Event 245 8th August 2016

A Runner's Perspective.

My journey at Parkrun started almost 6 months ago where I was a volunteer at Oakwell Hall as part of my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. Only recently have I decided to start running these events, and as it is the school holidays why not travel around.

I've heard from many that Sewerby is a very windy course, yet arriving bright and early the day seemed warm and quite still!

Straight from the off I could see that there was some very good talent within the runners as a large group seemed to break away quite quickly. Settling into a nice rhythm the full impact of the sunny morning was clearly broadcast as it suddenly got very warm! Glancing down at my watch I realised I'd set off at a much faster pace than what I'm used to. 
Turning at the bottom, the first thing that hit me was the realisation of how far we had to go back! Although I was nicely pushed through by the beautiful scenery that reflected off the sea. 
Turning back past the hall, that's when the early fast pace began to bite back! Sensing I was at a slower pace I decided to just enjoy myself and take in the views. And what brilliant views they were! The cool shelter from the trees was very much appreciated as the race seemed to wind on and on going through lots of curves and bends. 
A few words from the locals warned me that the stairs were coming up which I had been dreading the whole way. Yet to my surprise they weren't too bad! 
A lovely little finish straight led to a time of 22:24 which although not the best, happy to say how tough it was!

Just like to say a huge thank you to all those volunteers who encouraged me throughout the race despite it being my first visit to this location. All very friendly people and well done for making such a good event which is just like clockwork to you all.

Great run, with the best of people!

Abbie Holyoake 

A massive thanks to Abbie for this piece. Although an experienced volunteer at her local run, this was only her third run. She also takes part in the JW15-15 age group and as often mentioned this is a rare group with only three taking part today.Perhaps Abbie will have encouraged others to contribute a report from their point of view.

Happy running