Saturday 18th October is a very special day for everyone involved with Sheringham parkrun. We will gather to run and celebrate our 100th parkrun!

And, as you made Sheringham parkrun such a success, we are encouraging as many people as possible to come along in superhero fancy dress, or, impersonating someone that you have always idolised. You could dress up as your Dad, or Bruce Lee! HWWWOOAAARR!! The choice is yours!

We are also looking for volunteer cake bakers to bring along a tasty treat (superhero or parkrun themed, or '100th runday' if you like) to share with fellow parkrunners after the run.

Who'd have thought back in 2012 that we would be coming together as a community to create such a consistently good sporting event each week, in stunning grounds, where kids, adults and K9's run side by side for fun. It has provided a platform for many inspiring stories of personal development, overcoming obstacles and making parkrun a regular feature for some people who would never have considered themselves as 'a runner':

What else have we achieved?

* 10,000 runs! covering:
* 50,000KM! (31,000 Miles)
* 5000 hours of running
* 2000 individual runners!
* 2000 Personal Bests!
* Members from 225 athletics clubs!
* Incredible course records from Olivia Walwyn, Dave Mitchinson and Jane Clarke!
* A LOT of very sweaty and dazed people!
* Copious amounts of coffee and cake!
* A very happy National Trust Centre manager!

But, the ingredient without which would render parkrun a dead duck, is our army of incredible volunteers. Finding 12 helpers each week is no mean feat, but you have responded to the call for help on every occasion, and in a truly selfless manner: to name a few - Chris Wray, Kay King, Kathy Findlay, Natasha Mcglinchey, Will Gentry, Sarah Tudhope, Libby Ashton, Andy & Catherine Young, Tina Foster, Jim Hayes, Chris Merrylegs, and many, many more.

On behalf of the Core Team (Janet Acott, Mandy Beresford, Chris Brown, Ross Haddow, Clive Hedges, Gary Linder, Lisa Othon, Karl Read)


We look forward to celebrating with you Super Heroes on the 18th October


Easter Bunny Run (Saturday 19 April)

OOOHHH! DID I HEAR YOU SAY FANCY DRESS!!!? The Bunny Run is back folks, and this Easter (Saturday 19 April) we would be delighted if you would like to run dressed as a rabbit, egg, chick or perhaps a recently reincarnated Jesus Christ. Onesies, as always are encouraged with or without an Easter theme (we just like them!).

We will require all runners to complete the entire 5KM route with an egg and spoon. Anyone dropping their egg will not be allowed to finish. JUST KIDDING!!! We hope to see a bumper number of park runners there this Easter, please spread the word and encourage friends and family to come and join in the fun!

Best wishes from your Run Directors: Chris, Clive, Gary, Karl, Keith, Janet, Lisa Ross and Mandy x x x


Special Event – Carnival Run @ Sheringham parkrun! 10/08/2013

Sheringham parkrun is holding a special Carnival Run event on Saturday 10th August to coincide with the North Norfolk carnival season! No frills except the ones on those outfits, this is simply a case of enjoying a spectacular parkrun and having lots of fun in elaborate outfits! We hope to inspire many newcomers to parkrun and find that the fancy dress runs really get people in the spirit! Whether you are registered with parkrun or not (being registered means you get timed and show up in the results!), you are welcome to come and join in the fun. Children runners especially welcome (but children 10 and under must be accompanied by a grown-up). Please share and spread the word!!

For more info in joining parkrun visit

Karl Read & Chris Brown
Event Directors
Sheringham parkrun
Follow us on Twitter @Sherparkrun
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