New year’s Day Run 2016


New years Day Run 2016
Name Time
1 Phill taylor 17' 57”
2 Nick Jordan 18' 46”
3 Simon Ellerker 19' 41”
4 Josh Taylor 20' 10”
5 Mark Woodley 20' 24”
6 Justin Choat 21' 25”
7 Elish De-Alker 21' 31”
8 Martin Stack 21' 59”
9 Jon Purdy 23' 37”
10 Ben Marsh 24' 01”
11 Jason Pointez 24' 07”
12 Justine Sutcliffe 24' 10”
13 Kevin Sissons 24' 46”
14 Pete Royal 24' 59”
15 Chris Phelps 25' 07”
16 Dave Pudsey 25' 22”
17 Liz Sellers 25' 47”
18 Josh Purdy 26' 09”
19 Dave Pring 26' 13”
20 Craig Duffill 27' 21”
21 Dom Webster 28' 12”
22 Bob Eyre 28' 12”
23 David Field 28' 12”
24 Linda Hinchliffe 28' 35”
25 Wendy Marsh 28' 36”
26 Helen Rutter 28' 40”
27 Emma Choat 28' 42”
28 Leslie Bayes 28' 47”
29 Claire Scanlon 29' 17”
30 Lindsey Fleming 29' 36”
31 Shirley Field 29' 40”
32 Ruth Abel 29' 40”
33 Lyn Gent 29' 48”
34 Lisa Baker 29' 50”
35 Darren Walkington 30' 12”
36 Heidi Baker 30' 40”
37 Kay Walker 32' 26”
38 Tina Calthorpe 33' 15”
39 Robert Calthorpe 33' 17”
40 Selma Iqbal 33' 19”
41 Dave Duffill 33' 57”
42 Debbie Duffill 34' 29”
43 Linda Hall 34' 30”
44 Lisa Leck 36' 05”
45 Ros Purdy 37' 11”

Well done everybody and hopefully see you in the morning back at Sewerby Park

Happy Running



Christmas Update

For those who did not read the notice on Saturday this is just to clarify the parkrun timetable for Christmas an the New year.

There will be no runs this weekend ie. Friday (Christmas Day) or Saturday (Boxing Day). While access to the park may be possible there are no facilities open and therefore no safety measures available.

On the following Friday (New Years Day) there will be a timed 5k run from the Esplanade (outside Jerome's) starting at 9am. It is a straight course along the sea front and cliff top before rounding the shelter at the top of the Sewerby steps and returning by the same route. The route is visible all the way for spectators especially if you have binoculars! For after run coffee or breakfast 'Wetherspoons' just round the corner is open. Last year 49 braved a cold morning.......this year at the moment it looks like being unseasonably warm!

The following day, Saturday (January 2nd) there will be a parkrun at Sewerby Hall and Gardens as usual, and on the normal course.

Happy Christmas and Happy running to all.


Event 206 24th October 2015

"I keep on going because of the passion of the track. It is addictive. It's not for money, it's simply the thrill of racing."

Haile Gebrselassie (Olympic gold medalist, ex world marathon record holder......and much more!)

More Youngsters Shine.

Saturday proved a reasonable morning for running as the promised rain did not arrive until later in the day. With only one event left to complete the fourth year of Sewerby parkrun the numbers of starters remained quite high. 140 completed the course but the most encouraging aspect was the recent trend of younger runners putting in some very good performances.. Not so long ago we seemed to be commenting on the dearth of younger runners. However, as the parkrun year draws to a close it is worth noting that there are 11 runners with four or more events to their credit this year who will not reach their 12th birthday before our anniversary. They are Ciara Harper (11 runs), Declan Tindall (9 runs ), Nicholas Brown (8 runs ), Dylan Lamb (7 runs ), Ashton Dowson (6 runs ), Elliot Macauley (5  runs), Freya Pearson (5 runs ), Jack Shephard (5 runs ), Alistair Sayer (4 runs ), Daniel Marr (4  runs), and Nico Masucci (4 runs ).

The female result on Saturday was again one for the younger generation. First was Gemma Walker a JW 11-14 on her first Sewerby run. She completed the course in 20' 21" and was only 19" outside the age record that is the third longest held at Sewerby. Ruby Firth in the same age bracket followed her in the quick time of 20' 49". Ruby must be even younger than Gemma as her run proved to be the third best performance in the whole field by getting an age graded score of 78.22% compared to Gemma's 77.23%. They were only beaten on performance by the Potters once more with John this time proving the better with 81.32% and Janet with 79.89%. Third lady home was Deborah Church in 21' 44".

