Shrewsbury parkrun future volunteer roster

Here is the volunteer roster for the next few weeks. If you'd like to take a particular spot, simply email To find out more, visit the volunteer page. Details about what particular roles do on the day can be found by clicking on the role name below, or visiting the volunteering section of the parkrun support site.

Future roster

 21 September 201928 September 20195 October 201912 October 201919 October 2019
Run DirectorRhian OXENHAMRhian OXENHAMno eventSimon MEREDITH
TimekeeperEric PRIDDINGno eventJessica EADESMillie BURRELL
First Timers BriefingAmanda CARTWRIGHTno event
Funnel ManagerMartyn JACKSONKaren BILLno eventHolly JONESEmelia BOSS
Funnel ManagerJessica EADESno event
Funnel ManagerEmma FEELYno event
Funnel ManagerPete SAVILLno event
Funnel ManagerPete HOUGHno event
Finish TokensSarah MACKNESSMillie BURRELLno eventJessica EADES
Finish TokensHolly JONESno event
Finish Token SupportSue DODDno event
Barcode ScanningMillie BURRELLHolly JONESno eventNicola PROSSER
Barcode ScanningScott DENYERJessica EADESno event
Barcode ScanningAmber HARVEYKatrina DRUMMONDno event
Barcode ScanningJoanna ROWSELLno event
Barcode ScanningSharon GARCIAno event
Number CheckerSue PRICEno eventMillie BURRELL
Tail WalkerSusan J BOWESEmelia BOSSno event
Tail WalkerSharon WILLSEmily DAVIESno event
MarshalElaine DEANIan HORNEno event
MarshalAlfred DEANJenny YORKno event
MarshalKathryn WEAVERRuth CRAVENno event
MarshalJessica WEAVERMark GRICEno event
MarshalJenny YORKGareth EDWARDSno event
MarshalHelen LEWISno event
MarshalRichard LEWISno event
MarshalAndrea SEARno event
MarshalRuth CRAVENno event
MarshalDavid FINDLAYno event
MarshalJayne JONESno event
MarshalEleanor MARSDENno event
MarshalCarole MARSDENno event
Event Day Course CheckChris WOODChris WOODno event
Pre-event SetupBen BANKSBen BANKSno event
Pre-event SetupRick ROBSONRick ROBSONno event
Pre-event SetupRichard DAVIESRichard DAVIESno event
Pre-event SetupMartyn JACKSONno event
Post-event Close DownJennie HESKETHJennie HESKETHno event
Post-event Close DownLaura BIRDno event
Post-event Close Downno event
PhotographerLeonard EASTno event
Token SortingAlison STONESno event
Token SortingChris WOODno event
Token SortingLynn MCINTYREno event
Token SortingDebbie ARMSTRONGno event
Results ProcessorRhian OXENHAMRhian OXENHAMno event
Volunteer Co-ordinatorMark GRICEMark GRICEno event
OtherMollie GRICEno eventHolly JONES