report from Phil last week, I discovered that the crocuses were out at Seven Fields, somehow, I had completely missed them on my way round but not this week, I managed to see them on both laps today! I also noticed the big puddles in the football fields which makes me think it might be a while until we can get back on the A course. Keep your trail shoes on ice for now and stay safe in the storm.
Until next week, DFYB


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