The men's event had last Sunday's Bridlington half marathon winner in Matty Adcock taking part. One could say he strolled home in the lead with a time of 18' 29", well within his parkrun PB of 15' 29". Second was Tyler Evans in his 5th Sewerby run and equaling his best place having never been lower than 8th. His time of 19' 02" was only 2" outside his PB. He was closely followed by Ben Cunningham in his 7th Sewerby run and only 1" outside his PB.

Experience was in the field in the form of Anita Flack. Not only has she 213 parkruns to her credit but she has performed 26 volunteer roles in that time. It shows the balance of how parkrun relies on volunteer duties. The three volunteer duties requested per year per runner still means there are 49 other possibilities to run each year!

In addition Dave Pudsey completed his 100th run on Saturday. 84 have been at Sewerby and he has a PB of 25' 29" so scoring over 60%.

In a week where there were 22 recorded PBs most were taken by runners relatively new to the parkrun experience. However, with 22 Sewerby runs Mandy Miller came through with a time of 38' 50". She started in September 2014 and was for the first time under 40', taking a massive 1' 19" from her previous PB.

End of Year

Just a reminder that this Saturday marks the end of the 4th year of Sewerby parkrun. With this run the points competition will close. If you want to record your points for this year make a note of them soon as the computer will return everybody to zero for the 5th year starting. It is a good way to check consistency and compare year on year.


After the run on the 7th November there will be presentations taking place in the Orangery. It would be nice if as many as possible could attend. For those who normally stop for a drink in the cafe it will just mean a change of venue as the refreshments will be available in the Orangery.

Finally thanks to all those who took part or helped at the Kilham 10k.

Happy running


Event 205 17th October 2015

"We run, not because we think it is doing us good, but because we enjoy it and cannot help ourselves. The more restricted our society and work become, the more necessary it will be to find some outlet for this craving for freedom. No one can say "You must not run faster than this, or jump higher than that." The human spirit is indomitable."

Sir Roger Bannister (First person to run a mile in under 4 minutes.)

Ladies Day

What initially looked like a smaller field, during the last few minutes turned into 143 runners which was the 13th highest field in 4 years and 40% up on the same week last year.

Both the men's and women's events were led home by the youngest athletes for quite a few weeks. Top honours though had to go to the ladies who were brought home in 15th place by Rachel Nealon a JW11-14 athlete in a PB time of 20' 25", only to be followed by an even younger athlete in Isobel Nicholls running for the youngest age category JW10. She was rewarded with the excellent time of 21' 43". Janet Potter, I am sure for this week will not have minded coming third with 23' 15" and finishing behind athletes two generations younger! Significantly these three ladies were also the best runners in the whole field. However, the order was different. Janet was best with 81.15% as an age and gender corrected score. Next came Rachel with 79.76% to be followed by Isobel with 78.59%. Finally, even though, the run of Isobel was only the third best performance it was the only age record of the day. Perhaps, more importantly, to show the quality of her run her JW10 record is now 28 seconds faster than the equivalent boy's record. This is the only age record where a (girl, lady, woman, you choose!!) has run faster than her male counterpart. Isobel ran with Ian Nicholls, possibly her dad (?) and on each visit to Sewerby they have both run PBs so who is keeping up with whom? I think youth will eventually prevail!

There was a men's event! For some runners the Bridlington half marathon on the following day may have had an effect. First home was Joshua Smith, a first timer at Sewerby with a time of 18' 25". Second place went to Richard Smith in 18' 31", a previous leader on his only other visit to us. Third was Tyler Evans in his fourth run which have resulted in an 8th, 5th, 2nd and now 3rd places. He was also rewarded with another PB of 19 minutes exactly.

There were 31 PBs on a good morning for fast running. The two noteworthy performances were Duncan Smart who after 26 Sewerby runs managed to chip 2" from his PB with 22' 03". A 21' time looks on the horizon. Charlie Leighton with 35 runs under his belt since August 2013 has now set a PB in each of his last three Sewerby runs and now has a time of 25' 48".


