August 2019

In August 24 athletes completed all 5 events at Sewerby and achieved the following results :-

Eduards Lurans (SM18-19) gained 5 PBs and was also the most improved in time at 3' 37"

David Duffill (VM60-64) added another 5 events to his total and has now completed 264 events.

William Lees (VM40-44) of all 24 athletes has the most PBs at 20.

Jay Gallagher (SM30-34) of the 24 athletes shows the greatest improvement in time at 16' 55"

Well done to all


Sewerby parkrun 399 Report


With weather highs and lows over the last couple of days it was nice that one thing would be consistent on a Saturday morning and that is parkrun and for me and 242 others that was Sewerby’s 399th parkrun.

After enjoying the last of the week’s sun in Bridlington on Friday, this morning was a drizzly start waiting for the bus to Sewerby Hall. The bus driver was spot on that I would indeed have an hour wait before the start but it was a good opportunity to start exploring. Having just worked out that given enough money next time’s stay could actually be in a cottage built into the entrance arch I was soon distracted by a curious tiny horse (the other tiny horse and more distant llama were more aloof). When the tiny horse became bored with me I spotted that the core team were already mid-progress setting up the course and went to say hello and was soon chatting with today’s run director Pete COLLINS and some of the other volunteers. It really wasn’t long before I felt like I was already part of Sewerby parkrun community, a really warm welcome.


Even though Sewerby was heading towards its 8th birthday it didn’t stop 50 people coming to experience the course for the first time including 7 brand new to parkrun. Tourists visited from all over the country, perhaps not surprising considering the location and the time of year. There was also an obvious sea of yellow T-shirts representing Bridlington Road Runners who I understand were incorporating today’s parkrun into one of their annual club challenges.


Due to early setup for the Sewerby Gala a few late adjustments were needed to the normal course but with some strong winds mostly felt running up the coastal path it wasn’t feeling like a quick day but it didn’t seem to stop 18 people setting new personal bests. First male finisher was Scott HARGREAVES in a time of 17:44, a great time considering there were steps, yes steps, actual steps, to contend with towards the end of the course! First female finisher was April-Marie EXLEY in 22:49 and first junior finisher was Stephen NOBLE. Top age grade performance was Patricia BIELBY with an impressive 85.72% from a fantastic time of 24:45 in the VW65-69 category.

Congratulations to all of the above but also to everyone who came along today and completed the course, whether running, jogging or walking or a mix of everything.

Full results can be found at


The event would not however have been possible though a relatively small but amazing and friendly group of volunteers: Damian BAKER, Pete COLLINS, Wendy FOSTER, Steve MARTIN, David NEWTON, Ros PUDSEY, David James PUDSEY, Jon PURDY, Pete ROYAL, Jayne SISSONS, Stephen SMALL, Martin STACK, Andrew VAUGHAN and Syd WARLEY.

Thank-you to you all and if you are reading this and want to get involved in future weeks then all details can be found at There are many different roles to choose from.


Today there were 3 milestones achieved. Regulars Vickie ELLERKER and Scott HARGREAVES (aforementioned first place finisher) completed their 50th and 100th parkruns respectively and Stephen Gerard HARGREAVES, more often seen at Albert parkrun in Middlesborough, also completed his 100th parkrun. Congratulations to you all and hopefully you will be able to receive your T-shirts in the not too distant future.


Finally after a delicious cake and coffee at the Clock Tower Tea Rooms (taking full advantage of my parkrun discount) I said my farewells to Sewerby parkrun (a scenic mixed terrain gem of a parkrun) and those I had a chance to chat too throughout what had been a very pleasant morning and departed, by mini train of course, back down the parkrun start to the hotel. Thank-you Sewerby parkrun!!

Damian BAKER, a tourist from Daventry, signing off.

 Many thanks to Damian for a very clear report on the morning. Hopefully if you have read this and never been to Sewerby or Bridlington give us a try while the weather is good!

Thanks again

The Sewerby Team


Announcements at the start of parkrun

Increasingly there have been at the start each week requests to announce certain milestone and notices etc. While these are to be encouraged it has become difficult because many people arrive in the final ten minutes before the start and bombard the announcer with information.

