This morning parkrun cancelled parkrun in several more countries including the UK. These are the words.

“All parkrun events in the United Kingdom have been suspended with immediate effect due to the ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation. At this stage we have cancelled events up to the end of March. Please follow our communications channels for ongoing updates. parkrun’s global position is published and will be updated here.”

One day previously ERYCC cancelled all events at Sewerby Park until the 31st May2020. Obviously the two dates do not match and even if parkrun issued a restart in April the closure of Sewerby Park to events may overide this. The timing situation is very much open to speculation and we can only hope that parkrun resumes as soon as is possible.

Keep informed by using the global parkrun website. (There is a link on this page above)

Please all look after yourselves and family especially in regard to many of our older athletes and try to stay fit. We are lucky in that we have acres of beach and much open countryside on our doorstep where we do not have to diectly contact each other. Stay safe.



International Women’s Day – Run Report by Kelly Jackson

Saturday March 7th saw Sewerby parkrun celebrate Internal Women's Day at parkrun #431!

The Sewerby ladies decked in their purple and hi-viz were encouraging, smiley, supportive and organised for the 220 participants. Karen our RD, gave a great informative race brief and set us off to battle the windy cliff path, have our picture captured by Tom to then be blown back up the cliff path before being able enjoy the shelter in the flower gardens and woodland, then into the finish funnel! The course must have been in good form as it witnessed 32 new personal bests but also had 26 first runners.

Our hi-viz heroes were aged from 8 years through to over 70, with runners aged from 5 to 80- we did have a couple of buggy runners which is no mean feat with the woodland, and our regular canine friends used all 4 paws to pull their humans around - parkrun truly is for everyone whether you run, walk or volunteer.

Thank you to Gill, our volunteer co-ordinator, who each week organises and recruits the volunteers so parkrun can happen. If you feel you can offer your time, please email and we shall stick you on the roster. It would be amazing to have a rota as strong as Saturday’s.


Internation Women’s Day

Calling all ladies.

It is International Women's Day on Sunday 8th March and parkrun is holding a special event in conjunction with This Girl Can on Saturday 7th March to celebrate. Sewerby will be joining in this celebration and we are hoping to fill as many volunteer roles on the day with females as possible. So, if you've been thinking about volunteering then make this your day. Please have a look at the roster & email to advise which role you would like to volunteer for.

Also, if you have any female friends, relatives or colleagues that have been considering joining the parkrun family, then please encourage them to register & join us on the day to either, walk, jog, run or volunteer.

And don't forget to wear purple


New Year Sea Front run 2020

Well done to all runners on a raw North sea January morning. The number of particiants excedes the 67 who braved last year. The results are printed below and as per usual the course is quicker than the muli surface Sewerby park couse.

A Happy New Year ........and New Decade to everyone. Back to normal on Saturday!