Andy Godfrey form Bridlington Road runners has asked me to kindly thank all those parkrunners who either took part in the half marathon on Sunday or equally helped in some way by marshaling etc. I know this will include many athletes from all the local clubs and reinforces the inclusive nature of parkrun while retaining the personal element of competitiveness.

4th Year Anniversary

There are now only two runs left for points to be awarded in this years competition for consistency. At the moment the results look settled but it is still mathematically possible for the results to change. More importantly the results will be declared and the presentations made this year in the Orangery at Sewerby Hall after the parkrun on  7th November. It would be nice if as many athletes as possible can stay after the event to celebrate for a short while the completion of 4 years of parkrun events at Sewerby Hall.

Kilham 10k

Finally just a reminder once more that there is a free 10k run at Kilham next Sunday. Details were posted last week and there are details on the table at the start of parkrun. The event will be marshaled and times taken and reported. Come along and treat it as training or run as quickly as you feel.......nice village pub afterwards!!

Happy running


Event 204 10th October 2015

"You have to forget your last marathon before you try another. Your mind can't know what's coming."

Frank Shorter (Winner of the Olympic marathon in Munich 1972)

Run, Jog, who is doing what?

With the Scarborough 10k on the following day and Bridlington half marathon to follow next week performances varied. However, this is what parkrun is all about. On any Saturday it is what you want to make it, a hard run, a social jog, a training run at a set pace or a get round at any cost! It is nice to see that with all these other events numbers are still up by about 20 runners on the previous year. It is a fact that in the last 38 weeks there have only been fields with less than 100 on 4 occasions, a remarkable advance on the early days of 2011.

The field contained several visiting runners who were over for the Scarborough 10k the following day but also the field were reminded about the parkrun link to alzheimers research and thanks go to Colin Garnett for the help in highlighting that cause.

The event was led by Shaun Hobson for his 4th occasion with a time of 18' 11". He was followed by Tyler Evans who only started 3 weeks ago and now has his highest finish and a PB of 19' 02". Surely with the progress of about a minute in just 3 weeks there is a future Sewerby first place waiting. Third place was taken by Arron Larkin a visitor from Sheffield in a time of 19' 15".

The women's field was headed by what appears to have been a close run thing as the first three were in overall positions of 17th, 18th and 19th. The mysteriously named Floss BR headed home in the lead with a time of 21' 46" to be very closely followed in 21' 59" by Emily Carver, who although still a junior, has been first on three previous occasions. While equally close in third place was Katherine Felgate with a time of 22' 10".

In a week when athletes were running for a variety of reasons there was one significant PB gained by Alan Clayton. Alan has 59 runs, all at Sewerby and Saturday in what is proving to be a purple patch gained his third consecutive PB. He has now broken 23' with a time of 22' 58". Alan runs as a VM55-59 athlete and has progressed from 25' 50" on his start back in March 2014.

Sweatshop Prize

The Sweatshop prize for the month of September has gone to Adam Palmer. Adam is a SM 25-29 athlete and after starting in September 2014 has possibly not missed a week amassing 54 runs all at Sewerby.. From that start with a respectable 26' 57" he has progressed through 17 PBs to a time of 19' 48" just 3 weeks ago which gained him a score of just over 65% on age adjustment. His best position has been 6th but he continues to improve with each event.

Kilham 10K

The next Kilham 10K run is taking place on Sunday 25th October. This again like parkrun is a free event but will be marshaled, timed and recorded. It consists of one 10k lap in a rural setting on country roads. It is open to all and can be treated in whatever way an athlete wants. It can be raced or treated as a Sunday morning training run. For anybody who has not tested themselves beyond 5k it is low key and a way to prove to yourself your capabilities, or you can just chat the whole way round!

Happy Running


Event 195 8th August 2015…….and a little bit of 194

"They don't give you gold medals for beating somebody. They give you gold medals for beating everybody."

Michael Johnson (Olympic champion at 200m and 400m.)

Calm Day, Quick running.

With the weather having picked up and the sea calm the scene was set for some good performances on Saturday. However, before that there needs to be a little mention of the previous week's event in that there were two age records which need crediting. In the VW 70-74 category Val Gardener ran a time of 38' 39" and in the VM 65-69 category Neil Scruton ran 20' 22" to further improve on the record he already held. The run also needs a very special mention as it goes down as the very best run ever at Sewerby in nearly four years. It gained Neil a score of 84.70% and goes to the top of the rankings by a margin of 1%.