The announcer at the start is just like any other volunteer role. He/she may or may not run afterwards and like several other roles it is rarely volunteered for by name, most just naming marshal as a role. After nearly 8 years of Sewerby parkrun many people know the nature of the roles which need to be filled each Saturday and could be volunteering for specific roles.

For these reasons we would like future announcements to be previously emailed in so that they can be compiled, and therefore, and give the announcer time to digest the material.

This is especially true for athletes wanting to announce milestones such as completing a certain number of runs etc. This is because while we can look at records and see who is approaching a memorable point there is no guarantee that they will do the deed at the next Sewerby parkrun!

Many thanks for something that takes an individual very little time but would help the announcer greatly.



New email address

From tomorrow 11th February (Monday morning) the mailbox address is changing. Also any confusion about the address should be simplified. There will be just one address for anything you want to mention ie volunteer, problems generally or results and questions etc. This is:-

It will be the same for all parkruns just put the name of the parkrun before the @

It is a great help if always in emails you can include your relevant barcode number. This especially applies if the database has to be checked because of the many millions of names. Also if you are talking about a child make sure it is their number that is clear and not that of the adult.

Generally thanks to all those that volunteered on Saturday and emailed for some specific roles. There was a full compliment of volunteers in the emails before Saturday morning. That is the first time in seven years! A great help.




New Year 2019 Sea Front

Thanks to all those taking part or helping in some way this morning.

As in the last few years it has turned out to be a good social start to the New Year 2019. Hope to see you all and more for the start of a normal (!) parkrun year on Saturday.

Here are the results from this morning.


  1. Phill Taylor 16' 56”

  2. Josh Taylor 17' 07”

  3. Oliver Brown 17' 26”

  4. Nick Jordan 19' 08”

  5. Ashley Parcell 19' 52”

  6. Simon Ellerker 20' 05”

  7. Lee Runton 20' 58”

  8. James Abel 21' 23”

  9. Alan Feldberg 22' 00”

  10. Graham Londsdale 22' 09”

  11. Mollie Holehouse 22' 12”

  12. Tony Hughes 22' 33”

  13. Steve Sharp 23' 02”

  14. Liz Sellers 23' 11”

  15. Martin Hutchinson 23' 44”

  16. Tom Cooper 23' 48”

  17. David Scriber 24' 05”

  18. Daniel Hill 24' 44”

  19. Jonathan Ogden 24' 47”

  20. Amy Fowler 24' 50”

  21. Jon Purdy 24' 58”

  22. Andrew Bielby 25' 14”

  23. Cooper England 25' 30”

  24. Craig England 25' 30”

  25. Stuart Gent 25' 49”

  26. Pete Royal 26' 05”

  27. Adam Dyas 26' 10”

  28. Heidi Baker 26' 31”

  29. Tim Welbourn 27' 16”

  30. Dean Hickingbottom 27' 29”

  31. Nick Rowntree 27' 36”

  32. Kara Mainprize 27' 46

  33. Tracy Holehouse 27' 54”

  34. David Turner 28' 20”

  35. Amanda Wright 28' 21

  36. Hannah Little 28' 23”

  37. Henry Ireland 28' 27”

  38. Miriam Ireland 28' 27”

  39. David Metcalfe 28' 39”

  40. Lynn Gent 28' 40”

  41. Trina Price 28' 40”

  42. David Pring 28' 52”

  43. Kevin Sissons 31' 00”

  44. Libby Spencer 31' 09”

  45. Lyndon Spivey 31' 29”

  46. Lizzy Abel 31' 34”

  47. Ruth Abel 31' 42”

  48. Sam Adams 31' 54”

  49. Janet Downes 32' 04”

  50. Nicola Fowler 32' 25”

  51. Mitchell England 32' 57”

  52. Val England 33' 12”

  53. David Pudsey 33' 18”

  54. Rob Calthorpe 34' 09”

  55. Ruth Newton 34' 11”

  56. Elaine Spencer 34' 12”

  57. Linda Hall 34' 44”

  58. Debbie Duffill 34' 56”

  59. Luke Duffill 34' 57”

  60. Rebecca Brown 36' 46”

  61. Elizabeth Ingle 36' 53”

  62. Sandra Orlando 37' 31”

  63. Di Crone 38' 04”

  64. Tina Calthorpe 38' 04”

  65. Sam Spencer 38' 52”

  66. Paul Spencer 38' 52”

  67. David Duffill 46' 52”



Christmas 2018

The parkruns at Sewerby this Christmas will take the same form as the previous few years.

