Skipton parkrun #401 13th August

401 is a prime number and was the attraction for at least one of our visitors today in her progress towards completing the prime number challenge which currently consists of 154 numbers. If you thinking what the heck is he on about, there are numerous challenges devised to make your parkrun life more interesting. They range from the bizarre e.g. Old MacDonald - attend parkruns whose name start with E I E I O, to the mammoth e.g. Stopwatch Bingo - get all the seconds from 00 to 59 in your finish times.  There's a variety of places to record these challenges from manual charts to apps for your phone.

Whatever your reason for participating at Skipton this morning, thank you all and it was great to see you all.

Chris' first timers welcome was well attended with visitors from Blackpool, South Manchester & Pegwell Bay amongst others.

Probably due to the heat this was quite a slow parkrun (nowt wrong with that) and first finisher was first time visitor, Ben Hall,  in 18:13 while first female finisher was another first time visitor, Gail Colville, in 20:48. Not too many PB's. just 11, if yours was one of them, well done.

Just one new parkrunner today, welcome to Maria Maith - Maria, it's not always as hot!

Lots of milestone t-shirts on view today and four more were earned today; 25s for Paul Peppiate and Trevor Burton, 50 for Bob Andrews and 100 for Janet Clarke. Congrats all.

You can peruse today's results on the website here.

We're always on the lookout for volunteers, if you want to help out either email or message Skipton parkrun on Facebook.

Have a good week and we'll see you next Saturday.



Skipton parkun #400 6th August

400 parkruns, wow! Doesn't time go so fast when you're enjoying yourself? Useless stat, the distance run in Aireville Park in those 400 runs is over 7 1/2 times round the Equator.

Thank you to all 184 who came along to run and to the 20 volunteers who made it happen.

296406356_463555638954058_4134676240035739866_n 295526933_1110907339859050_8106005522628959383_n 295641851_742630836855636_2972012987570071593_n 295579058_751356642853179_8107970165174569045_n 296920546_1186860121878579_161996594652825985_n 295886980_387277359999785_7067470727296659153_n 296357990_366012919039449_929752320865333181_n

Lots of pink party bits to augment the hi-vis jackets.

Big thanks to Emma and Eva for supplying cakes - didn't manage to get any pictures of those, they'd all been eaten!

The summer holidays brought an influx of visitors with 34 people trying Skipton for the first time and today nobody seemed to have a problem counting to four which was nice.

It was also the first ever parkrun for Tom Still, Adam Sayedi, Ben Adams, Maria Norman, Paul Kilner, Philippa Adams, Robert Meadows, Robert Jackson and Alison Jackson. Hope you enjoyed the experience and the cake.

As we were celebrating an arbitrary round number, let's hear it for Alison Geldart, Andrea Gray, Chris Hall, Christopher Anderson, Gareth Berry, Hazel Smith, Helen Jolliffe, Jennifer Elizabeth Earis, Luc Ives, Owen Ashdown, Pam Smith, Richard Hargreaves, Sara Hughes-Gabri, Susan Thomas and Tony Hill who also completed round numbers ranging from 10 to 280.

Numbers that are rewardable with a parkrun t-shirt were completed by Simon Hindle, Connie Andrews and Gill Exon, all of whom have now completed 25 runs.

When you are given a finish position token you may notice that sometimes your token isn't the original, the most common reason for this is that people have accidentally walked off with their token instead of dropping it in the bucket.


The parkrun jargon for this is being a token magpie, it's rarely deliberate and can happen to anyone as one of our RDs demonstrated this morning <name redacted>.  If you ever happen to become a magpie, just let us have the token back, we won't be angry.

We always need volunteers, you can message use on Facebook or email



Next week looks like it might be a warm one so hopefully we'll see you there as a parkrunner or volunteer.





Skipton parkrun #399 30th July

Today's attendance was swelled by a club outing by Baildon Runners so there were 148 runners this morning and 20 volunteers.

First finisher today was Jack Sanderson in 17:01 while first female finisher was Rachel McDonald in 21:00. New parkrunners today were Sarah Colley, Owen Morris, Julie Ann Dunne and Nicola Morris, welcome on board.

