Shipley Country parkrun is cancelled on 26 September 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

New Years Day 2020

The Shipley Country parkrun Team wish you all a very Happy New Year!!

Wow, what a kick start to 2020 with 363 people joining us to walk, jog and run the 5k course.


Thank you, thank you, thank you to the 27 volunteers who braved the early start and the cold weather- you are all totally awesome!! 


We had 76 first timers, 48 new personal bests and no issues with any of the results processing. 

By my rough calculations there were quite a few of you who went on to do the 'New Years Double', completing 2 5k events in one day:

Shipley Country to Long Eaton- 76 people

Shipley Country to Markeaton- 45 people

Shipley Country to Poolsbrook- 3 people

Shipley Country to Bestwood Village- 14 people

Great stuff everyone!

If anyone is interested in stats there is a great map that someone has made of where everyone went on double adventures available here:

We even had some milestones aswell, not last our very own Run Director, Priya achieving her 50th!


Thank you to Lesley Parker for the fantastic photo's take-in the day!

Are you setting some New Years Resolutions? Why not set some parkrun related goals....... maybe volunteer, try a different volunteer role, bring a friend to parkrun, some more tourism?

Here's to many more great events throughout 2020.




Event 134- 26th October 2019- The Belper Harriers Takeover

Shipley County Parkrun Event 134 – Belper Harriers Takeover
This week was a particularly wet Saturday morning, with big puddles and mud around the
course. However, this didn’t dampen the spirits of the 111 runners that turned out in their
Halloween best!
This was the first parkrun takeover for the Belper Harriers and we all thoroughly enjoyed
ourselves. We had a grand total of 26 Belper Harriers volunteers, including 5 pacers, plus 3 dogs, who also had a great time! A big thank you goes to Tara and the team for helping
organise us both before the event and on the day. I certainly plan to volunteer more often
now, and I’m sure the same can be said for the rest of the Harriers.

Mandy Wilby completed her 30 th Parkrun this week, and we had two whopping 100 th
Parkrun milestones for Claire Hallows (what better week than Halloween to celebrate this
on), and Andy Reddish, who completed this milestone with William Reddish.


Amazingly considering the weather, there were 16 first timers this week, and 20 people
clocked PBs – clearly the regular water sections spurred people on!

First male back was Jack Farinazzo, and first lady was Skye Kelsey.

There was an excellent range of fancy-dress costumes – witches, ghosts, zombies, skeletons, devils and much more! A shout-out goes to ‘Kev’s Dad’ for running round in a mask!
If anyone is interested in running with the Belper Harriers, please get in touch! We run
every Tuesday with five differently paced groups to cater for everyone, plus monthly pub
runs and timed handicap runs. We also have a speed session and a hill reps session on
Thursdays, compete in local league races together, and take part in a range of road, fell and relay events as a club – there is something for everyone. You can contact us via the website at or via the Belper Harriers page on Facebook.

Thank you Shipley for having us, and keep parkrunning everyone!



Event 133- 19th October 2019

Shipley Country parkrun. Event number 133. 19 October 2019
Saturday was a beautiful autumnal morning despite a small shower of rain just
before the start. The sky cleared and the sun was just about there when we set off.
This week saw a ‘double act’ Run Director team of Tara Leacey and Dave Clark who
also did the first timers’ briefing so those of us that were new to Shipley Country
parkrun knew where to go and what the course was like. There was a slight change
to the route this week, in that the start and finish points swapped places to avoid the
waterlogged scanning field. After the pre-run briefing, with reminders about parkrun
‘rules’ complete with signs held up, we walked up to the start point and were off.
22 volunteers gave their time to make Shipley Country parkrun a huge success this
week: Mark Shankland • Jo Rhodes • Rebecca Dickinson • Helen Segebarth • Lee
Francis • Mark Newton • Allan Barber • Darren Lee Hayes • Amanda Strickson •
Graham Clarke • Claire Durose • Tara Leacey • Chloe Saunders • Ceri Dee • Priya
Agheda • Jane Rodgers • Janet Lawn • Vanessa Wragg • Michelle Welsh • Dave
Clark • Eileen Norton • Thomas Norton. Thank you very much for encouraging us,
cheering us on and keeping us safe. Please do volunteer for a future event as it is
great fun and a way to see parkrun from a different perspective.

This week 141 people ran, jogged and walked the course. Very well done to
everyone! Congratulations to the 23 runners who recorded new personal bests this
week. James Hart was the first male finisher and Skye Kelsey first female finisher.
Janet Lawn as tail walker, ensured everyone completed the course safely.
There were 28 people running at Shipley Country for the first time of whom 10 were
running their very first parkrun – brilliant! Representatives of 18 different clubs took

Shipley Country Park is a great location and looked especially lovely with all the
leaves turning golden and red. We enjoyed a varied landscape with a few
undulations on our way round. We ran passed horses, a farm, a lake, lots of outdoor
gym and trim trail equipment and through many of the autumnal trees. After we had
completed the run we headed to the Ramblers’ Café for a delicious cooked
breakfast. I was especially impressed that the beans and tomatoes came in their
own little pots! We were told the scones (whichever way you say it sc‘on’ or sc‘own’)
were excellent – perhaps a return visit to sample them?

We (John and I) came to Shipley Country parkrun from Lincoln as part of our East
Midlands challenge. We’ve now done 33 out of the 39 parkruns in the region. We’re
hoping to get to some more East Midlands locations over the next few months so
some of you might see us again at other local parkruns. Many thanks for making us
so welcome at Shipley Country.

Thanks for reading. Lovely to meet you all this weekend. Enjoy parkrun.