On Saturday 22nd December there will be a normal parkrun and I am sure many will already be infused with the Christmas spirit(!) and possibly come dressed accordingly.

There will be no Christmas day run or New Years Day run due to the park amenities not being available to us.

However as in the past several years there will be a 5K measured and timed run starting in front of the amusement arcades on the Esplanade and following the sea front and land train route as far as Sewerby steps and back. This is not part of parkrun but will start at 9am. Again as in the past "Wetherspoons" is open for breakfast following the run or just to socialise and refill with lost liquids after the run!

Merry Christmas (Even though it's still just November!)


7 years and counting!

Sewerby parkrun started its incredible rise on 5th November 2011 with just 31 runners and 4 volunteers. In first place was John Broom (17' 35") and there are still several of the 31 plus 4 who took park on this day still taking part in 2018.

So far, this year (2018) there have been 39 weeks with over 150 participants, and of those 39 weeks there has been 21 weeks with over 200 participants. This includes the first time in a year in when there were 2 weeks with 305 and 307 participants respectively.

To mark the anniversary occasion there will be a gathering in the Orangery directly after the event on 3rd November. EYRC are kindly providing free tea and coffee and there will be bacon butties and cakes to buy.

Whether you are an "old timer" or just having your first parkrun or an occasional one at Sewerby please feel free to come along and have a chat for the time you normally spend in the cafe.


Sewerby Parkrun – Saturday 20 October 2018

After a storm named Callum brought some miserable weather to these shores last weekend, we would be forgiven for thinking that we'd had seen the last of the fine weather that we had been accustomed to in 2018. However the 190 runners that turned up on Saturday were to be treated to a glorious morning, with near perfect conditions for running. 

This was my second visit to Sewerby, the first back in May made me appreciate the joys of Parkrun tourism: discovering new places, meeting new people, and sampling the offerings in the local recommended eatery, which in Sewerby's case is perfectly located on site and offers a generous 20% discount to Parkrunners! It is also great to compare the way different events are organised and ran. 

The efficiency of the pre-race brief was excellent, being concise yet all-encompassing with the information runners needed to know, and on cue, all set off, haring away from the start and down along the cliff-top path. A downhill first kilometre certainly loosened people up, but the challenge of the climb back up to the cricket pavilion definitely works out the quads and calves! 

Sewerby really is a run of two halves - after spending the first few kilometres spent by the sea, with what was in this case a refreshing breeze keeping all the participants cool, the course took a turn back inland, past the historic country house bearing the Sewerby name, through the gardens and along the woodland trail which provided a different type of challenge, navigating the steps and swerving around trees. Good underfoot conditions on the trail path once again proved great running, before the tarmac returned with 400m to go. 

A more picturesque finish for a parkrun will be hard to find anywhere, in the shadow of the house and the North Sea the view to the left, runners were cheered over by the excellent support from volunteers, well-wishing locals and supporters. I must compliment this attitude the whole way around the course. The marshals were excellent, the supporters vociferous, and the kids cheering on runners hopefully inspired by what they were seeing! 

As with any good Parkrun, the tea room was extremely well attended, the hot drinks and breakfast sandwiches going down a treat and most very welcome after a challenging but oh so wonderful 5k! 

A big well done to all 190 runners who were out, the 31 who set new PBs, a whopping 50 who came and discovered what Sewerby was all about for the first time, 14 of which also enjoying Parkrun for the first time. I hope you are back again soon, I certainly will! 