Quite a few PB's achieved and four milestone shirts earned. Amanda Hawkes ran her 25th parkrun while Karen Hood, James McAndrew-Smith and James Barnes all ran their 50th parkruns.  RD Gillian had a proud daughter day as dad Keith Dunn completed his 25th volunteering stint.

If you have or know people with children aged 4 to 14 who don't feel able to run 5k, don't forget there is junior parkrun which works in exactly the same way as parkrun except it's 2k and it happens on Sundays and the children can run on their own if they want.  Our two nearest junior parkruns are at Roberts Park in Saltaire and Riverside Gardens in Ilkley. Like us they operate every week subject to having enough volunteers so please check them out.

Next week is our 400th parkrun so hopefully we'll see you there.






Skipton parkrun #395 25th June

Two years ago today Dave Oselton died.  Dave was a stalwart of Skipton parkrun volunteering over 120 times. Most of those were on the corner by the car park that became known as Dave Oz Corner.  It was Dave who started playing music at the corner, something that is continued now by Kate who as she insists is just looking after the corner for Dave.  Today we welcomed Dave's brothers and sister to Aireville Park and unveiled a plaque to Dave #thanksdave

The plaque

Thank you to all those who took the time to enter your memories of Dave in the memorial book.

Back at the start among the visitors today was a bridegroom and his pals. Now stag and hen parties at parkrun isn't that uncommon but to run on the morning of the wedding is less common and by now the wedding has finished and the reception is probably started.  Congratulations.

Also congratulations to Samuel Woods, Alexander Waterhouse, Michael Parr, Jonathan Woods, Elaine De Jager, Suzanne Boothroyd, Olivia Schofield, Dylan Ferrie D'aloia, Mala Benn and Jill Hirst who all completed their first ever parkrun.

Three milestone t-shirts earned today, junior Sam Windmill finished his 10th parkrun while Chris Palfreeman completed 25 runs and Louise Milburn completed her 50th run.

If you finished below 95th, you might have noticed that your published position doesn't tally with the finish token you were given. This is because we were hoping that missing token 94 might have reappeared but it hasn't so we moved every one after that position up one place. We will have a replacement token 94 ready for next week.

Thanks to the volunteers who made today possible; James Ashley, Wendy Ashley, Rachel Bond, Stuart Bond, Ann-Marie Bulcock, John Dalby, Kate Dobson, Keith Dunn, Amber Edwards, Sharon Edwards, Gillian Mayfield, Michael Mcinnes, Gary Mckinney, Sharon Morrell, Chris Ovenden, Nigel Pepper & John Stevens.

If you want to volunteer on any future occasion please email 

Have a great week and we'll see you next Saturday


Skipton parkun #392 4th June

This week's run report is written by David Rivers from Hull.

This morning saw 7 members of Kingston upon Hull AC descend on Skipton parkrun for a spot of parkrun tourism. If we all looked a little uneasy on our feet and walking gingerly then this was probably due to the fact that we had all completed the Yorkshire 3 peaks the day before. This meant we were all a few minutes slower than normal. Well done to everyone who was at parkrun today having just done the 3 peaks, there was at least one other

We were warmly welcomed by the run Director who gave us a quick review of the course before setting us all off on the 5k. We had all agreed that we were not sure about a 4 lap course as we hadn’t run one before with 4 laps but at the end we all agreed that it had helped the run go quicker. Aireville Park is lovely setting for parkrun, which offers a challenging course. Thank you to all the marshalls who were all very chatty and supportive, which also helped the run go quicker.

Speaking of quick runs, special mention must go to Matt Doherty who ventured out of Scotland for his 1st recorded parkrun and scorched around in a new course record of 15:47, which was fast enough to to place him in the top 20 times in the UK today. The previous Skipton course record had stood for over 8 years. It was a pleasure to witness the course record today as he sped past me 3 times. Fastest female today was Georgina Robinson who ran an impressive 20:53. Well done to both Matt and Georgina.