The event result this week was taken by the course record holder Jack Robertson in a time of 16' 39". Jack now has recorded 5 times under 17' which is equal to Phill Taylor the previous course record holder. Jack's only other time was 17' 03"!. While not being as fast as the course record set in June it was still an age record as Jack must have had a birthday and passed into the SM 20-24 category. I know somebody else (PR) passing an age category boundary this month would wish for those times minus roughly 40+ years! Chasing Jack was a second Scarborough athlete Ryan Mancrief, who had to better his PB with 17' 24" to get close. They were followed by Terry Midgley in only his third Sewerby run but 99th overall. His first time here in about a year's gap produced 17' 56".

The women's event was equally memorable for stunning performances. Sophia Saller came for her first Sewerby run and was 4th overall with the brilliant time of 18' 27". While the course record stands to Lauren Howarth at 17' 43" Sophia is the first woman to run a time in the 18' range as all others have been over 19'. It also puts her on the list as the 50th quickest athlete at Sewerby. All those quicker are men bar one! Second place went to a young athlete in Madeleine Johnson (JW11-14) with a time of 21' 11". This was only her second Sewerby attempt but a PB as this was 1' 20" better than her best last November. Deborah Church although a 35 time first placer and with 127 runs to her credit was third with a magnificent PB of 21' 15" and knocks 27" from her previous best.

With the good weather PBs were in abundance and from a field of 152 runners 42 managed to achieve that goal.. Some of those noteworthy athletes have been mentioned at the sharp end of the field but a few others need mentioning. Zoe Powell with a time of 23' 52" went under 24' for the first time. After being one of the most encouraging and helpful tail runners last week she had a great run to better her previous best. Sarah White after 38 Sewerby runs came home in 29' 57" to better 30' for the first time and is now over 2' better than her start in August 2013. Jane Hornby a 44 run Sewerby athlete ran in with a time of 25' 07" and is now extremely close to being a 60% athlete (59.92%). Finally it was not all woman of note as Scott Hargreaves after 32 Sewerby runs went under 19' for the first time with 18' 55" and after a start in November 2013 has had a good summer so far of gradual improvement.

After all that the best runs in the whole field might seem obvious. The best went to Neil Scruton in 15th place with 84.56%. At 20' 24" he was only 4" outside his age record of last week! Next best was Sophia Saller the women's leader with 80.22% and third best was the event leader Jack Robertson with 78.28%.

Points Compettition

Another month passes and the points competition shows some minor changes. In the men's competition Nick Jordan (3574 points) still has a lead over Adam Palmer (3420 points) but Joshua Taylor moves into third place with 3264 points. The women's event is still being led by Emma Walkington with 3270 points but Zoe Powell from third place last month has closed the gap to a fraction with 3264 points. Deborah Church has now drifted out to third place with 3230 points. Three months to go and all to play for, to use another sporting parlance!

Event 200

Just another reminder that on September 12th it will be the 200th Sewerby parkrun since the start in November 2011. I know the date which cannot change because of numerical order is surrounded by many other running events but it would be great to achieve a record field of over 200. Everybody does not have to run hard. We have often said that a social group can jog or walk at the back. If all the local club runners who have previously done Sewerby parkrun turn up then we should more than manage the target without the reliance on "visitors" . With field numbers generally up by 20% week on week this year it would point us in the right direction for the fourth anniversary in November.

Happy Running



Event 186 6th June 2015

"The thinking must be done first before the training begins."

Peter Coe (Father and coach to Seb Coe)

A Windy and youthful event

It is always bad news when arriving on a Saturday morning and you can see white crests on the waves all over the bay. Windy, on Saturday, is probably an understatement when plastic poles were bending over in the wind on the cliff top.

However, the seventh largest field of 138 assembled at Sewerby for the start. Again we are seeing a fairly even split with 62 women and 76 men. What was in particularly interesting and pleasing was seeing how many more younger runners were taking part and having an influence on the event. Four of the top ten runners were under 30 years old. In total 15 runners were under 20 years and 5 of these were in the top 20. Oliver Brown a regular top ten finisher was 7th, Joshua Taylor was 11th, Sacha Butterworth was 12th Lewis Dale was 16th and Thomas King was 18th.

