Event 18: 27/2/16 – The one with our first pacing event…

So after a few requests we thought we'd give a pacing week ago. We're not going to lie we had a few sleepless nights over it - but in the end we needed of worried and all was well...

A huge thanks to our merry bunch of pacers who managed to help snag a massive 48 PB for the field - well done all you looked fabulous!


But we can't go any further without mentioning our lovely bunch of volunteers. Without their time and support no one would of been able to take a gallop round our ace course - it was a cold one guys!


If you fancy giving volunteering a bash then please speak to one of the core team or regular volunteers. Trust us it's loads of fun and it's a great way to meet new people. Simply drop us a post on our Facebook page or send an email to sherwoodpinesoffice@parkrun.com

It is lovely to see so many families coming along to the Pines each week. Whether to run, volunteer or spectate. Look out for our junior takeover date in early April. Mikey and Isabel are raring to go!


Speaking of Isabel we can't miss another opportunity to embarrass her once again. Not every nine year old would get up at 7am to come to parkrun to scan for you on their birthday - we hope you enjoyed the sweets and cake?


Finally we just want to remind you all that without a barcode you will not get a time in the results. This week our male course record was smashed, but unfortunately the runner didn't have a barcode and therefore missed out on the time!

Your barcode must be printed and we won't accept any electronic devices (e.g phones, watches). Each runner must have their own barcode. We've had a couple of instances recently where multiple runners have scanned the same barcode for different tokens. This causes problems with the results - please, please don't forget your barcode!

That's it folks - Matt and his team of ace Magic Makers will see you at the bell for another epic run in park on Saturday.

#lovepinesparkrun #SYATB #DFYB


Event 15: 6/2/16 – The one where it was really, really wet…

My goodness it was wet this week! The Pines core team were expecting the numbers to be well down on the last couple of weeks (with the parkrun bingo guesses reflecting this) but an amazingly hardy 144 runners and 14 fantasic volunteers braved the weather conditions to make event 15 another great morning.

Each week it's amazing to see the community grow, recognise more familiar faces and get to know peoples names. This week it was a real family affair with oodles of families running or volunteering together...

Here's Stacey (time keeping), Luke (on the funnel), James (who got a new shiny PB), Roger (who also got a new PB), Lucy and Sarah along with other members of the family who supported everyone through the funnel with claps and cheers. Thank guys - it was a privilege to have you with us this week and to get to know you a little better.


This week we welcomed tourists from our neighbouring parkruns around Nottingham along with Chesterfield, Luton, Buckingham, Newcastle and Stoke. We also were joined by the lovely lot from Nottingham Sweatshop Running Community - we hope you enjoyed your outing at Sherwood Pines and hope to see you again soon!

As many of you are aware due to the nature of our ace course we welcome Canicross runners (and their dogs) each week. These guys are VERY much part of our community and we're working closely with them to ensure that they (along with everyone else) get the most out of the parkrun experience. We've taken on feedback from the community and have set up the following:

- A designated briefing area for the runners and dogs
- The guys will always let us know when they're coming down so we can put extra volunteers in place
- Ensuring the leads and harnesses are of a suitable length

Speaking of Canicross - we can't not mention the lovely Heather. Talk about dedication! She's nursing a broken foot and still came out in the wind and rain to look after that clipboard.


A huge thanks to Heather and all the volunteers who got soaking wet this week...

The multitasking Luke with the bell:


Not forgetting our fab marshals out on the course including the brilliant Jen:


Best have a quick word about the runners now:

Huge congratulations to Matthew Jelley who joined the 10 Club this week.

This weeks first finishers were David Fletcher who was a first timer to both parkrun and the Pines - not a bad start hey? Sally Hughes scored a fab PB to be our first female.

All the volunteer team commented on how strong every ones finishes were this week. A huge thanks to everyone who gathers round the finish area to support runners coming in - trust us it makes a real difference. Here's some of those storming finishes:



Finally, this week token 129 went missing. If you've taken it home by mistake please let us know so we can reunite it with its mates!

The tokens are property of parkrun and we do need them every week - please don't wander off with them.

Right, enough waffle; we'll see you next week for another ace run in the park (preferably without the rain).

#dfyb #syatb


Event 14: 30/1/16 – The one with no photos at all!

I'm sorry but this weeks run report will be a little photograph light. This was due to a technical problem; well technically the problem was Matt this weeks Run Director who forgot to take any snaps of the event. To compensate for this glaring error...next weeks run report will be done in the style of a photo story, akin to those found in the Agony Aunt pages of the newspapers.