This morning saw 50 runners running Skipton parkrun for the 1st time and 20 runners recording a PB. Well done to all.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Skipton parkrun and said if we were in the area we would definitely visit again.

Glad you and your fellow Airlie Birds enjoyed parkrun and the Three Peaks.

A thank you to all who helped to deal with the accident that happened. The unfortunately lady concerned did break a wrist and required and operation on it. We wish her a speedy recovery.

This weeks results are here.


Skipton parkrun #390 21st May

A quiet day with 118 runners and 19 volunteers at Skipton parkrun. While it might have been a smaller than normal attendance the conditions obviously suited a lot of people as no less than 25 PBs were recorded.  Five new runners started parkrun today, welcome to Craig Coxall, Corina Riley, Callum Wear, Neil Robinson and Whitney Firth.  It was also very nice to see other people who recently started parkrun again, we always worry that people get put off by the first experience so seeing faces again puts us at ease.  It's easy to catch the parkrun bug once the initial, nervous steps have been taken shown by the total number of runs completed by today's participants being 7,974 so there is some addictive about parkrun.

The milestones achieved today : Dave Eastwood - 50 runs, Andy Sumnall - 100 runs, Sophie Cullen - 250 runs.  Congratulations all three of you.

Many of you will remember Dave Oz who instigated the music at the bottom of the hill (a tradition continued by Kate). Dave sadly died just under two years ago but we were very pleased to welcome his brother Anthony along today to join Kate on Oz's corner.

You can see today's results in full at

See you next week.



Skipton parkrun #389 14th May

It's Eurovision weekend, so Kate entertained us all with some Eurovision classic tunes - I hope you heard your favourite in there somewhere.

Sorry for the delay in getting the results out but it was what we call a TCP (a two coffee problem) due to the time and thinking it needed to resolve the issues. When the results processing team comprises a project manager, a maths teacher and an engineer, you can bet your bottom dollar that they aren't going home until it is resolved, hence a TCP.

So, when all the dust had settled, there were 138 people took part in today's parkrun, enabled by 19 volunteers.  Thank you all for coming along.

The first timer's welcome was well attended with visitors from Dorset, Blackburn and Southport among others.  Also at the welcome were nine first-time parkrunners: Kathryn Davenport, Jade Pearce, Barry O'Connor, Tim Atkins, Lisa Ives, Laszlo Toth, Sarah Earis, Emma Leeming and Sydney Heseltine (with Sammy in the pram or vice versa - sorry if I've got this the wrong way round).

Not the busiest days for PBs but with such pleasant weather, perhaps most people were soaking up the sun rather than pushing hard - and there is nothing wrong with that.

Thanks to those that helped to look for the missing airpod, I'm pleased to report that it was found and returned to its owner, who is very grateful.

Three purple (25 run) t-shirts earned today, congratulations to Christopher Gill, Ed Kearns and Steve Formoso.

You can read the full results for today - here

Enjoy the sunshine and we'll see you next Saturday.


Skipton parkrun #388 7th May

A crane and a JCB were not what we expected to see in the park this morning.  The work on the band stand was not something we had been made aware of so apologies for the delay at the start.  This was to allow the workmen to move the heavy girders into the park which as they were swinging from the jib of a crane posed something of a hazard. Thank you for co-operating as the workmen decided to move the JCB down the path after we had started.  With everyone's help it was done safely and minimal (any?) disruption.

149 runners and 17 volunteers participated in parkrun this morning, a number swelled by a sizeable visiting contingent from Northowram Pumas as well as visitors from Essex, Glossop and Newcastle.

First to finish was Skipton regular Chris Ovenden but he was pushed by Aiden Moyles on his first visit to Skipton.  First female finisher was another first time visitor to Skipton, Kiri Wood.

We had a Magnificent Seven of first time runners today; Ella Beresford, Edward Cowan, Leanne Wellard, Cathi Ridding, David Weale, Lyndon Davey, and Olivia Johnson, welcome all.

Lots of PB's today - 21 in all, congratulations if your's was one of them.  Just the one milestone shirt earned today, well done Deborah Smith on completing 25 parkruns.

