Festive Events at Sherwood Pines

Afternoon All!

Just a quick note to confirm that they'll be no extra events over the Festive period at Sherwood Pines (due to park closures).

Keep an eye on the Christmas events page on the parkrun UK website for other local events.

Happy parkrunning everyone,

Sherwood Pines parkrun Core Team


Christmas & New Year at Sherwood Pines parkrun

Just a quick note to let everyone know...

This year the core team have thought long and hard and decided that we won't be putting on extra events on Christmas Day and New Years Day.

With so many events in the Nottinghamshire area I'm sure they'll be options if you wish to sneak in a few extra runs in the festive period!


Event 27: 30/4/16 – The one with the ‘Hen Doooo’

Another beautiful morning in the Pines which saw 240 runners and 14 volunteers come to the forest to make parkrun 27 another fantastic event.

This week we welcomed tourists from the likes of Worcestershire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire and the a fair amount of parkrunners that usually attend one of the other parkruns in Nottinghamshire. Other notable participants were a pack of cani-crossers (I think that's the collective noun) and, another first...a Hen party.


Congratulations Zoe and good luck with your up-coming nuptials!

Another fantastic job was done by our volunteers. Thank you all for helping us put the event on. We really couldn't do it without you. If you haven't volunteered yet, please consider it. If you have any questions about volunteering, come and talk to us at next week's event or email us.


So out of 240 runners, Tony Goodyear was our first finisher romping home in record time. Our first lady, Sarah Estelle also bagged a PB. Excellent running.

And talking of PBs 80 of you ran round in record time, and with 81 joining us for their very first parkrun over half of the field ran the course in their best time...amazing!

A quick reminder of the parkrun code which, if you participate in the event we ask you to work with
1. Please pay attention to the pre-run briefing
2. Respect everyone's right to participate in their own way (as long as your running, jogging or walking)
3. Under 11s always within arm's reach of a parent or guardian
4. One dog maximum and run on a short lead
5 .Be mindful of your local environment and other park users (please report any concerns to the Run Director)
6. No barcode, no time, no exceptions
7. Please thank the volunteers
8. Have fun, it's only a run in the park!


Couple of things to let you know about. On the 21 May 2016 we will be having our first Junior takeover which will see all the volunteer roles being filled by some of your regular under 18s. Also, on 4th June the event will be taken over by our cani-crossers. It's a great opportunity for you to meet our regular of dog runners.

Thank you again for coming out and making our little run in the park so special. If you coming back next week, we'll bring the signs, stopwatches and scanners. You only need to bring yourself, oh and that printed barcode.


Event 18: 27/2/16 – The one with our first pacing event…

So after a few requests we thought we'd give a pacing week ago. We're not going to lie we had a few sleepless nights over it - but in the end we needed of worried and all was well...

A huge thanks to our merry bunch of pacers who managed to help snag a massive 48 PB for the field - well done all you looked fabulous!


But we can't go any further without mentioning our lovely bunch of volunteers. Without their time and support no one would of been able to take a gallop round our ace course - it was a cold one guys!


If you fancy giving volunteering a bash then please speak to one of the core team or regular volunteers. Trust us it's loads of fun and it's a great way to meet new people. Simply drop us a post on our Facebook page or send an email to sherwoodpinesoffice@parkrun.com

It is lovely to see so many families coming along to the Pines each week. Whether to run, volunteer or spectate. Look out for our junior takeover date in early April. Mikey and Isabel are raring to go!


Speaking of Isabel we can't miss another opportunity to embarrass her once again. Not every nine year old would get up at 7am to come to parkrun to scan for you on their birthday - we hope you enjoyed the sweets and cake?


Finally we just want to remind you all that without a barcode you will not get a time in the results. This week our male course record was smashed, but unfortunately the runner didn't have a barcode and therefore missed out on the time!

Your barcode must be printed and we won't accept any electronic devices (e.g phones, watches). Each runner must have their own barcode. We've had a couple of instances recently where multiple runners have scanned the same barcode for different tokens. This causes problems with the results - please, please don't forget your barcode!

That's it folks - Matt and his team of ace Magic Makers will see you at the bell for another epic run in park on Saturday.

#lovepinesparkrun #SYATB #DFYB


Event 15: 6/2/16 – The one where it was really, really wet…

My goodness it was wet this week! The Pines core team were expecting the numbers to be well down on the last couple of weeks (with the parkrun bingo guesses reflecting this) but an amazingly hardy 144 runners and 14 fantasic volunteers braved the weather conditions to make event 15 another great morning.

Each week it's amazing to see the community grow, recognise more familiar faces and get to know peoples names. This week it was a real family affair with oodles of families running or volunteering together...

Here's Stacey (time keeping), Luke (on the funnel), James (who got a new shiny PB), Roger (who also got a new PB), Lucy and Sarah along with other members of the family who supported everyone through the funnel with claps and cheers. Thank guys - it was a privilege to have you with us this week and to get to know you a little better.


This week we welcomed tourists from our neighbouring parkruns around Nottingham along with Chesterfield, Luton, Buckingham, Newcastle and Stoke. We also were joined by the lovely lot from Nottingham Sweatshop Running Community - we hope you enjoyed your outing at Sherwood Pines and hope to see you again soon!

As many of you are aware due to the nature of our ace course we welcome Canicross runners (and their dogs) each week. These guys are VERY much part of our community and we're working closely with them to ensure that they (along with everyone else) get the most out of the parkrun experience. We've taken on feedback from the community and have set up the following:

- A designated briefing area for the runners and dogs
- The guys will always let us know when they're coming down so we can put extra volunteers in place
- Ensuring the leads and harnesses are of a suitable length

Speaking of Canicross - we can't not mention the lovely Heather. Talk about dedication! She's nursing a broken foot and still came out in the wind and rain to look after that clipboard.


A huge thanks to Heather and all the volunteers who got soaking wet this week...

The multitasking Luke with the bell:


Not forgetting our fab marshals out on the course including the brilliant Jen:


Best have a quick word about the runners now:

Huge congratulations to Matthew Jelley who joined the 10 Club this week.

This weeks first finishers were David Fletcher who was a first timer to both parkrun and the Pines - not a bad start hey? Sally Hughes scored a fab PB to be our first female.

All the volunteer team commented on how strong every ones finishes were this week. A huge thanks to everyone who gathers round the finish area to support runners coming in - trust us it makes a real difference. Here's some of those storming finishes:



Finally, this week token 129 went missing. If you've taken it home by mistake please let us know so we can reunite it with its mates!

The tokens are property of parkrun and we do need them every week - please don't wander off with them.

Right, enough waffle; we'll see you next week for another ace run in the park (preferably without the rain).

#dfyb #syatb

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