Helen Segebarth




The Festive Season

We as a team have now agreed our events for the festive season:

EVERY Saturday in December, all of our volunteers will be donning the elf hats to bring the Christmas Cheer to Shipley Country parkrun

Saturday 21st December- our special Christmas event- wear a Christmas T-shirt, Christmas Jumper or fancy dress!

There will be NO event on Christmas Day- we will all be enjoying some well deserved time with friends and family. However, if you do fancy a Christmas Day event you can check here for other local events.

Saturday 28th December- Normal event, start at 9:00am

Wednesday 1st January- join us for our New Years Day special- the one time of the year that you can legitimately run 2 parkrun events on the same day. We will be starting at 9:00am in order those who so wish can (safely) rush off to their next event. Please check here for details of local events. If running 2 parkruns in one day feels you with dread, why not volunteer one and run another?

Saturday 4th January 2020- normal service resumes.




Event 122: The one after 121 and before 123

Apologies this is late, but I have the good excuse.  I didn't write it earlier.  This report has so much packed in it, courtesy of Di Neville, who should really work for one of the national newspapers, such is her nose to sniff out the finest stories.

First up this week is the lovely Jog Derbyshire group, All About Jogging (AAJ) - and look, here are a bunch of them who have successfully graduated their Couch to 5K. Feast your eyes on this lovely gaggle:

aaj c25k


AAJ graduater Val Tunnicliffe said "Markeaton is going to seem so much easier after this" and that she "wasn't going to let the hill defeat" her.  Well done Val after just 11 weeks of running!

Estelle Horan deserves a mention - mainly because she complimented the lovely Shipley volunteer team for being very well organised and showing vociferous support. On a similar note, 69 years young AAJogger Brian Couples also called the volunteers "great" and the setting "brilliant".  Thank you both, please help yourself to a free parkrun anywhere next week.

At the other end of the age scale, Sienna Taliku (12) and Bethany Sharpe both said they will run Shipley again and were thinking of doing the junior parkrun too.  Don't think - just do!

This seems an appropriate time to plug junior parkrun - after a year of work, this is now up and running pretty much every Sunday - it's like big parkrun but with a less smelly finish area as it's 2K not 5.  Suitable for up to 14 year olds, adults can run (but not finish) with a kid in their charge (but not finish) and all you need to participate is that all important barcode.

Next up, let's give a mention to Alison Morrell of Giltbrook - completing her 50th parkrun, complete with glittery balloon:

50th runnning

Alison was another volunteer thanker - saying "without them, parkrun couldn't do it."  Thank you for the thanks Alison, we'd love to welcome you to the volunteer team from time to time if you fancy it!  47 of her runs have been at Shipley - the other 3 at Long Eaton.  Both are hilly challenges, except Long Eaton.

Time to give that official mention to our lovely volunteers!


They are: Jo Rhodes • Graham Worsfold • Lucy Morris • Elle Lockhart • Neil Byford • Lisa Kirkley • Zoe Boiyes • Terence Hunt • Darren Lee Hayes • Amanda Strickson • Marcella Kilbane • Michael Armitage • Gemma Blacow• Claire Coombes • Ceri Dee • Priya Agheda • John Gilbert • Drew Cameron • Tara Cameron • Georgie-Ann Cameron • Sara Fearn • Winifred Morris • Esther Lockhart • Michelle Welsh • Dave Clark • Eileen Norton• Oliver Norton • Michael Kirkpatrick • Thomas Norton • Yvonne Insley • Sophie Norton and Dorothy Goodrick. 

To this list, we've added in our Visually Impaired guide Neil Byford of Markeaton who was guiding Molly O'Brian from Swanwick.  Neil and Molly regularly run together and smashed out 45:22 today and as both recorded the same time, then it's a big well done to our timekeeping heroes and funnel team for super-accurate button pushing and token giving (it's not always that way, believe me!).

You volunteers are all heroes - and on behalf of the runners - HUGE, humungous, incredible thank-you's.  If anyone want's to improve their lives, make more friends and become more beautiful inside and out, just contact the parkrun facebook page or talk to a hi viz hero at the event.  Run 9 and volunteer 1 would make a massive difference to filling the roster each week and give our regulars more chances to run, jog or walk.  x

A quick mention to Jonathon Rogers of West Hallam - back from a hernia repair 6 weeks ago and today was his first proper run.  Welcome back to your regular parkrun Jonathon!

David Beard's local parkrun is Groves Park, Sheffield so he was a first timer at Shipley today - running with his Market Harborough parkrunning brother Stuart .  Both were born in Derby, and have both moved an equal distance away - one North, one South - so what more perfect place to meet up, but halfway at Shipley.  David's daughter Emily (10) volunteered as soon as she arrived today, proudly ringing a cowbell at her marshall point.

First ladies today were Elizabeth Bamford, Julie Carrington and Emily Cartwright but I didn't get a piccy  - oooops.  So this week - content yourselves with this lovley pic of the first male finishers:  Ben Abbott, Dean Cross and Jason Buckley:

top3 finishers

Finally step forward Charlie Buffin 14 from Brailsford with dad Tony.  Unfortunately Charlie was suffering from a hockey injury so had to stop part way and couldn't complete the run today but we look forward to seeing him soon to go again.  Adam Buffin, all the way from the Forest of Dene was visiting Tony to make it a trio of Buffin's today.  They were joined by Phil Harris from Darley Abbey to complete this fetching photo:


That's it for this week folks - Well done to the 196 runners walkers and joggers, and I confidently predict that more came this week, than will attend next week's event sweetly numbered parkrun 123.




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