The full results are here. As always a plea for volunteers for future weeks, please email or message Skipton parkrun on Facebook if you want to volunteer.



Skipton parkrun #387 30th April

Mayday weekend and with the cherry trees in full bloom and a blue sky above, it was Aireville Park at its best.

at their best

at their best

Lots of new runners and tourists today who were welcomed by Gary who explained the difficult part of Skipton parkrun is counting to four.

The finish is over there

The finish is over there

RD Stuart also had to remind some of our regulars that it's four laps


four times!

And with that we were off. 17 minutes and 5 seconds later, Chris Ovenden was first to finish, closely followed by Mark Holden, a first timer to Skipton.  That was the start of a steady procession of 140 other finishers before tail walkers Sara and Janet crossed the finish line in just over 48 minutes.

Lots of effort put in with 24 new PB's  recorded and two milestone t-shirts earned (Alex Hawkes, 25 and Suzanne Hatherley, 50).  Great to see Michael Hoban, Becca Bradbury, Edward Hopwell, Sam Corbett, Lizzy Bennett taking part for the first time while we also had two members, Adam Moger and Joel Giddings, of the 500 club participating.

To reiterate Stuart's point, although we had plenty of volunteers this morning, this isn't the case every week so if you feel like a week off running, please think about coming along and volunteering instead.

This week's full results are here. See you all next week.





Skipton parkrun event #385 Easter Saturday

Skipton parkrun event #35 Easter Saturday

(through the eyes of a parkrun tourist from Finland)

Today I got to run my 72nd parkrun but, more importantly, my first ever in Yorkshire. What fun!

Skipton is known as the gateway to the dales, and the parkrun is in a really lovely location. It was so easy to find. I came in on the local train this morning and it’s a simple (and pretty) short walk from the station into the park crossing over the wonderful Leeds-Liverpool canal on a picturesque swing bridge and that already put me in the holiday mood, especially as the weather was rather nice too!

I arrived quite early, so was able to help the volunteers set up the route, and I was really, really fortunate to be blessed to meet Chris, a retired teacher, who also happened to be responsible for giving the first timers’ / newcomers’ briefing - oops I mean welcome!

One of these is a retired teacher.  We'll leave it to you to work out which!

One of these is a retired teacher. We'll leave it to you to work out which!

What a scream - she sussed out those of us in the naughty corner who weren’t paying attention and quickly got us repeating the instructions so that everyone - visitors and first timers alike - all knew where to go and what to do at every stage! Brilliant!

Nobody gets lost at Skipton!

Nobody gets lost at Skipton!

The 4 and a bit lap route was far less complicated than I expected (phew!), and I particularly loved seeing the wonderful, encouraging, volunteers at every junction, especially Kate and her boom box belting out Disney tunes at the first corner (where we counted the laps from) : I danced calypso along with Sebastian’s ‘under the sea’ grinning from ear to ear, because who can fail to be happy running to that?

Skipton parkrun was particularly well-organised thanks to the team of brilliant volunteers. The start line was well spaced out (with the fastest at the front) and those walking the course hanging around at the back with the lovely, friend tail walker, Wendy.

The course was marked out extremely well; no one got lost (at least not me!) and the km markers were really helpful in keeping us on track of how many laps we’d already done! The route is almost entirely on tarmac; the woodland section (after boombox Kate) is rather narrow and a bit hilly and because the course is 4 (and a bit!) laps there was a lot of overtaking at this point by the speediest runners, but everyone remembered to stay to the left and it all went fine.

I loved the cherry tree lane part of the course the most, and not only because it was down hill! It will look spectacular when the blossom is out in a couple of weeks ~ probably at the May Day BH weekend!

Today there were 170 participants (and a fantastic team of volunteers) at Skipton parkrun. There were 43 first timers today (people who, like me, hadn’t run Skipton parkrun before) and over 30 participants got a PB (personal best time) ~ well done everyone.

I loved my run in Skipton today and want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone for making me feel so welcome!

Lorna from Turku, Finland

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