So this week our Pines parkrun welcomed a pack of Canicross runners. I think there were 17 of them but, to be honest I lost count. Thank you for the heads up earlier in the week and your continued support.

For the second week running we welcomed over 155 runners. Along with our usual crowd we welcomed a bunch of tourists which included, the usual collection of parkrunners that run at other Nottinghamshire parkruns, also we had runners from the likes of Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire and beyond!

# fanfare please #

Congratulations to Jane Walker who shared her 50th parkrun with us this morning. And for good measure Jane also grabbed a PB too. Well done, and welcome to the club. We look forward to see you in the red shirt soon.

First male past the post is our current course record holder James Mee...another great run James. Our first female also shares the prize with our unofficial first dog award...Beverley Hancock, accompanied by Magic romped around the course in a personal best time. Beverley you were literately 'Powered by Magic'...yes we did clock the leggings.

Our of 155 runners, 44 ran with us for the first time. And 39 of you achieved a PB.

Talking of getting a personal best. We are wanting to arrange a Pacers week. This is when we get a bunch of runners that will complete the course in a pre-determined time. We would like your help. If you are a confident runner who can complete the course in 25 and 38 minutes. If you are happy to help haul some of our runners round in record time. Come and talk to us next week or email us sherwoodpinesoffice@parkrun.com

We are extremely proud of our ever increasing number of juniors that run with us each week. This week we had 18 juniors run and I'm sure some of them run under their own free will and not encouraged round by an eager parent! (speaking as an eager parent, I know it's not always easy to get an under 11 round)

To celebrate our juniors we are planning a junior parkrun take over. If you have an under 18 who wants to get involved with scanning, timekeeping or handing our those precious tokens. Or if, as a family you want to share the parkrun experience with your junior by marshalling the course. Come and talk to us or email us sherwoodpinesoffice@parkrun.com

I think a way of measuring whether a parkrun is successful is how busy the café is after the event. And it was great to see the café busy again. All of the volunteers look forward to hot drink and slice of something sweet after a couple of hours in the cold. Come and talk to team, we love hearing about your run, we especially love hearing how much you love the course although, if you do have any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve our event, come and tell us.

The last thing to do is to thank our excellent bunch of volunteers. We really can't do the parkrun without you. But consider this:

· Yes, you have to get up a little but earlier.
· Yes, no one looks good in high-viz.
· Yes, it can be a bit nerve racking doing anything for the first time...
· But...We're a friendly bunch, and
· Yes! Free car parking.
· Yes! You get to encourage and cheer people round
· Yes! Volunteer 25 times you earn a purple parkrun tee; and
· Yes! If you volunteer as a tail-runner you earn a volunteer credit and your run will count toward your next club tee.

How do you sign up? Come and talk to us next week, there's always a clip board lying about at the finish or email us sherwoodpinesoffice@parkrun.com

See you Saturday...


Event 12: 16/01/2016 – The one where #TeamCanicross took over

Event 12 finally saw the arrival of the cold weather (the trusty temperature gauge on the Mini reading -1.5C) when the core team arrived on site well before 8am.

Despite this, 145 hardy runners and 14 fab volunteers dusted off their base layers and gloves and enjoyed another fantastic event in Sherwood Pines.

While the country was littered with cancellations due to the adverse weather conditions and ice our course was in pretty much perfect shape (and even offered a little bit of sheltered warmth from the trees..) What's not to like hey?


As usual parkrun just wouldn't be parkrun without our volunteers. A huge shout out and thank you to the hardy bunch who gave their time (and lost all sense of feeling in their toes and fingers).

This week we were joined by Colin, Jess, Heather, Kirsty and Jennie from Midlands Canicross along with their trusted friends who between them ensured no one got lost on route and gave loads of support along the way. A huge thanks to you all for volunteering with us - we'll see you soon.

We have to give a special mention to our Junior Volunteers - Mikey has turned into a bit of a wizz on the stopwatch and Charlie definitely helped keep that funnel in order.


If you fancy trying out the High-Vis for size please let us know. We never turn down help! Full training is given (it's all very simple) and you'll start earning those all important volunteer credits to get that lovely purple t-shirt (as modelled here by regular volunteer Paul):


Drop us a line at sherwoodpinesoffice@parkrun.com or post on our Facebook page and we'll get you in!

This week we were joined by a whopping 50 first timers. Whether it was your first parkrun or you were nipping a cross for a little tourist action well done and we hope you enjoyed it.

