Internation Women’s Day

Calling all ladies.

It is International Women's Day on Sunday 8th March and parkrun is holding a special event in conjunction with This Girl Can on Saturday 7th March to celebrate. Sewerby will be joining in this celebration and we are hoping to fill as many volunteer roles on the day with females as possible. So, if you've been thinking about volunteering then make this your day. Please have a look at the roster & email to advise which role you would like to volunteer for.

Also, if you have any female friends, relatives or colleagues that have been considering joining the parkrun family, then please encourage them to register & join us on the day to either, walk, jog, run or volunteer.

And don't forget to wear purple


October 2019

In October 23 athletes comleted all 4 runs. Two of these were juniors Ethan Jones JM11-14 and Micah Gibson JM11-14. Kevin Sissons had the most runs at 333.

The most PBs was 3 by Paul Robinson VM45-49 and the most improved athlete this month was Keith Turnbull VM55-59 with a 2 minute improvement.

There was also one age group record in October. Event 409 on 5th October saw the VW75-79 record broken by Joan Marion Farey with a time of 35' 19".

Well done to all.


September 2019

There were 4 parkruns in September and 30 athletes completed these.

Terry O' Keefe (VM60-64) had 4 PBs for an improvement of 1' 28" this month.

Of the 30 competitors Linda Hall (VW70-74) with 314 events has completed the most events.

Deborah Church (VW40-44) of the 30 runners has the most PBs at 23.

The most improved time this month of 2' 58"  was achieved by Connor Adams (JM11-14).

Finally of the 30 Jay Gallagher (SM30-34) is the most improved over all time with an improvement of 18' 05".


August 2019

In August 24 athletes completed all 5 events at Sewerby and achieved the following results :-

Eduards Lurans (SM18-19) gained 5 PBs and was also the most improved in time at 3' 37"

David Duffill (VM60-64) added another 5 events to his total and has now completed 264 events.

William Lees (VM40-44) of all 24 athletes has the most PBs at 20.

Jay Gallagher (SM30-34) of the 24 athletes shows the greatest improvement in time at 16' 55"

Well done to all


Timekeeping, Scanning, Equipment Storage


We have been very lucky at Sewerby parkrun that for nearly seven years Jayne Sissons has been a timekeeper to rely on, covering a multitude of different mistakes attempted by athletes!

In addition over the last 6 months she has introduced timing using the app on an iphone. This is a much better system than using a watch. Firstly the times can be seen recorded on the screen and secondly they can at the completion of the last athlete be emailed directly, to be accessed for inputting the results in the cafe.

The app also allows scanning to be done simply using the camera and again the resulting file can be emailed directly after the finish. Ultimately this would be best for processing the results.

Alongside Jayne, Steve Wardley has recently done a fine job as backup timer, again using the app and Andrew Vaughan has for many weeks done scanner duties using one of our two opticon scanners.

parkrun have now developed the app for Android model phones and like the iphone app can be downloaded for free. Anybody can do this and just have a play to practice what scanning or timekeeping entails

Everybody who takes part or helps in any way is a volunteer so it would be good for Sewerby parkrun not to rely on a few who feel able to do the jobs without which parkrun would not happen.


The equipment for setting up the course is stored in a shed behind the offices a few yards from the cafe.

It is stored in bins so that it can be more easily set up the following week. One bin for the cliff top, one for the park area and one for the finish etc. While people are returning equipment from the course, the actual tidying and putting away is left to a very few. The only way to learn this job is to take a few minutes doing it before joining the queue in the cafe.

Equipment is also starting to get damaged just because it is dumped in a hurry rather than being put away properly in readiness for the following week.

David Duffill apart from the few regulars who set up the course has been the only one left doing this job in recent weeks. In the volunteers' roles there is one for "Equipment Storage and Delivery", so parkrun realise the importance of this role. To marshal is the easiest job to do but there are several other jobs without which parkrun would not take place on some weeks.



Start and Finish Changes

From this week there will be a change to the start and finish lines.

Seven years ago there were fields, regularly, of fewer than 100 participants. Now, with fields often closer to 250, it is not enough to just warn athletes to be careful on the first narrow bottleneck of a bend without addressing the issue.

For this reason, and for the simplicity in setting up, the actual course will not change. However, the start line will now be directly outside the park gate on the cliff top. The start line here can be much wider which will be better for all athletes of different paces and others with dogs and pushchairs etc. Also, any public will not be met on this narrow early path. This will be much better for the event to settle down in the wide open spaces down to the coastguard station without any bottlenecks.