In among all this youth  there was one very good age record broken but it went to a runner at the other end of the age spectrum. Geoffrey Howard came for his first Sewerby parkrun and in finishing in 21st place gained the VM70-74 age record with a time of 22' 18". This also came out as the best run on the day and gaining Geoffrey an age corrected score of 80.04%.

The whole event was led home by Harry Holmes who after a 4th place in his first event last week went three better to come home in a time of 17' 52". Harry is a SM20-24 runner which was also the age group of third placer Calum Hattersley with 18' 43". Calum has, although young, 105 runs to his credit but this was his first Sewerby excursion. Second place in the closest finish for many weeks went to Danny Brunton who was only one second adrift in 17' 53"

In the women's event first and third places were also taken by younger athletes. The event was taken by Sacha Butterworth in 21' 04" with Hannah Baynes taking third place in 23' 13". They were split by 31 time event leader Deborah Church who was second with 22' 16". Sacha with a score of 74.06% recorded the third best run in the whole field. Second best run went to regular high achiever at Sewerby, Janet Potter, who in 30th place scored 79.38%.

The very strong wind put paid to many PB expectations. While there were 26 PBs in total most of these were in the early attempts at Sewerby and with better weather must surely improve further during the summer. One runner does stand out, and although many runners in the bulk of the field will not notice Dian Crone, she has made remarkable progress since starting at Sewerby in January this year. Today Dian manged her 6th PB with a time of 38' 35" which also gave her, her first score of over 40%. She is now running at nearly six minutes faster than when she started. Well done.

A final fact which may have gone unnoticed is that someone today completed the 64,000 kilometre since Sewerby parkrun started.Put that on a globe and see how far it gets you.....some relay!

Sweatshop Prize.

This months Sweatshop prize has gone to Simon Porter. Simon has supported Sewerby parkrun since the very earliest days. He now has a total of 171 parkruns to his name but importantly over 150 of these have been at Sewerby. His encouragement and commitment are shown by the fact that his family have well over 500 parkruns in total and both Kirsten and Ashley are previous Sweatshop prizewinners. Simon has a PB of 20' 48" and in each year since 2012 has recorded a best time of under 22 minutes. A great achievement and very well done.


This is an early notice that there will be a parkrun BBQ at the Ship Inn Sewerby on Sunday 5th July. Details will be on the table at the start of the next few weeks' runs to show your interest. It will be early evening so kids can come too but do have a look at the details.

Happy running.


Event 177 4th April 2015

"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else."

Albert Einstein (Theory of relativity etc. If you run on the deckof a cruise ship travelling at 20 mph how fast are you travelling towards the bow and how fast towards the stern?!!)

Record Numbers.

Saturday morning produced a remarkable field for the Easter parkrun. In line with the increasing numbers that have taken part lately we attracted the Sewerby record number of participants at 192 runners. This topped the previous record of 188 for the 100th event back in October 2013. This was an event when we put a lot of effort into getting everybody to run and achieve at least a field of 100. Saturday therefore proved even more rewarding as it showed that the Sewerby parkrun is a growing event naturally. It is now eight weeks since there was a field of less than 100. Considering our location regarding centres of population this is very encouraging. From the results on Saturday it can be seen that we attract runners from far afield as it reflects the nature of a coastal resort and we can only wait to see what the May Bank holidays and August Bank holiday bring. While the weather for those might even be better on Saturday it was a good morning to run as there was very little wind and it was not too cold.

The event looked quite spectacular on the cliff top with all abilities strung out to see down to the coastguard station and back. Also the quality of the field showed throughout as the gaps everywhere were much less than usual. Paul Wass in his third Sewerby run was first in 18' 22" but only 8" back was Simon Bennett in his second Sewerby run with a time of 18' 30". They, in turn, were followed by a young athlete in Michael Watson in 18' 44". Michael was also in only his second Sewerby run but his first back in November 2013 had produced a first place.

In the women's event it was again, like Michael, the 15-17 age group which prevailed. This time Martha Clapp in her first Sewerby appearance came over the line in 20' 43" to be just ahead of Sacha Butterworth even younger at 11-14 in 20' 54". Third place was taken by Sian Morgan who has previously place first on 7 occasions in a time of 21' 26".

Sian Morgan also came out just ahead of Jon Morgan in the age graded stakes. Sian was scored at 79.16% while Jon scored 78.31% but they were both topped this week by the event leader Paul Wass who scored 79.67%. These are all excellent near 80% achievements but to put it in perspective last week at Nonsuch parkrun Jane Davies a W65 athlete ran 20' 41" to score 101.05%!!!

