Event 27: 30/4/16 – The one with the ‘Hen Doooo’

Another beautiful morning in the Pines which saw 240 runners and 14 volunteers come to the forest to make parkrun 27 another fantastic event.

This week we welcomed tourists from the likes of Worcestershire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire and the a fair amount of parkrunners that usually attend one of the other parkruns in Nottinghamshire. Other notable participants were a pack of cani-crossers (I think that's the collective noun) and, another first...a Hen party.


Congratulations Zoe and good luck with your up-coming nuptials!

Another fantastic job was done by our volunteers. Thank you all for helping us put the event on. We really couldn't do it without you. If you haven't volunteered yet, please consider it. If you have any questions about volunteering, come and talk to us at next week's event or email us.


So out of 240 runners, Tony Goodyear was our first finisher romping home in record time. Our first lady, Sarah Estelle also bagged a PB. Excellent running.

And talking of PBs 80 of you ran round in record time, and with 81 joining us for their very first parkrun over half of the field ran the course in their best time...amazing!

A quick reminder of the parkrun code which, if you participate in the event we ask you to work with
1. Please pay attention to the pre-run briefing
2. Respect everyone's right to participate in their own way (as long as your running, jogging or walking)
3. Under 11s always within arm's reach of a parent or guardian
4. One dog maximum and run on a short lead
5 .Be mindful of your local environment and other park users (please report any concerns to the Run Director)
6. No barcode, no time, no exceptions
7. Please thank the volunteers
8. Have fun, it's only a run in the park!


Couple of things to let you know about. On the 21 May 2016 we will be having our first Junior takeover which will see all the volunteer roles being filled by some of your regular under 18s. Also, on 4th June the event will be taken over by our cani-crossers. It's a great opportunity for you to meet our regular of dog runners.

Thank you again for coming out and making our little run in the park so special. If you coming back next week, we'll bring the signs, stopwatches and scanners. You only need to bring yourself, oh and that printed barcode.