Thomas Hodgson
Home run: Kingsbury Water

Timekeeping, Scanning, Equipment Storage


We have been very lucky at Sewerby parkrun that for nearly seven years Jayne Sissons has been a timekeeper to rely on, covering a multitude of different mistakes attempted by athletes!

In addition over the last 6 months she has introduced timing using the app on an iphone. This is a much better system than using a watch. Firstly the times can be seen recorded on the screen and secondly they can at the completion of the last athlete be emailed directly, to be accessed for inputting the results in the cafe.

The app also allows scanning to be done simply using the camera and again the resulting file can be emailed directly after the finish. Ultimately this would be best for processing the results.

Alongside Jayne, Steve Wardley has recently done a fine job as backup timer, again using the app and Andrew Vaughan has for many weeks done scanner duties using one of our two opticon scanners.

parkrun have now developed the app for Android model phones and like the iphone app can be downloaded for free. Anybody can do this and just have a play to practice what scanning or timekeeping entails

Everybody who takes part or helps in any way is a volunteer so it would be good for Sewerby parkrun not to rely on a few who feel able to do the jobs without which parkrun would not happen.


The equipment for setting up the course is stored in a shed behind the offices a few yards from the cafe.

It is stored in bins so that it can be more easily set up the following week. One bin for the cliff top, one for the park area and one for the finish etc. While people are returning equipment from the course, the actual tidying and putting away is left to a very few. The only way to learn this job is to take a few minutes doing it before joining the queue in the cafe.

Equipment is also starting to get damaged just because it is dumped in a hurry rather than being put away properly in readiness for the following week.

David Duffill apart from the few regulars who set up the course has been the only one left doing this job in recent weeks. In the volunteers' roles there is one for "Equipment Storage and Delivery", so parkrun realise the importance of this role. To marshal is the easiest job to do but there are several other jobs without which parkrun would not take place on some weeks.



Event 338 Report by Ruth Startin (Pocklington Runners)


With it being a bank holiday weekend and a good forecast, I decided a bit of parkrun tourism was in order and what better place to visit than the seaside. And I wasn’t disappointed by my first Sewerby parkrun experience as within minutes the course took me along the seafront. The first kilometre of the run seemed to fly by as I enjoyed the sea air and ocean views. But, in typical parkrun fashion, of course there was a sting in the tail!

Turning back towards Sewerby Hall their was definitely a bit of a head wind and it was noticeably tougher on the next kilometre to reach the red flag. Thanks to the marshals at this point for the encouragement which is always much appreciated. From this point, it was a windy run through park, garden, track and trail until the rather grand final sprint in front of the hall itself. I really think this course might have a little bit of everything. I loved it but I couldn’t help wondering how the local runners knew what footwear to choose—trail or road?

This weeks parkrun was number 338 although it was number one for its new start line—a victim of its own success. It seemed to work fine though and Phill Taylor was the first person to race the new course as he crossed the line in a time of 17:08. Phill was followed closely by Hywel Jones in a time of 17:24. The fastest female was Emma Carter in 21:25 which set a new PB time for Emma, followed by Margaret Elizabeth Duncan in a time of 21:49. In total 274 participants crossed the finish line.

I was really struck by how well organised the run was; from the race organiser’s HQ in the bandstand, the clear starting instructions, the well marked course, and the slick finish arrangements it was one smooth operation. The following hi-viz heroes deserve a massive round of applause and a big thank you: Andrew VAUGHAN • Christina ROYAL • Darren WALKINGTON • David DUFFILL • Elizabeth CREMER • Glen BANKS • Jayne SISSONS • Lyndon SPIVEY • Martin STACK • Pete COLLINS • Pete ROYAL • Robert Leigh Maurice FULTON • Ros PUDSEY • Ruth STARTIN • Simon MATSON • Stephen WARDLEY • Steve MARTIN • Stew TINDALE • Stuart WATSON • Susanne WELBOURN • Syd WARLEY • Wendy FOSTER.

So, Sewerby parkrun, thank you muchly for providing me with my little parkrun vacation—I’ll be back because I do like a run beside the seaside!


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