As already mentioned we attract more runners from further afield on holiday weekends and this showed in that there were 17 runners with over 100 runs credited to them. The most being credited to locals Simon and Ashley Porter with 162 closely followed by sister Kirsten Porter who has run 153 parkruns. 153 runs was matched by a Sewerby first timer in Graham Fisher a visitor from Kirkstall Harriers. Also there were a further 27 runners with over 50 parkruns to their name. In addition to this there were 15 runners who chose Easter weekend to embark on their very first parkrun event. Let us hope that they return for more.

In good running conditions 46 of the record field achieved PBs. The significant ones of these were the runners with over 25 Sewerby event appearances. Topping that list was Anthony Philip Hughes who after 63 runs ran a time of 21' 49". It was his first PB since last May and a time 6' better than his start in February 2013. Dianne Palmer after 25 runs and 9 PBs has a new best of 26' 34", and Gillian Halliwell after 46 runs knocked nearly a minute from her previous best with 27' 54". Vickie Ellerker has been competing for about 2 years in parkrun and is now 6' faster with a time of 26' 27". That's faster than catching worms!! Finally a bit of rivalry does no harm and both Josh Taylor and Tim Puleston now have PBs of 19' 52". For both it the first time under 20' on the Sewerby course although I know Josh has an under 20' time on the faster Hull course and also take into consideration that in June 2013 Josh began by running 30' 25"(!) There is hope for all! Tim's PB was his 11th at Sewerby in the year since he started back in March 2013. Well done to everybody and their achievements.

Finally thanks to all those parkrunners who turned up at Kilham and did a solid job over 10k. Particular thanks to Martin for the organisation and the other parkrun faithful who helped to make the event possible and run(!) smoothly for everyone.

Happy Running


Bridlington Free Press Sports Awards

This week there was the great news that Sewerby parkrun had won the Free Press Sport award for making a difference locally. We were nominated by Cathy Wood and David Field who regularly run at the Sewerby event. The trophy was on show last Saturday and hopefully it can be displayed in the cafe area at Sewerby Hall and raise awareness of parkrun in general and our event in particular. The citation that the nominators wrote summed up what parkrun is all about and what it has done for the local community in terms of participation at all levels for all. The citation went as follows:-


I would like to nominate the Sewerby Parkrun team of volunteers for the Bridlington Free Press Sports Awards “Community Award.”

The Parkrun has been running for just over three years now and had its 100th run in 2013, which was supported by 188 runners from the region. The Parkrun is organised solely by volunteers who willingly give up their Saturday mornings every week. They take responsibility for the safety of all the participants, supporters and general public by checking and clearing the course before the run starts and clearing away afterwards to ensure that the park is clear for all subsequent visitors.

Sewerby Parkrun is a free weekly event which is available to everyone, regardless of age or ability. Runners, joggers, children, veterans and dogs - all are welcomed and cheered on by the volunteers, creating an inclusive, friendly, family atmosphere.

Although it is a timed event, this is a run rather than a race. Everyone supports and encourages each other. Runners are equally pleased when their friends get a “personal best” as they are with their own, and will do anything to help or coach them. Runners also volunteer to marshal the event on some weeks.

The number of weekly participants has almost doubled in the past year, with other local sports clubs and running clubs also reporting an increase in membership. This can be partly attributed to the friendly, family atmosphere created at the Parkrun; the encouragement in peoples abilities and awareness of other opportunities for sports and recreation.

This also helps the wider community by promoting a healthy lifestyle; as people become more interested in sports they also take an interest in healthy eating and buying fresh, local produce. This is especially good for the younger participants as it helps to build life skills and good habits which they will keep for life. This also has physiological benefits, as it teaches youngsters the benefits of setting and achieving targets, working together, building communication skills, competition (winning and losing), pushing themselves past the limits they thought they had, building confidence in all aspects of life.

The friendly atmosphere starts before the run and continues on post run, with people meeting to hand down top tips, advice, swap stories and information on other runs, training, ideas and races. It is also one of the most spectacular Parkruns in the country, with it’s mix of cliff-top and woodland!

There is a fantastic level of respect and admiration for all those taking part in the run, which starts with the runners & marshals and also includes the general public who support and encourage the runners each week.

