Announcements at the start of parkrun

Increasingly there have been at the start each week requests to announce certain milestone and notices etc. While these are to be encouraged it has become difficult because many people arrive in the final ten minutes before the start and bombard the announcer with information.

The announcer at the start is just like any other volunteer role. He/she may or may not run afterwards and like several other roles it is rarely volunteered for by name, most just naming marshal as a role. After nearly 8 years of Sewerby parkrun many people know the nature of the roles which need to be filled each Saturday and could be volunteering for specific roles.

For these reasons we would like future announcements to be previously emailed in so that they can be compiled, and therefore, and give the announcer time to digest the material.

This is especially true for athletes wanting to announce milestones such as completing a certain number of runs etc. This is because while we can look at records and see who is approaching a memorable point there is no guarantee that they will do the deed at the next Sewerby parkrun!

Many thanks for something that takes an individual very little time but would help the announcer greatly.