This means a distance of just over 200m will not have been run/walked at the start. Some of this will be made up by moving the finish line 70m further along the the current path where the finish is. The remainder of the distance will be made up by a further 69.5m added to the loop beyond the the red flag turning point on the cliff top.

Varying the distance on the loop to the turn is the simplest solution as it can take into account any one off cricket ground activity that may encroach onto the line of the run. It is also the simplest solution for the volunteers setting up the course each week.

Recently there has been just a few people doing this necessary setting up job and it has been made more difficult when things have not been put away properly at the end of the previous event. Quite a few of the runners/walkers now do help to bring equipment back from around the course (especially necessary on a one lap course) but there is little help to put it away properly in readiness for the next week. This makes it more difficult and time consuming to set up the following week. With extra signage for the new start line it is even more important to look after the equipment that we have got and this entails storing it properly for the following week's course set up team.


6th Anniversary

Regular runners will know that the points competition which has taken place each year was cancelled in February by parkrun. So this year there  will be no prizes given out.

However, East Riding Council still wanted to recognise the anniversary of Sewerby parkrun which began on the 5th November 2011.

Therefore there will be a celebration after the run this Saturday in the Orangery. ERYC will be providing free tea/coffee and cake. Due to the size of the Orangery etc this will be for 120 runners maximum. It is hoped to show the "Active Coast" video from the summer and the video of the 300th parkrun taken earlier this year.

Hopefully it will a time to say thanks to everybody who makes parkrun Serwerby possible, including all the runners who give their 3 volunteer duties each year.


5th Anniversary

Thanks to all those who stayed behind on Saturday for the presentation of awards. Thanks also go to East Riding council and their representatives for the backing and foresight they gave in starting parkrun at Sewerby and the continued support which they give. Some may be aware that this year not all authorities have been so welcoming towards parkrun in their parks.

Thanks also to all the runners who supported the raffle with prizes and ,or the purchase of tickets. At the moment it appears that more than £200 has been raised.This will be spent on replacing equipment and purchasing new materials to benefit all who run both regularly at Sewerby and the many visitor runners that we get especially in the summer months.

Finally well done to all those who gained trophies. Once more the word "inspiration" to others comes to mind.


Event 245 8th August 2016

A Runner's Perspective.

My journey at Parkrun started almost 6 months ago where I was a volunteer at Oakwell Hall as part of my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. Only recently have I decided to start running these events, and as it is the school holidays why not travel around.

I've heard from many that Sewerby is a very windy course, yet arriving bright and early the day seemed warm and quite still!

Straight from the off I could see that there was some very good talent within the runners as a large group seemed to break away quite quickly. Settling into a nice rhythm the full impact of the sunny morning was clearly broadcast as it suddenly got very warm! Glancing down at my watch I realised I'd set off at a much faster pace than what I'm used to. 
Turning at the bottom, the first thing that hit me was the realisation of how far we had to go back! Although I was nicely pushed through by the beautiful scenery that reflected off the sea. 
Turning back past the hall, that's when the early fast pace began to bite back! Sensing I was at a slower pace I decided to just enjoy myself and take in the views. And what brilliant views they were! The cool shelter from the trees was very much appreciated as the race seemed to wind on and on going through lots of curves and bends. 
A few words from the locals warned me that the stairs were coming up which I had been dreading the whole way. Yet to my surprise they weren't too bad! 
A lovely little finish straight led to a time of 22:24 which although not the best, happy to say how tough it was!

Just like to say a huge thank you to all those volunteers who encouraged me throughout the race despite it being my first visit to this location. All very friendly people and well done for making such a good event which is just like clockwork to you all.

Great run, with the best of people!

Abbie Holyoake 

A massive thanks to Abbie for this piece. Although an experienced volunteer at her local run, this was only her third run. She also takes part in the JW15-15 age group and as often mentioned this is a rare group with only three taking part today.Perhaps Abbie will have encouraged others to contribute a report from their point of view.

Happy running


Sewerby Gala

As advertised around the town Saturday 30th July is the day before the Sewerby Gala. Once more we have had no communication from the organisation but recently the benches around the cricket pitch have been moved out about four times so we must assume that the metal barrier when erected will be beyond this.

We shall still use the loop on the cliff top as this is a public footpath and is included in the course risk assessment, but extra marshals will be needed in case there is any traffic on the private landtrain route and the bridleway and this needs to be halted while the runners are using this part of the course.

Early notification of anybody willing to marshal on that particular Saturday would be appreciated. Just drop an email or mention this next Saturday.

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