Speaking of 50 a huge congrats to Olwen Clark who joined the 50 Club - well done we look forward to seeing you show off your red t-shirt very soon.

James Mee cruised home in a new course record - a sub 17 time beckons very soon at this rate!

Who could forget our ever growing gaggle of Juniors? Lots of first timers getting into their stride and lovely to see. Do come and say Hi to the core team before the bell - in fact we're looking for new bell ringers all the time so if you fancy it let us know.

After a speedy pack up it was off to the cafe to process the results and thaw out over a cuppa and bacon sarnie. Here is the fantastic multi-tasking Kirsty sorting out tokens - a huge thanks once again!


Fancy another go? We do... #dfyb #syatb


Event 11 – 9th January 2016: The one with our first 50th milestone…

So we were slightly overwhelmed last week with a field of 140 or so...

Well scrap that! This week 15 fantastic volunteers did Sherwood Pines parkrun proud and ensured a whopping 173 runners had a great morning in the stunning park we call home.


Give a huge cheer for this weeks crew! Going from a field of 80 runners to 173 in a matter of weeks is a steep learning curve and we're still very new at this.

Despite forecasts of rain, the weather was pretty perfect for running and we welcomed tourists from Manchester, Buckingham and lots of rowdy runners from Mansfield due to a cancelled event. We hope you enjoyed your trip to the Pines and we'll see you all again soon!

Speaking of Manchester a quick shout out to Dan Martell who was this weeks first finisher. Well done, but to be honest we're way more interested in your fab hat...


We also welcomed Jennifer Wallis in the parkrun 50 Club. As one of our core team and our first 50 milestone we couldn't help make a fuss. Well done Jen - here is to many more ace runs in the Pines.


As we had so many first timers we'd just like to reiterate that Sherwood Pines parkrun (and indeed parkrun) is for everyone. We're keen to build a running community which is inclusive for all. Here's a big wave to our fab Juniors (here's one having a rest on a handy log):


Not forgetting the (barking mad) dogs who enjoy the route just as much as you. Here's our brill Tail Runners Jess and Heather who ensured everyone made it home safe along with their pooches:


Don't forget to join in the cafe for a post run coffee. Flash your barcode and you'll score a nice discount.

Anyone fancy another go? Well you're in luck. Join us at the bell next week for another bash...Oh and don't forget your barcode #dfyb


Event 10 – 2nd January 2016: The one with the lovely scanner cosies…

So the new year at Sherwood Pines parkrun (our 10th in the saga) we found many pairs of very shiny trainers, glare from a brand new running high vis and the chorus of beeps and chirps from wearable activity trackers...and not to mention whole load of wonderful parkrunners.

We were joined by folks from Coventry, Newcastle, Whitley Bay, Doncaster, Norwich, Milton Keynes as well and a bunch of people who usually run one of the other local parkruns. We were even joined by a family from the Isle of White, who I think currently wins the prize of furthest travelled to run our course, or at least the only parkrunner so far that needed to use a boat to get to the event!


They even bought us some lovely knitted cosies to keep our scanners warm (as they are a little awkward when they get a bit parky) - a huge thank you for the gift and for visiting us.

This morning we also celebrated a milestone: one of our juniors shared his 10th parkrun with us, well done Jaydon. Only 40 more runs to get that converted red 50 shirt!


Nods to our first finisher, Alfie who romped home despite taking a couple of wrong turns and our first female finisher Kate Dyson. Great running guys.

So one of my new years resolutions is to not use too many statistcs, so here are some numbers
145 people ran our first parkrun of 2016;
· That included 62 first timers
· We had 21 runners achieve a PB
· We had 3o parkrunners from the 50 club
· 10 from the 100 club and,
· 9 juniors who are in the 10 club

Damn, that's another resolution broken...oh well.

We can't put on parkun each week without the support from volunteers...here are this weeks bunch of super stars:


We have a load of empty spaces on the roster for the next few weeks so, any help would be appreciated. If you can spare a couple of hours on Saturday morning, I'm sure we can find you a job to do, be that marshalling, scanning or time-keeping. Personally I enjoy managing the finish funnel 'keep in line people and take a token if you want one or not!'

It was great to see the café so packed after the event...the event team had to steal a chair and invade some ones table just to get the results processed. We're not complaining, we want to see the café busy however, please don't mind us if we ask if there room for a little one in order for us to get your times on the website.

Members of the parkrun team will always be in the café after the end of each event, so if you have any questions about marshalling or how parkrun works. Please grab us and we'll be more than happy to have a chat. We're still pretty new to all this, so we also welcome any feedback from you so we can make the event the best it can be.

