Thinking ahead – December’s foodbank donation day

Our regular Sunderland Foodbank collection takes place on the first Saturday of each month. Our collection on Saturday 1st December will therefore be our last collection before Christmas.

If you are able to and you wish to contribute, it would be lovely if we could donate some Christmas related items. The foodbank does Christmas hampers so we could help create those. We're getting this note out earlier than usual to hopefully give you plenty of time to get whatever you would like to donate, and as always, please do not feel that you have to do this, this is entirely voluntary and we put no pressure on anyone. It is more to provide the facility so that those that wish to donate, can do so.

For the Christmas hampers, some nice tinned ham would be very welcome.

Other items might be stuffing mix, bread sauce mix, Christmas pudding, Christmas canned veg, cranberry sauce, or even Matchmakers, Toblerone and Chocolate Orange. I'm sure we all have our Christmas regulars. Maybe crackers (biscuit or the pull apart kind), chocolate coins but no satsumas please :-) since everything needs to be long life.

Thank you.