Sheringham parkrun number 346 – 13th July 2019

The wonderfulness of parkrun in 2019 is that we have over 700 UK events (with more to come!) to choose from. It was such a dilemma for me this week: Do I choose an event which starts with ‘C’ as I need to complete the Pirate Challenge? (If you’re not sure about what I’m talking about, see the Running Challenges web browser extension which is completely for fun but quite addictive!) Do I choose a different event which is close by? Decisions, decisions…

As I had never visited Norfolk, fancied a coastal event and had set myself the completely arbitrary challenge of doing as many National Trust parkruns as possible; Sheringham was the choice! I did a bit of research via the parkrun show podcast which upped the excitement levels, despite the rather early start.

It was cloudy and drizzly when I arrived (hooray for toilets being open early!) but the rain soon stopped and humidity was setting in by the time 256 people assembled on the Run Briefing field ready for the 346th event. I was delighted to meet Deana and Martin Shilliday who were sporting ‘Houghton Hall Casual Joggers’ tops (fancy being 3 hours away from home and meeting fellow runners from a neighbouring club!). We were three of the 67 people who were new to Sheringham and 9 were brand new to parkrun. Welcome and keep parkrunning!

Sheringham parkrun

Trotting to the start point.

As the cows were by Sheringham Hall, the slightly traumatisingly named ‘Heartbreak Hill’ route was our treat this morning. I have a soft spot for woodland parkruns and when coastal views, wildflower meadows and a steam train station is the cherry on top; I absolutely loved it. Despite the cheeky undulations and rather steep (but short!) mound of opportunity near the end; 42 people achieved PBs: well done!


This morning’s route. Looks like a swan with a wonky neck?

Thank you to the 15 wonderful volunteers: Today’s marshals Robert Smith, Phil King, Janet Acott, Sarah Catherine Mapes, Jonathan Michael Platten, Harriet Chastney and Deborah Perez-Selsky who provided support and direction as we trotted round. Karl Read and Jeremy Bolam were our timekeepers, David Davies gave out finish tokens, Kay King and Gary Linder were barcode scanning, Adrian Dyde was a VI guide, Karen Bell was tail walker and John Aylward was run director. The majority of the volunteer roles are straight forward and if you fancy helping, please do check the volunteer roster and email with your parkrun barcode number and the role and dates when you can help. I’m sure volunteer coordinator Kay will be delighted to hear from you!

Sheringham parkrun

Spot the parkrunners

Congratulations to Elizabeth Barnard on your 50th, to Jacob Stares and Adam Smith on your 100th and to Fiona Morrison on your 200th parkruns. There’s a bit of an issue with claiming milestones tees at the moment so please keep an eye on your emails!

Sheringham parkrun

Just one of the lovely views

23 people forgot their barcodes so please remember to print them out for next time. Check out this link if you have registered for parkrun but can’t remember how to access your barcode.

If you want to stay in touch with the latest Sheringham shenanigans check out its Facebook page. Just in case you’re not tired of links Dame Kelly: The Power of parkrun will be shown on BBC1 this Monday at 7.30pm and for extra parkrun passion, there’s always the weekly With Me Now podcast.

I loved the course and enjoyed finally seeing the Norfolk coast, exploring the park’s grounds and checking out the first day of Sheringham’s ‘History Weekend’. Planning to come back during rhododendron season!

Don’t forget to volunteer and enjoy the rest of your week!
Wai Meng

Sheringham parkrun

Thank you volunteers!