That's all folks this week. We'll be set up and ready to go next Saturday morning; shall we be expecting you?


Event 9 – 26th December 2016: The one with lots of tourists…

93 runners and 13 volunteers enjoyed unseasonably warm weather on Boxing Day for Event 9 at Sherwood Pines parkrun.

We were overwhelmed by the amount of lovely tourists and first timers who were chomping at the bit to discover a piece of Pines parkrun magic - you could barely see Matt while he delivered that all important first timers brief (remember folks: no barcode, no time and stay on Green Route until sign 18!)

We welcomed a whopping 39 first timers, coming far and wide from places including Portsmouth, Harrogate and Manchester not to mention the our Tail Runner (and core team member) Jennie's beautiful Grandson who was visiting for Christmas all the way from Australia: he's a right bobby dazzler Jen!


Our fab Tail Runners Jennie and Ellie-May along with a sleeping Rhyda (and no...that isn't a shopping trolley!)

A shout out to Darren Burton who along with his family visited us from Harrogate - well done on completing your 100th parkrun and thank you for choosing Sherwood Pines for your mega milestone run.

15 of you managed to score new tasty PB's despite all that food gobbled up the day before - well done all.

We were looking forward to see some new snazzy lycra and you didn't disappoint... some fantastic jazzy leggings and socks were on display...


Super socks!


Lovely leggings!

As usual parkrun just wouldn't happen without our ace volunteers. A huge thank you to this weeks gang. This weeks parkrun Bingo was won by Charlie (he was scanning like a demon) who was just 3 out - thanks for your help as always Charlie!


We've got plenty of slots up for grabs throughout January so why not give it a go? We're a friendly bunch and trust us - it's where all the action takes place. Bag your spot on our clipboard near our scanners or drop us an email to sherwoodpinesoffice@parkrun.com (or post on our Facebook page).

So...double figures next week! We'll see you in 2016 for Event 10 at Sherwood Pines parkrun.

If you fancy an extra trot out why not check out our mates at Clumber Park who are sneaking in an extra run on New Years Day? Fancy it? Well we'll see you there!

In the mean time we leave you with these pair of crackers: great pudding hats guys...


See you at the bell folks #dfyb #lovepinesparkrun


Event 8 – 19th December 2015: The one with the Mulled Wine…

Week 8 in style, 'Santa style' ...

This morning it was fab to see you all sporting the festive jumpers, hats and even some suits - what a lovely turn out and thanks for joining us at Sherwood Pines parkrun.

All the ace photos are on Flickr so why not have a gander? We'll be adding more over the next few days.

Who knew that Santa also finds time to put our signs out? Don't believe us? Well he can  be seen putting the signs out with an Elf helper prior to the bell.


A big thank you to this weeks volunteers some joining us last minute and helping out with essential jobs. Rocking the high-vis is a really fun way to be part of the parkrun community and to get to know people that little bit better. Fancy giving it a bash? If so, drop us a line at sherwoodpinesoffice@parkrun.com or post on our Facebook wall. Trust us: we'll never say no to a helping hand!

We welcomed tourists from York, Clowne and some of the fab core team from Gedling (go check out their gruesome hills if you want a challenge!) It's great to welcome so many tourists every week - please do shout up in our welcome briefing so we can give you a cheer.


90 runners turned up at the start line, 7 juniors were among them. Please remember to keep them in arms length all the way round (apart from when they casually leg it at the finish).

Among the results are 33 first timers - we hope you enjoyed your Pines parkrun and to see you again soon. Huge congratulations to the 8 runners who scored shiny new PB's. This week the results weren't straight forward and needed to be tweaked...please be patience with us: we're still new at this and won't always get it right first time.

We'll see you on Boxing Day to show off your Christmas Lycra - it's sure to be the fashion event of the year!

See you at the bell with those all important printed barcodes.

Happy Christmas and #loveparkrun


Event 7 – 12th December 2015: Some say ‘if they time it…

they will come' and a small, but perfectly formed group of hardy parkrunners joined us on our seventh parkrun, one week after Storm Desmond forced the Forestry Commission to close the park due to the high winds.

So we survived the high winds but this December morning brought low temperatures and rain; plenty of rain. So forgive us for our soggy souls and frozen fingers but we don't have many photographs to share with you this week.

That aside, the run its self was another fantastic experience.