  1. Arron Larkin 17' 02”

  2. Phil Taylor 17' 18”

  3. Josh Taylor 18' 14”

  4. Nick Jordan 18' 44”

  5. James Briggs 19' 39”

  6. Alan Felberg 19' 58”

  7. Stephen Noble 20' 33”

  8. Tom Woodhouse 20' 46”

  9. Mollie Holehouse 21' 18”

  10. Simon Clarke 21' 33”

  11. Matthew Elliot 21' 51”

  12. Andrew Thompson 21' 52”

  13. Simon Ellerker 22' 00”

  14. Tom Cooper 22' 02”

  15. Niki Husband 22' 09”

  16. Adam Dyas 22' 11”

  17. Martin Stack 22' 11”

  18. Graham Lonsdale 22' 12”

  19. Rebecca Hunt 23' 39”

  20. Jason Pointez 23' 39”

  21. Steve Sharp 23' 54”

  22. Miriam Ireland 24' 10”

  23. Jonathan Ogden 24' 13”

  24. Paul Fieldhouse 24' 19”

  25. Jay Fieldhouse 24' 23”

  26. Cooper England 24' 25”

  27. Micah Gibson 24' 28”

  28. Jenny Peacock 24' 40”

  29. Rebecca Minnich 24' 40”

  30. Craig England 25' 03”

  31. Anthony Hughes 25' 09”

  32. Gillian Taylor 25' 32”

  33. Michael Alker 25' 39”

  34. Ellis Hodges 25' 45”

  35. Zoe Ellis 25' 49”

  36. Sheila Duggal 26' 08”

  37. Pat Bielby 26' 21”

  38. Jim Abel 26' 38”

  39. Dominique Webster 26' 45”

  40. Angela Bailey 26' 52”

  41. Pete Royal 26' 58”

  42. Nick Rowntree 27' 12”

  43. David Pring 27' 13”

  44. Kara Mainprize 27' 15”

  45. Andrew Bielby 27' 47”

  46. Dean Hickingbottom 28' 00”

  47. Sam Hogsbjerg 28' 04”

  48. Tracey Holehouse 28' 07”

  49. Stu Gent 28' 09”

  50. Tim Welbourne 28' 10”

  51. Amy Clements 28' 30”

  52. Kevin Sissons 28' 33”

  53. Bob Eyre 28' 50”

  54. Hannah Little 28' 53”

  55. Lynda Gent 28' 56”

  56. Sam Adams 28' 57”

  57. Fiona Silcock 28' 58”

  58. Stephen Wardley 29' 48”

  59. Sasha-Wiles Robinson 30' 09”

  60. Paul Robinson 30' 09”

  61. Anna- Marie Parr 30' 15”

  62. Alice Oakley 30' 44”

  63. Mitch England 30' 54”

  64. John Ellerington 31' 33”

  65. Dave Pudsey 31' 37”

  66. Julie Powis 31' 55”

  67. Bill Powis 31' 56”

  68. Emma Fletcher 32' 10”

  69. Ben Cauldwell 32' 19”

  70. Ruth Abel 32' 49”

  71. Karen Jackson 33' 10”

  72. David Foster 33' 19”

  73. Sandra Orlando 33' 41”

  74. Patricia Keenan 33' 50”

  75. Lesley Bayes 33' 51”

  76. Susan Reece 33' 59”

  77. Casey Reece 34' 10”

  78. Siobhan Conaghan 34' 12”

  79. Ruth Newton 34' 18”

  80. Grace Cauldwell 34' 18”

  81. Lizzy Abel 34' 29”

  82. Linda Hall 34' 37”

  83. Debbie Duffill 34' 37”

  84. Luke Duffill 34' 38”

  85. Annabel Southwick 35' 08”

  86. Val England 35' 13”

  87. Elizabeth Ingle 35' 18”

  88. Lisa Grieve 35' 21”

  89. Janet Downes 36' 15”

  90. Alison Harvey 36' 32”

  91. Elaine Spencer 37' 47”

  92. Paul Spencer 39' 05”

  93. Jane Ellerington 39' 06”

  94. Tina Calthorpe 39' 14”

  95. Noah Kilrowe 39' 14”

  96. Lisa Spencer 39' 15”

  97. Rob Calthorpe 39' 15”



New Year’s Day

The website correctly shows that there is no Sewerby parkrun on Christmas Day or New Year's Day due to the park closure. There will be parkruns on the Saturdays as normal. ie. 21st, 28th December and 4th January.

However as we have done in the previous 5 or so years there will be a timed 5K event on the sea front on New Year's Day starting at the usual parkrun time of 9am.

Due to the current works on the sea front the start and finish will be slightly different to previous years and just below the Leisure centre on the promenade, very near to the half marathon finish for those who know this event. The route is measured and very simple in that it follows the sea front and onto the land train path on the cliff top. After turning at the land train station in front of Sewerby park gates the return is the same as the outward route.

I believe Wetherspoons to be open again at this time and as in previous years it is possible to adjurn there for breakfast etc. All the better with the Wetherspoons building expansion this year!

This event started with just about 20 athletes but depending on the weather (and the hangover from the night before!) we now seem to get between 80 and 100.

A great way to start 2020 and the next decade.


November 2019

In November there were 21 athletes who completed all 5 events. Once more two of these were juniors in Ethan Jones JM11-14 and Connor Adams JM11-14. Connor was also the most improved athlete over a period of 35 events showing 12' 04" improvement.

Of the 21 athletes Kevin Sissons VM50-54 was again the most experienced with 338 events to his credit. The most improved athlete over the month of November was Sasha Wiles Robinson SW25-29 who bettered her best by 3' 26".

Finally in event 415 on 16th November Lyndon Spivey bettered his VM80-84 age record by another 10" with a time of 35' 20"

Well Run


October 2019

In October 23 athletes comleted all 4 runs. Two of these were juniors Ethan Jones JM11-14 and Micah Gibson JM11-14. Kevin Sissons had the most runs at 333.

The most PBs was 3 by Paul Robinson VM45-49 and the most improved athlete this month was Keith Turnbull VM55-59 with a 2 minute improvement.

There was also one age group record in October. Event 409 on 5th October saw the VW75-79 record broken by Joan Marion Farey with a time of 35' 19".

Well done to all.


8th Anniversary

Sewerby parkrun started on 5th November 2011. The event this week therefore marks eight completed years and will be the 412th event.

As a social event to mark this the Orangery has been booked for directly after this week's event on Saturday 2nd November.

Rather than use the cafe, if you come to the Orangery there will be free tea and coffee available. As normal you can also buy bacon butties and cakes etc in the Orangery.

We hope you can manage to attend to mark this global milestone in among all the personal milestones that you have achieved.


Age Record

In event 410, on a morning that was calm and good for running, Lyndon Spivey again lowered his own VM80-84 age record with a time of 35' 30".

Well done once more.


Recent Records

In the last two weeks there have been two age records broken at Sewerby.

In event 408 Lyndon Spivey broke his own VM80-84 record with a time of 36'06". Lyndon has 108 runs at Sewerby and has also participated at 7 other locations.

In event 409 last week Joan Marian Farey broke the VW75-79 record in a time of 35' 19". This was her second attempt at the Sewerby course but she has 154 runs mostly at Hull recorded plus many helpful volunteer roles to her name.

They both show that age is no barrier or excuse to achieving personal goals.






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