The parkrun is fantastically well organised, with the times and positions being posted to the website and emailed faster than most “professionally” organised races, which is a credit to the volunteers, marshals and timekeepers needed each week. The friendly, all inclusive atmosphere is a credit to all involved and long may this continue and I think that this hard work and dedication should be formally recognised within the community/area.

Due to the success of the weekly Parkrun, other runs have also been put on during 2014, with runs on New Years Day and the Kilham Time Trial.

Parkrun belongs to everybody who takes part whether as a runner or volunteer so this award belongs to all. We did in fact this week top 2000 different runners at Sewerby since the start in 2011. It now stands at 2011 runners weirdly!!

Well done one and all.



Event 173 7th March 2015

"You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them."

Michael Jordan (Olympic basketball gold medalist in the "dream teams" of 1984 and 1992"

Awards week

This week the news is not just about the run but about Sewerby parkrun winning the community award at the Bridlington Free Press sports awards. More of that in a separate post to follow. Also due to a computer breakdown there has been no run report for a couple of weeks, so sorry to those who achieved  any particular milestone in those weeks. If anybody feels something was missed and needs a mention then get in touch either on Saturday or by email to

The run was again well attended with over 100 (120) runners for the 4th consecutive week and that makes it over 100 for six of the last 8 weeks. 14 brand new parkrunners helped swell the ranks. We seem to be attracting about 40 runners each week over and above the same week in 2014. All those New Year resolutions seem to be holding intact.

The run was marked by Oliver Brown finally making it to the top of the tree. After 20 runs with 5 fourth places, 5 third places and a second place he succeeded with a time of 18' 52" which also gave him a PB by the massive margin of 1" (second not minute!). It was a well deserved first place as regular Nick Jordan was not far behind in 19' 11". They were followed by John Potter in 19' 58" for another 80% plus age graded run.

Another rewarding fact is that Oliver is still in a junior category JM15-17, but even he was topped in the age stakes by the women's winner. Very impressively Sacha Butterworth was taking part in her very first parkrun and she runs in the JW11-14 category. Her great result was in finishing 11th overall with a time of 21' 11". Second woman home was Hester Butterworth in 21' 38", this also being her very first parkrun. As Hester runs in the VW40-44 age category, one must hope that this is a brilliant family result by mum and daughter. Perhaps they will return next week and daughter will let mum prevail on the day before Mothering Sunday! Seven time first placer Sian Morgan was a close third in 21' 45".

This week there were several PBs but there were 3 significant ones after over 30 Sewerby runs. Lyn Gent took a massive 45" from her time of last week with 30' 30" and now has a sub 30' as a target. Linda Hinchliffe has 43 Sewerby runs under her belt and after starting in November 2012 has progressed through 7 PBs to this weeks time of 29'19". Finally Dave Pudsey has a great total of 72 runs but bettered a PB set way back in April 2013 with a time of 26' 09".

The best runs when computed with age grading were again a family affair. Although John Potter came home in an excellent third place giving him 80.30%, he was once more led by Janet Potter who scored 80.91%! Pat Bielby who holds the Sewerby age grade record was third with 78.97%.

One final observation that cannot be definitely proved is that there was the fastest time by a dog! I think he finished in around 21' but possibly we can link him to his owner in the results later. There was actually three very fast dogs all finishing in the top 20 after starting at the back!. I'm beginning to wish I was a dog!!

50 Up

This week Martin Booth recorded his 50th parkrun. 38 of these have been at Sewerby and he regularly scores around 80% in the age grading. He also has one first place at Sewerby to his credit. Missed in the last couple of weeks was Tim Puleston reaching the same mark. Tim now has 26 of his runs at Sewerby and a best of 20' 11".

Points Competition

We are now a third of the way through the Sewerby parkrun year so the competition is taking shape. While the points totals are beginning to spread there is still scope for 300 points which is what anybody can get for volunteering 3 times in any one year. This equals 3 first places. So don't just miss a week through injury or whatever.....volunteer! and the full table is on the "latest" tab of the Sewerby website.

Nick Jordan leads the men's competition with 1745 points with Oliver Brown second with 1643 points, close enough to change with one event. third place is taken by previous  winner Kevin Sissons standing on 1591 points.

The women are led by Emma Walkington on 1715 points. Zoe Powell is second on 1402 points but is closely followed by Deborah Church on 1378 points.

Happy Running