Dan Hardy, our first male finisher came in again at 18:00. I think we can all agree, a fantastic effort. I don't think Dan felt this at the time. But; shucks, you'll have you come back again to try and break that PB!

First female finisher, Fiona Stephenson joined us for the first time and romped round with her racing dog. Excellent running.


Talking of dogs, Sherwood Pines seems to have become a destination for Canicross (cross country running with dogs) and we were joined by a quite literally a pack of runners, accompanied by a wide selection of very cute dogs from Midland Canicross.

Along with the tribe of doggers (Opps, that's not right) let's stick to runners with dogs. We also welcomed eighteen Sherwood Pines first timers, and celebrated eleven PB's. Our tourist included people from the likes of Mansfield, Colwick and Rother Valley.

We love seeing juniors at our parkrun. We had our very own Spiderman under 11 who ran the course for the first time with his dad. Along with this junior with we were joined by two people from the 11 to 14 age category. Good running, Bilsthorpe Lady.


A special shout must go to the volunteers. Our Marshalls, including Martha the dog (legend) who braved the elements out on the course. Our Marshalls are out there to keep you safe while you're out on course. Next time you run past them please give them a nod or a breathy thank you. It really makes their day.

A thank you for the other members of the parkrun crew. I'm not sure what was the most amusing, whether it was the timekeepers trying their best release the stop watch from their frozen mitts or our the scanners aerobic exercises in an attempt to keep warm. Nonetheless, everyone did a fantastic job.

If being a parkrun volunteer ever tickles your fancy. Let us know by emailing sherwoodpineshelpers@parkrun.com or come and talk to us after your run. We always have a roster on hand and a pen to write you name in one of the boxes.

After a cold and wet one, the thought of hot drink and a warm sausage roll was realised in the Sherwood Pines Café. The parkrun team can always be found in the café after the event. Please come and join us. And remember, that a beautiful barcode gets you a lovely discount.


A couple of things to let you know about...next week we will be holding a Christmas jumper and mince pie event. Please wear your best Christmas jumpers; and feel free to go the whole hog by wearing novelty Christmas hats or jingle bells.

On Boxing day we will be having a Lycra Fashion Show as you lovely lot show off those fab gifts you found under the tree! A challenge to everyone, regardless of the weather to wear their best spandex, whole body skin suit or your regular skin tight running kit.

That's all folks for this weeks run report. We'll be doing it again next week...we hope you will too...


Event 5 – 21st November 2015: Anyone defrosted yet?

It was a chilly one this Saturday but 63 parkrun legends and 12 magic making volunteers helped make Sherwood Pines parkrun #5 one of the best yet.

We welcomed three parkrun newbies and were joined by a gaggle of tourists from as far and wide from Colwick, Sheffield, Rother Valley and Redcar.

Regardless of the weather we had 31 runners try our fantastic one lap course through the tree lined trails for the first time. Out of the 63 runners we enjoyed five runners from the 100 club, four from the 50 club and an amazing junior from our 10 club who got round in record time! Despite the tears, all of the parkrun team are proud of your achievement.

A nod to our first finisher Dan Hardy and our first female Sarah Estelle Hutchinson; cracking running guys. We also welcomed back our two racing dogs who encouraged Chris and Anne Carter to both achieve PBs this week. Aside from the Carters we also pleased to see 13 other PBs.


A special mention for our very own Mr PB. Robert Shepherd. Robert's first parkrun was Sherwood Pines #1 and every time he's run the course he's achieved a PB. A fantastic effort and thank you for  sharing it with us.


I'm hoping it's not because Robert has hit a glass ceiling but next week he is taking a break from running and joining us as a volunteer. We can't kick off your Saturday morning with a parkrun without the help of volunteers; whether you are a marshal, a bar code scanner, a timer or as a tail runner each time you volunteer you earn a volunteer credit. Earn 25 volunteer credits you become a member of the magic making club and are eligible for a purple club t-shirt. Plus, if you want to be a tail runner you get a volunteer credit and a parkrun time...bonus!

If you want to volunteer you can email us at sherwoodpineshelpers@parkrun.com or grab the Run Director on the day who will be happy to help.

We had a great turn out in the Sherwood Pins café after the run and I think we all deserved our hot chocolates, coffees, cakes, sausage rolls and bacon cobs. However, unfortunately a sweaty brow, ruddy face or day glow lyrac isn't enough to get money off your order. If you show your barcode at the till and you will get a lovely discount.


So then, same again next week?

Ps...Don't forget your barcode...we can't scan a phone or an app, and if we can't scan we can't give a time

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