Restart of parkrun at Shorne Woods


There are a few changes to parkrun at Shorne Woods, the above will make a bit more sense as you read through the update below...

 Important Information on the Restart of parkrun @ Shorne Woods Country Park

So with the imminent return of parkrun at Shorne Woods (Saturday 24th July) we thought it would be useful to let you know about a few changes to how the event will operate for the immediate future.

All parkruns are working within the parkrun framework (which if you're interested you can read here), and this is what is informing most of the changes below:

When you arrive at Shorne Woods Country Park:

- Firslty please remember the Country Park hasn't had this sort of event on for the last 16 months, which means the park users (new & old) won't be expecting us to be there, or even if they've seen the signs, or posts on social media, may not have an appreciation of what it means for parkrun to be on, so please be mindful of this at all times.

- In addition for park users, and your fellow parkrunners, please remember we're all at different stages of what we're comfortable to do after 16 months of restrictions, so please be considerate at all times, and if that means stopping mid run to give someone the space, please do - as well as being the right thing to do, there will always be next week to have another crack at parkrun.

- On the subject of space, to allow more room for everyone to spread out before the start, the meeting point has moved, and we'll now be gathering (socially distanced) by the toilet block that can be found towards back of the carpark


The new meeting place before the event

- If this is your first time coming along to parkrun, or visiting Shorne Woods parkrun, we will have a briefing to take you through everything you need to know at 8.50am (although it's all very straightforward).  If you are joining us for the first time and haven't registered for parkrun, you can do that here.

- The pre-run briefing for all parkrunners will start at 8.55am sharp (for any regulars that know our track record for timekeeping, once you'd stopped laughing, we know you'll be sceptical about our ability to deliver this, but this is the intent).

The course:

- We will then walk you down to the start, which is now in front of the green by the play area (which is also where the finish is for anyone that's run here before).  And please aim to position yourself based on the time you're expecting to run, (i.e. fastest to the front, slower towards the back) which will help avoid congestion as the run gets underway.

20210713_184524 20210713_184552 20210713_184621 20210713_184645

The bonus walk from the carpark to the new start line

- Large amounts pf the pathway we use has been relaid, giving you a nice smooth run for much of the lap.  However you'll notice in bottom left hand photo above the edging on the path, PLEASE BE AWARE that in some places on the course this edging is raised above the level of the path, so does present a trip hazard.

- For those that have run at Shorne Woods before, you'll realise we've taken a chunk out of the existing course, so to ensure you still get to enjoy the full 5k, we've added a dog-leg section towards the end of the lap.

- This is on the large wide path, were previously you'd have turned left to run down towards the bridge at the end of the lap.  However you'll now carry straight on (as though you're running towards the carpark) for the out and back of the dog-leg, before continuing on the path towards the bridge - you'll do this on each lap.

20210718_093619 20210718_094136 20210718_095123

Rather than bearing left, you now head straight on towards the carpark (keeping right on the path), before doing a U-turn just by the bench and returning to the normal route down towards the small wooden bridge

- For the first few weeks at least, we'll have an extra marshal to direct you down towards the turnaround point, and there will be cones and signs out as well.

- This section does have the potential to cause some congestion with parkrunners & park users, and we'll do our best to make space for everyone, however please be prepared to slow, stop, or move out of the way of others if needed.

The Finish:

While the layout is largely unchanged, there are some important tweaks to what you need to do.

- Firstly when you get to the end of the funnel, please hold your hand out to receive the token.

- When around the finish area please respect social distancing guidelines at all times

- Once you're ready to have your finish token and personal barcode scanned, take these over to the scanners and hold them out to be scanned, however rather than handing over the position token once it's been scanned, you now need to drop the token into the tub that will be close by.

- We also need to have more people scanning than previously, as we need 1 person scanning for every 50 parkrunners (which for Shorne Woods is going to be minimum of 4 to 5 people each week).  We'll always hope to have 2 or 3 people on the roster, however if you are running and can help out with a bit of scanning afterwards that would be hugely appreciated (you just need the parkrun app downloaded on your phone).


As ever we're always on the lookout for volunteers, and if you would like to help out, you can see the see positions available for future events here, and once you've picked a role just drop us an email (

On the morning we'll have hand santiser available to use for all volunteers, and we'll have a volunteer coordinator to make sure you have any kit you need, and take you through anything you need to know for the morning.  If you are volunteering on scanning or timing, we now only use the parkrun app (which you'll need to download onto your phone).  For those scanning barcodes, we're limiting the number of parkrunners scanned to 50 for each volunteer, which is aimed at limiting the number of contacts, and the time everyone is waiting around the finish area.  Any questions on helping out, please feel free to drop us an email (

Post parkrun coffee & cake

The cafe will still be open for takeaway only, so you are more than welcome to grab a post parkrun coffee & cake,  however masks will need to be worn when inside the cafe/visitor centre to purchase your post parkrun treat!


We appreciate there's a lot to take in, however hopefully on the morning it will feel fairly familiar (although maybe not normal!) and there will be plenty of volunteers around that can answer any questions you have - and also point you in the right direction.  If you do have any questions please feel free to drop us an email, or alternatively ask someone in a pink hi-viz at the event.


We can't wait to see you on the 24th July, when Saturdays become parkrunday all over again!


The Shorne Woods parkrun Core Team