Would you like to join the core team at the Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park junior parkrun?


Can you help? Would you like to join the core team at the Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park junior parkrun? We’re look for some more run directors to join Arif, Thomas and Richard (and core team member Claire) to help organise and manage the events each week.

What does it involve? Each parkrun team takes a slightly different approach to roles and responsibilities. Some events split roles between various people, at Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park we find it easier for the Run Director (RD) to lead on a range of roles across the week. We take it in turns to be RD, so at the moment that means we’re each organising the event once every three weeks, but if we get more RDs then that will drop to once a month or less.

Before the event. If it’s your turn to be RD then you’ll take over from the previous RD on the Sunday afternoon, after everything has been wrapped up for that day’s event. That week you’ll be responsible in advance of the next event for organising the volunteer roster, writing Facebook posts to ask for volunteers (as well as posts to promote that week’s event), sending out the instructions to volunteers, assigning roles for the day and ensuring everything is ready for the next event.

During the event. On the day itself you’ll be responsible for the event - though generally there will be one of the other RDs there volunteering in a different role and helping out the RD in charge that day. You’ll check the course (and the weather) to see if there are any problems, you’ll make sure the cones and any other equipment is set out, you’ll welcome the volunteers and brief them on their roles, you’ll brief first timers taking part as well as welcoming everyone to the event. You’ll start the event, deal with any problems and make sure all the volunteers are happy.

After the event. Once it's over you’ll make sure everything is packed away and that the barcode scanners and timekeepers have uploaded everything to the parkrun system. The parkrun results system (WebFMS) is easy to use and virtually foolproof, it processes all the results with you ironing out any problems it highlights. You’ll then provide Facebook updates after the event as well as dealing with any issues before handing over to the next RD. That’s it! It may sound onerous and time consuming but it isn’t - it’s probably at most 2 hours of your time during the week with all the core team helping each other as needed. What we haven’t mentioned is that it’s so fun and rewarding being a run director, helping everyone whether walkers, runners or volunteers have a great start to their Sundays.

Are you interested? If you’re interested what happens next? You’re bound to have questions so just ask - email us at sheffieldolpjuniors@parkrun.com or have a chat with one of us at a future event. If you’d like we can set up a video chat with you to talk through what’s involved. After that it’s a case of submitting your details to parkrun, having an up to date DBS check, reading the background parkrun documents and then shadowing an RD at a future event. We won’t drop you in at the deep end so would support you at every stage. It’s worth remembering that none of the the RDs at SOLP had been RDs before, so we’re still learning.

Don’t panic! If you’re reading this and thinking this is an urgent appeal for help, it isn’t. We can keep organising the events with three run directors, but it would be nice to have a bigger pool of people in the core team to draw from.

We look forward to hearing from you -  Arif, Thomas, Richard and Claire


….and we’re back!


After a year away it was great to be back at the Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park last Sunday for our 15th junior parkrun. What a morning it was - lovely weather and a record attendance for the course with 76 runners joining us, 19 of them completely new to parkrun. There were lots of personal bests but most importantly lots of smiling faces - not just the runners but parents, guardians and volunteers.

After all that time away we were really pleased with how smoothly it went, there was an increase in cones on last year with some adjustments to the finish funnel and marshal locations but the new upload system for the results (no more emailing) went well. We’re hoping to have the coffee cart back next week as people seemed to really enjoy that. The more people that use it then the more likely it is they’ll keep coming.

We look forward to everyone joining us next Sunday and future weeks.


We’re counting down to Sunday!


The event team have been down at the Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park today carrying out our final checks ahead of the event returning on Sunday (18th April). We've walked the course, planned out the changes we're making to the start & finish areas and are updating all the lanyards & documents.

We're ready and we're looking forward to seeing you on Sunday at 9am. We've been so pleased with the response to the request for volunteers, the roster was filled over a week and a half ahead of the event, something we're not used to. The roster is also filling up fast for the event on the 25th April but volunteers are always welcome. Just email us on sheffieldolpjuniors@parkrun.com.

Can we ask a favour of everyone? Whether you're a volunteer, parent or runner - please read the Covid codes of conduct (below) before you join us on the day. It will make things so much easier for the event team if everyone is familiar with them.

We look forward seeing you on Sunday and welcoming you back to Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park.

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We’re back!


We're delighted to confirm that Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park junior parkrun will be back on the 18th April. After a a break of over a year we're looking forward to seeing you, whether you're new to our course or have joined us before, everyone is welcome.

As part of the re-opening of parkrun, following the national guidance, we are only able to initially invite children aged 4-10 to take part. 11-14 year olds will be welcome to join us after the 5K parkruns start, which is currently scheduled for 12th June. You can find more details of the reasons for this HERE.

There will be some minor changes to the course due to the construction of the new community stadium having started. We're also having to make some changes, particularly with the finish funnel, due to the the parkrun Covid framework but this won't affect you too much. We would ask that you all familiarise yourselves with the Covid code of conduct before you join us, whether as a runner or a volunteer. Click on the images below for full details. If you've got any questions then please just ask.

We look forward to seeing you on the 18th April and the Sundays after that.

We're really pleased that after so long away that the volunteer roster is filling up so well for the 18th April. We still have spaces for the first event back and of course future events. We're always looking for volunteers, whether it's your first time or you're experienced, it's great fun. Just email us on sheffieldolpjuniors@parkrun.com if you're interested or want to know more.

We look forward to seeing you on the 18th April.


Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park junior parkrun: Event 12

Thanks to Anne Smith for this week's run report.


A dry but blustery day waited for an intrepid 67 parkrunners today. It was good seeing children run, walk and sometimes skip before completing the sprint up our running track to the finish.

The blustery conditions did not stop Edward setting a new course record at our 12th event. 16 of you managed to set new PBs. Along with the fast times, we had several milestones:

* 3 half marathon (blue wristband)

* 1 marathon (green wristband)

Well done to the 18 first timers to Sheffield Olympic Legacy junior parkrun and especially welcome to the 5 children who completed their first ever parkrun. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and our course and hope to see you again soon. We are here every Sunday.

Over the last 12 parkruns, we have had 260 children take on our course and with the weather improving we're looking forward to more of you joining us in future weeks.

We are grateful to our volunteers who make the event possible every week. If you can help out then please email into sheffieldolpjuniors@parkrun.com. Volunteering is great fun and you’ll be very welcome

Finally, did you accidentally take home token number 16? We’d love to have him back for next week please.

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