Big parkrun Quiz – Your new favourite way to spend a Saturday morning!




With the understandable disappointment of no parkrun for the foreseable future, the next thought can quickly turn to what to do at 9am on Saturday.  Whatever you decide it's really important that parkrunners don't gather in large groups for unofficial parkruns, which includes not going to Shorne (even solo) at 9am on Saturday - please do act responsibly, remember even if parkrun isn't officially on, your actions could negatively reflect on parkrun if groups are out where you'd normally expect to see parkrunners.

The good news is parkrun have orgnaised the Big parkrun Quiz for 9am tomorrow (see below) so if you're not tempted by running laps of your garden at 9am (I've estimated 160+ laps of my garden for a 5k) then please think about joining, and you don't have to wait until you've finished to enjoy your coffee & cake!

Are you ready for your favourite NEW Saturday morning activity?

Introducing... The Great BIG parkrun Quiz!

We'll be live on our YouTube channel tomorrow at 9:00am

Put on your kit, grab a coffee & join us!

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Please stay safe, and best wishes to all